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Ode 3 and Scene 4
Answer the following in complete sentences.

Ode 3
1. In line 12, the chorus says that Antigone made a “strike between father and son.” What does this mean?

2. Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love (all kinds of love, not just romantic love.) Why might the
chorus blame this entire thing on love?

Scene 4
1. What is Antigone’s mood here (lines 5-10)? Is she still
openly defiant? Or is she calmer?

2. In lines 36-44, there is reference to the curse of the Oedipus family. Both the chorus and Antigone state
that this curse plays some role in Antigone’s present situation. What does it mean that the crime is an
“infection of the family?” (line 39)
3. In lines 45-48, however, the chorus also points out a flaw in Antigone herself. What is this flaw?

4. In lines 55-57, Creon orders that Antigone be taken off to her tomb. Why does he say that his hands are
“clean?” (Consider- is Creon going to physically kill her himself?)

5. In line 58 what connection does Antigone make between death and marriage?

6. What does Antigone mean when she speaks lines 66-69?

7. Is Antigone scared to die or has she accepted it? How do you know?

8. In line 70, the chorus points out another of Antigone’s flaws. What is this flaw?