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Seven planets are considered in Islamic occult mystic practices as a good or bad influence.

I've added what and when to cast spells,Planetary Time chart with Four Elder Jinn kings,Seven seals of Solomon,Seven Angels, Seven King jinns,Servants of the night for casting magic spells. invoking them before magical operation is the key to success. Amaliyat and Saat kaokab(Spiritual practices and planetary timings) Each and every day is related to a Star for easy knowing of the time. Note this may be different in other religions.I would try to explain Spiritual practices according to the Arabic Ilm al Hiqmah based concept. Here is the chart of Days related to which star is. 1. Friday = Zuhra (Venus) 2. Saturday = Zuhal (Saturn) 3. Sunday = Shams (Sun) 4. Monday = kamar (Moon) 5. Tuesday = Mirrikh (Mars) 6. Wednesday = Utarid (Mercury) 7. Thursday = Mushtari (Jupiter) That means 24 hours of the day are under the trance of some star when its orbiting in time, and the day itself also under the effect of a star. (Note do not compare this with pagan constellation thing which is something else) Here I am just talking about the time and the star in that time and its place in that time. Used for specific spiritual practice. That does not mean that one is believing in the paganism rather its used for the purpose as it is explained.

1. TIME OF MOON: In this time one can perform rituals for success of the daily routine work and its completion, works related to oceans, water and medicines, or any other works related to the liquid things or the people who are related to the things which are liquidated in form. Success, Love, For seek of spouse, diseases disorders of blood, Problems and disorders related to females. 2. TIME OF SUN: This time is very useful for the seek of Power (Governmental), Good for Grades in Job, Lords,Princes,Monarchy, Good for taking Tenders in Govt level, Femine, coming powerful on enemies, extra powerful positions. 3. TIME OF JUPITER:

Is good for wealth, money, money related jobs, arts, knowledge, information, Judicial decrees, treasures, business, things related to daily life eat, lottery, money through races.

4. TIME OF VENUS: Problems related to females like , love, marriages, songs, (wrong things like drinking, parties, wasting time in vain kind of things), and people related to these things, making someones tongue silenced, medication for female diseases, politicians, even Judge and Doctors are also included in this time frame. 5. TIME OF MERCURY: For Zuban bandi (Making someone silent), Dreams, for the working and non working of the businesses, writing reading, and the people related to writing reading, e.g Doctors , Advocates, Judge, children who are students, learning, memory, decoity and other related. 6. TIME OF MARS: In this frame of time the practices or rituals for Body power, Male sexual powers, Health, Ending of diseases, Hate, Anger, Death, Success in athletic events, safe return to the home back and power taking on enemies can be performed. 7. TIME OF SATURN: Those works of time taking Eg- The construction, things related to constructions, buildings, materials, Making someone off or on in different situations, Making hate towards someone, beneficial for the long administrations, official postings, etc.

These are only few things which I explained here in short. There are many other things worth to explain and I will try it to show it in some other article soon.

This is the most authentic Arabic planetary time chart for casting spells such as love,healing,hex,prosperity and many more spiritual practices

Planetary time chart used in ancient times:

Day Sunday Planetary hours Wednesday Thursday Friday Night Night Night 1st hour 2nd hour 3rd hour 4th hour 5th hour 6th hour 7th hour 8th hour 9th hour 10th hour 11th hour 12th hour Shams/Sun Zohra Utared Kamar Zohol Mushtari Mirrikh Shams Zohra Utared Kamar Zohol Kamar/ Moon Zohol Mushtari Mirrikh Shams Zohra Utared Kamar Zohol Mushtari Mirrikh Shams Mirrikh/ Mars Shams Zohra Utared Kamar Zohol Saturday Night Utared/ Mercury Kamar Zohol Mushtari Mirrikh Shams Sunday Night Monday Night Tuesday Night Zohol/ Saturn Mushtari Mirrikh Shams Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Mushtari/ Zohra/ Jupiter Venus Mirrikh Shams Zohra Utared Kamar Zohol Mushtari Mirrikh Shams Zohra Utared Utared Kamar Zohol

Mushtari Zohra Mirrikh Shams Zohra Utared Kamar Zohol Utared Kamar Zohol Mushtari Mirrikh Shams

Mushtari Zohra Mirrikh Shams Zohra Utared Kamar Utared Kamar Zohol Mushtari Mirrikh

Mushtari Zohra

In ancient times this chart was used to calculate planetary hours. It was difficult due to day and night time differences. But luckily now we can use chronos xp planetary time calculator software to calculate it for us! So just download it and input longitude latitude of your location and its ready to calculate!

This is the chart of Planetary Seven Angels and Seven King Jinns,direction to face during ritual and related incense:

Note that here Sunday night means from Saturday sunset till Sunday sunrise. This is Arabic lunar day count system where a full day counts from sunset to next day sunset. From sunrise to sunset is day time and from sunset to sunrise is night time.