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THIS LOVE Words and Music by ADAM LEVINE and JESSE CARMICHAEL ‘Moderately G7B cm Daim? Pm ome cm Daim? Pm cepepe 202 by 0 Sage ne eet Viens, Caen BG Bic Pubtig n,n Fetray Ty Second Me I Sor uote lene he Usted See Arnie Py DG So ‘aria Feana my Seca he Ute Ses Ane Caer> SNS Ms Puig, "args Resrne ome rec = og-nize the fi-re bum - ing in 1 was 30 high. 1 didnot keepher com = ing ev ~ 1 tried my best to feed her ap ~ pe-tite, Ddim? Fm 1 whis-pered. good = bye she got on___ a plane__—nev-er_ tre = tum_ Kopt play - ing love ike H was just a game Prevtend - ing to feel But al - ways in my then tum =a ~ round and Fm Bw B m7 Fm many times be=fore. And her heart is breaking in front. of me And cm? Ab or GB no choice “cause I won'tsay good-bye an- y - more, — b Spe EEE rapeareee reco TH fix these bro = ken things. — Eh? Re- pair your bro = ken wings. - thing's. bai? Sinking my fin - gertips because 1 know — cm Bi Eb ca Fm BY B cm? Fo By AS cut Ab GTB Cm? Fm RW BB Cm? Fm irs BY Eb Cm Fm BHT Eh (And my heart is breaking in front_ of me. weory fin: belo @3) Her heart is break-ing in front of me. She said ‘good ~ bye— too man = times. be = fore, ___ 1 have no choice. ease dT won't say cm? Fo Bi B cm? BH B cm? BI Bb [Repeat and Fade cui Fai? BIT [Optional Ending |