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Nominations for 2011 Board of Directors

Additional nominations will be accepted at the November meeting.

PRESIDENT: Terri-Lynn Yerxa – decline TREASURER: Tara & Laura Kydd – accept
Tammy Paquette – accept
SECRETARY: Terri-Lynn Yerxa – accept
VICE PRESIDENT: Kathy Johnston – accept Lisa Vanlenthe – decline
Jessica Mina – undecided

SPORTS: Amanda Kine – decline SHOW: Carol Soltys – decline
Joy Mar & Amanda Paquette – accept

PUBLICITY: Debbie Hay – decline WAYS & MEANS: Rob Dowswell – decline
Terri-Lynn Yerxa – accept (FUNDRAISING) Dianne McParland – decline
Lisa Vanlenthe – decline Ken Mar – accept
Jessica Mina – undecided Jessica Mina – undecided


LLHA Proxy Voting Form for 2010

Note: This will be the only accepted Proxy Form

I, _____________________________________ am a member of the Lakehead Light Horse Association in good standing.

(Print Your Name)
I wish to exercise my vote by way of proxy for the LLHA 2011 Board of Executives and Directors.

PRESIDENT: Tammy Paquette___ VICE PRESIDENT: Kathy Johnston___

TREASURER: Tara & Laura Kydd___ SECRETARY: Terri-Lynn Yerxa___

Jessica Mina___

SPORTS: Joy Mar & Amanda Paquette___ SHOW: Open for nominations

PUBLICITY: Terri-Lynn Yerxa___ WAYS & MEANS: Ken Mar___

Jessica Mina___ (FUNDRAISING) Jessica Mina___

____________________________________ ________________________________
Member Signature Date

For your vote to be effective it must be received by the LLHA on or before the November meeting. Mark on the front of the
envelope: “LLHA PROXY VOTE”. It will be opened at the meeting, or bring the proxy vote to the November 23rd, 2010