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Fun English for Kids

Instructions for the worksheets

There are only two sheets for each unit. They are NOT the basis for the scheme of work but an
extra resource. These sheets are designed for revision of vocabulary, not for teaching it, nor are
they designed just to keep the children busy for a while.

The children learn the vocabulary through games and these sheets reinforce what they are

explain everything they have to do, using the vocabulary from the unit, colours, numbers and verbs
like cut, stick, colour, draw. The teacher must demonstrate how to do the worksheet, step by

In order to make the best use out of the sheet, ask the children to colour or cut, all at the same
time, so that they have to listen to the teacher to know what to do and when.

The main objective of the sheets is for the children to practise their English and reinforce the
vocabulary from the unit you are teaching. The second objective may be to practice colours,
numbers or other concepts. The sheets also help in the development of fine motor skills.

Depending on the children’s level of English, the language objective of the sheet may be for the
children to say the words or for them to hear them. For example, with sheet 2 (The Body) you may
either say, “point to the head,” or “what’s this?” as you point to the head.

Worksheet objectives:

Alter handing out the worksheets, the first thing to do is revise the vocabulary on it. Ask the
children to point to the different things, or point to each item and ask the children what it is,
depending on what level of English they have.

 Worksheet 1: parts of the body: colour the different parts of the clown’s head, one by one.
It doesn’t matter which colours if the students don’t know their colours yet.
 Worksheet 2: parts of the body: colour, cut and stick the parts of the body, one by one.
 Worksheet 3: numbers, colours, animals: colour the picture, according to the numbers. Say
which animal it is.
 Worksheet 4: animals, colours, numbers: colour the animals at the bottom, each one a
different colour. Colour all the bears the same colour, all the monkeys the same colour, etc.
Count the animals, “How many lions?” etc.
 Worksheet 5: school objects, numbers: colour the objects which belong in the classroom,
count the number of objects you have coloured.
 Worksheet 6: school objects, prepositions: cut out the objects at the bottom of the page and
stick them either on or under the table and chair.
 Worksheet 7: weather: colour the picture or pictures which correspond to today’s weather.
 Worksheet 8: weather, emotions: cortar los dibujos del tiempo y stick those which make you
happy, and those which make you sad next to the corresponding faces.
 Worksheet 9: transport: colour the picture of the car and the road. Stick the car onto the
 Worksheet 10: numbers, colours, transport: colour the picture, according to the numbers.
What is it?
 Worksheet 11: the house, repaso de otro vocabulario: point to the different things in the
picture (door, window, tree etc…) and colour the picture.
 Worksheet 12: the house, incide/outside: cut out the ítems from the house and stick them
Either inside or outside the house, as appropriate.
 Worksheet 13: the family: colour the different family members, one by one.
 Worksheet 14: the family: draw your own family. Say who each person is in English.
 Worksheet 15: food, numbers: count the fruit in the trees and write the number in the boxes.
 Worksheet 16: food, like/don’t like: cut out each ítem of food and stick it in the appropriate
box, according to whether you like it or not.
 Worksheet 17: clothes: colour the different clothes, one by one.
 Worksheet 18: clothes, big/small: colour the clothes of different sizes, one by one.

Fiona Cooper
FEISA, 2007
Worksheet 4
Colour and count the animals.


How many?

Fiona Cooper, FEISA, 2007

Worksheet 5

Colour in only the objects which belong in the classroom.

How many classroom objects are there?

Fiona Cooper, FEISA, 2007

Worksheet 6
Stick the pencil, glue and book where your teacher tells you.

Fiona Cooper, FEISA, 2007

Worksheet 7
The Weather

What’s the weather like today?

Colour in the correct picture(s)

Fiona Cooper, FEISA, 2007

Worksheet 8
The Weather

What weather makes you happy? What weather makes you sad? Stick two pictures next
to each face.

Fiona Cooper, FEISA, 2007

Worksheet 13
The Family

Colour in the family.

Fiona Cooper, FEISA, 2007

Worksheet 14
The Family

Draw a picture of your own family.

Fiona Cooper, FEISA, 2007

Worksheet 16

What do you like? Stick the food you like in the box with the happy face and the food you
don’t like in the box with the sad face.

Fiona Cooper, FEISA, 2007

Worksheet 17

Colour in the clothes.

Fiona Cooper, FEISA, 2007

Worksheet 18

Colour in the big clothes and the small clothes.

Fiona Cooper, FEISA, 2007