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How to pass in university arrear/backlog exams and How to increase your CGPA?
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By Narayanan S Email ID:

Chapter 1. Introduction 2. Self analysis 3. General strategies 4. Strategies for different types of subjects 5. Starting from beginning when we have only few hours before the exam 6. Additional topics 7. Motivation 8. Conclusion 9. Online notes Page no. 3 6 8 12

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I give you all rights to download this book, make several copies of it, pass it to your friends, you can even attach this document in a mail and forward it to your friends. You can print this book and you can pass it to your friends or you can even publish this book in hardcopy. If its hard for you to read it online, click the download button on right, then you can download and read it in pdf or doc.

I kindly request all those who came across this book to pass it on to anyone who has arrears. Those may be your friends, cousins, juniors, seniors...etc. The college stage is just a part of life, it is not the only stage in life. But for many students the college stage appears as the only stage is life as they are stuck up with arrears. These arrears put a full stop to the student's life. Even Albert Einstein failed in all the subjects in his school and he got the lowest mark in his physics exam but later in his life he became the world's greatest scientist. So we can learn at any time in our life but these arrears hold the students from proceeding to the next part in their life. But Who knows, the students who are suffering today with arrears could became tomorrow's Albert Einstein, so I don't want these arrears to stop these students from getting up in their life and becoming responsible citizens, engineers, scientists, leaders, entrepreneurs..Etc

About the author

Well, I'm Narayanan and I used to have a lot of arrears after my 6th semester exams, then I passed 10 papers in the main exam of 7th sem and I passed the remaining 17 papers in the main exam of my 8th sem which makes a total of 27 papers in the final year and I got graduated. Because of family problems and personal problems I got these arrears. Once I got 96 marks in the externals of a core paper after studying it for only 2 hours. My internals were only 5 marks out of 20. Then I never failed in any subject after writing it, I failed just because I didnt write the exams. Well in this book I will tell you how I managed to pull it out honestly with less hard work and more strategies. After all this is not a big record but there are people who had done 30+ papers in the final year. The

strategies mentioned in this book are a collection of techniques complied from success stories of many students who cleared all their arrears in one shot.

Reasons for writing this book.

I wrote this book only for a noble reason which is to help the arrear students pass the exams, I have seen many students quitting the college or committing suicide just because of arrears. If a student has arrears it doesn't mean that he is dumb, useless, careless...etc, He might have his own personal problems or some external factors affecting his studies. So my aim is to help them and my intention is not to insult the university or the examiners but to only increase the pass percentage of students in an honest manner.

To all those, whose life are directly or indirectly troubled by arrear exams. I would also like to thank my university, my college and my teachers for imparting the knowledge in me, without them I could never have got this much knowledge, strategies and moral values in my life. The knowledge which they have imparted in me, made me think strategically and morally which resulted in this book.

Who must read this book?

The first thing is that this book will not help you to get 90% or so, If you want to get such high marks then you must start preparing from the beginning with effective strategy and hard work is the only solution. The main aim of this book is to reap big benefits with less hard work and more strategies. But this books is for the following students a) Those who have arrears and find it very hard to clear them b) Those who prefer to start reading in one day before the exam c) Those who have trouble in passing mathematical papers d) Those who have trouble in passing programming papers e) Those who always don't know the answer for one or two 16 mark questions, and thereby get a lower percentage but manage to pass in the exams f) Those who want to help their friends to pass the arrear exams (You can read this book and tell the key points to friends who are suffering with arrears) If you want me to tell you what is told in the whole book in a single line then I

would say "Answer all the questions in the question paper to their full length, even if you don't know the correct answer".

Tamil proverb "Karka kasadara katra pin nirka atharku thaga "
- Thiruvalluvar

Study thoroughly and apply what you learnt The first step Study thoroughly is always easy but you must follow the second step apply what you learnt which is the most important thing. So the first step is that you must read this book thoroughly and the next step is that you must follow and apply the concepts which you learnt in this book.

This is the first part of this book, first analyze yourself and understand why you have arrears. Now we will see a few common causes of arrears and the solutions to them. Cause 1): Do you have arrears because you cannot understand a particular subject? Solution 1): In this case you must first try to study the subject on your own, if that's not possible even after applying your full effort. There are two options for this. a) The best option is to try to read everything on your own with the strategies mentioned in this book and if you have any doubts you can ask your teachers or your friends to teach you the subject. b) The second option is to go for the external tuition, but we must first think whether we really need an external tuition or not. In case of maths papers if you are not good in maths then you can arrange for a maths tuition. But in case of the technical papers, I don't think an external tuition is needed. No need to worry even if you are poor in any subject, the well developed strategies are mentioned in this book, these strategies worked for many students and it will surely work for you if you follow it properly.

Cause 2): Do you have arrears because of some external factors? e.g.:- love, friendship, drinking, smoking, sports....etc Solution 2): In that case, try to eliminate or postpone the external factors, some of the external factors are not necessary for our life in that case we must avoid those external factors, While the other external factors are necessary in life and in that case we must postpone the external factors during the exam time.

Cause 3): Do you have arrears because of some problems which you have in your life? e.g.:- family, financial, personal, health...Etc

Solution 3): In this case you must first try to identity your problem. Once you understood your problem, if the problem can be solved then make steps to solve your problem. There are certain problems which cannot be solved, in that case you must learn how to stop worrying about that problem so that it doesn't affect your studies or you can stop that problem from affecting your studies. If you have any trouble with managing your problems or the external factors or if you want to create interest in studies, you can always contact me in my email id Cause 4): Do you have arrears just because you don't have interest? Solution 4): In this case you must somehow create an interest to study, in most cases people who don't have interest to study just because they don't have any goal. Goal creates a push which will create interest on your studies. Whatever may be your goal as long is a good goal, it will create interest in your studies. Suppose if your goals are like to get a good job, to get rich, to marry the person you love or to go to foreign countries then you need a degree first. So if you have such goals it will eventually motivate you to study. Also interest can be created by self or external motivation. If all these methods fail to create a big interest in you, then somehow create a small interest in studies and you can use the strategy mentioned in this book to easily pass the arrear papers with little hard work.

Cause 5): Do you have arrears just because you didnt try to study? Solution 5): Well in that case, this is the right moment, you got this book which contains the main strategy for clearing the arrears, you need to follow them and apply a bit of hard work honestly, and then you can be sure of your success. With the completion of the self analysis part we are moving into the strategies, Now Think optimistic, Boost your self confidence and read this book. We complete the Self analysis part here.

Always understand that the best procedure is to start studying thoroughly and from the beginning of the semester, as that is not possible we will look at the strategies on how to clear the exam honestly with less hard work and more planning In this section we will see the strategies which we can use for all the different type of subjects. I'm repeating the basic strategy of this book which is "Whether you know the answer or not, you must answer all the questions to their full length" in this section we will see some additional strategies.

a) Important Questions and very important questions.

Important questions: These questions are those which mostly come in the question papers, if we see the past question papers many times these important questions will be asked. Very important questions: These questions are those which will surely come in the questions papers, only in rare cases these questions are not asked in the question papers, if we see the past question papers we will find out that all most all the question paper will have these questions. We must try to read all the important questions of all the units and we must surely study those very important questions at least. Some of the students won't be able to identify the important and the very important questions. In that case, you must ask your friends who are writing the exam or those who have already passed this paper or your teachers for what are the important and the most important questions in each subject. "Important questions can be left without studying, but very important questions must not be left without studying"

b) Skimming:
We need to use this technique when we don't have any time to study, also we must do skimming only for tough units or big units. In case of Skimming you dont try to study or mug up things, but instead we read our book like a news paper, we read it very fast. When you use this technique for studying the essay questions, if you come across any figure, formula, sub-heading or graph make sure that you learn it , you can avoid learning the theory part but never avoid the diagram, formula, sub heading and graphs. So you can learn the diagrams and you can write the theory part on your own by the use of the diagrams and your skimming. Skimming duration for each question depends upon the time you have in your hand before the exam, suppose if you have only 2-3 hours before exam then for each essay question you can spend 3-5 min. If you have 6-7 hours before the exam then you can allocate about 10-15 min for each essay question. IF you have 2-3 days before exam then no need to skim, you can try to study 3-4 units and the last unit you can do your skimming

c) Time allotment:
Well the time allotment for the ten 2 mark questions is half an hour and the time allotment of each essay question is half an hour. So two and half hours for the five essay questions and half an hour for the 2 mark question sums up to 3 hours. Then save some time and have the last 5- 10 minutes for the checking the answers and checking whether you have correctly numbered all the answers.

d) Order of answering questions

You can write the 2 mark questions first or you can write the essay questions first. When you write the 2 mark questions in the end of the exam, there is a chance that you may run out of time and you may be forced to leave around 5-6 two mark questions without attending, this thing must never happen. Never leave the two mark questions completely unattended. But if you write the essay questions in the end of the exam, and if you run out time, you can still attend at least half or some part of the essay question. So I always write the 2 marks first and the essay questions in the end. But if you are very comfortable with writing 2 Mark questions in the end then it is fine too, but make sure that you never any 2 mark unattended.


e) Depth wise strategy or breadth wise strategy

I will differentiate the depth wise strategy and the breadth wise strategy. If we don't have enough time to prepare everything then. Breadth wise strategy: If we don't have time and in breadth wise strategy, the students will prepare about 20 percent in all the five units. When we get the question paper if we are not lucky we may even get all the 5 essay questions from the part which we left (as we left 80 percent of each unit). So this strategy must not be used Depth wise strategy: In this strategy we study around 50-70% of 2 units or 3 units and then we partial-study the other units. Partial-study is given in detail in the coming section. So in this strategy if we proper-study 2 units, it means that we can surely expect 2 essay questions for which we know the answer and the other questions can be partially answered. So we have a guarantee in the depth wise strategy and so we must follow this strategy.

In this case the students must study at least about 50-70% of a unit. For an essay question there will be two choices and if a student Proper-studies a unit it means that he must be able to correctly answer at least one of the two choices. The students must cover both the important and the very important questions from this unit. At most the student can leave only one or two important question from the Proper-study unit. The students must choose wisely on which units they are going to proper-study and on which units they are going to partial-study. The students must choose the easy units for proper-study and they must choose the tough units or the big units for partial-study. Also while answering the question paper, the students must first answer the questions which they know correctly (Proper-studied units first) and those questions which the students doesn't know the answer or where you know only the partial answer must be answered in the end (partial-studied units last).Then the same order must be followed while studying, the students must study the proper-study units or the easy units first and they must study the partial-study units or the tough units in the end.


In this case the student finds it difficult to study some units, mostly because he has no time to study for it. But usually when there is no time, the student might completely leave the unit. But in my strategy if there is no time then the student must partial-study a unit and he must never leave any unit completely. If the student has time then the study must try to proper-study the unit. In partial-study the students finds which are the "very important questions" from the unit, and then he tries to study all the very important questions and if that is not possible then the student must study one or two "very important questions" from the unit and the student can skim all the important questions. If he has no time to study the very important questions then he can skim the very important questions. He must study the diagrams, formula, graph...Etc from the very important questions, and he can manage to the write the theory part based on the skimming or based on the diagram. Depending upon the time and effort which you can put up, I will categorize the Strategy into 6 different levels, lesser the level the better is the strategy, Level 1 strategy is always the best among all the six levels. If you can't follow level 1, you can get down and follow the level 2 strategy, if you can't follow the level 2 strategy you can get down and follow the level 3 strategy and so on. Level 6 is the least effective of the all the strategies but still level 6 is good too. Level 1) Proper-study 5 units Level 2) Proper-study 4 unit and Partial-study 1 unit Level 3) Proper-study 3 units and Partial-study 2 units Level 4) Proper-study 2 units and Partial-study 3 units Level 5) Proper-study 1 unit and Partial-study 4 units Level 6) Partial-study 5 units

f) Revision
Revise only when you have either proper studied or partial studied or at least skimmed all the five units, Dont revise after you study 2 or 3 units. Also your revision must be in the end of your preparation schedule. Proper study or partial study all the 5 units before itself and you can leave the 1 hour or half an hour before the exam solely for the revision.



Now we will see how to study the different type of papers, I classify the subjects into three types they are a) Problematic papers b)Theory papers c) Program papers We will see how to pass each type of paper in detail

Problematic papers
Passing the problematic papers had always been a problem for us but it will be easy once your follow this technique. 1)Practicing: There is a lot of difference in the preparation of the maths papers than the theory papers , In case of maths papers just reading is not enough, unless you workout the problems you would get stuck up in the middle of the exam. 2) Formula: They are an important aspect of the problematic papers, Make sure that you read all the important formulas, During the exam if you get a problem in which you dont how to proceed you can write the formula for that problem and draw a box around it or underline it, so if the examiner sees that box he will give marks for you formula even if you have arrived at the wrong solution.

3) Theorems and proofs: There is always some expected theorems and proofs which have to proved. These questions are very important and they will be asked for sure. If you don't know which theorems and proofs are important, go and consult your friends or teachers so that they might tell which one is important. The next step is that we must practice the important theorems a few times. The difference between the problems and proofs is that, if we practice a particular problem we can expect the same type of problem to come in the exam but we can't expect the same problem to come in the exam. But if we practice a proof or a theorem we can expect the same proof and same theorem to come in the exam, which we can attend it easily


4) Steps: There is always marks for the steps, so even if you don't know how to arrive at the answer for some questions. Try to attend that question and write the initial steps which you know, now when you have written all the steps you know, you must not stop solving that problem, continue to solve the problem and arrive at an answer even if it is wrong it doesn't matter. 5) Shortcuts for maths: Once there was friend of mine and we had a maths exam, most of the students failed in that exam but my friend had passed in that exam. He was a very low scoring student, so everyone wondered how he managed to pass in this exam. So in order to show us how he managed to pass in that exam he applied for the Xerox. When the Xerox came we were shocked to note that, for every question he wrote an answer (which is not correct), he even wrote his own formula and he didn't even leave a single question blank. So you can also try his technique. The important thing in maths is to try to solve the problem even If we dont know how to solve it. (This is how many mathematicians created the first solution for many problems). Be it real life or in maths exam when we face a problem for which we dont know the solution, we must try to solve it and we must arrive at an solution, but it may be wrong or right as we cant always arrive at the right solution for all problems. Wrong solution is always better than not trying to solve that problem. This is the secret of success.

Theory papers:
1) Essay questions: The first step is theory papers is that you must attend a question whether you know the answer for it or not. Attending a question is a must. But you must make sure that your answer is not very short and not very long. For essay questions around 4-5 sides or 2-2.5 papers would be enough. But if you are a fast writer you can write one or two more sides for the essay questions. Also remember you must attend all the essay questions even if you don't know the answer for them. So don't waste too much time on any single essay question even if it is your favorite question.


2) Two mark questions: First step is to attend all the two mark questions even if you don't know them. Drawing diagrams in the two mark questions is optional, so if you can draw a small or a rough diagram then do it, but make sure that you don't spend much time for the diagrams in the 2 mark questions. Then try to give some examples or any extra stuff if possible but make sure that you write all the ten 2 mark questions within the time of 30 minutes. 3)Figures or graphs: We will have some figures or graphs for our essay questions, if you have any figures in any question make sure that you draw it. Even if you know only a part of the diagram you must draw it. Even if you don't know anything about that diagram you must at least draw a rough diagram of it. If you don't draw anything for a question which has a diagram, the examiner might think that you don't know the question and he will surely give you low marks only. 4) Order of answering: For 2 mark questions we can't change the order, but for 16 mark questions we can change the order, So write in this order a) First write the questions which know the full answer b) Then the questions which know the partial answer c) In the end write the questions which dont know answer (You must fully attend the question even if you don't know anything remember that) 5) Sub headings and paragraphs: Spilt your Essay questions in to different paragraphs if you can add your own sub heading then it is very good. At the most try to add the sub heading for each paragraph. Also you can remember the first letter of the sub headings by comparing it with something, then during the exam if you can remember the first letter of all the subheadings you can write all the subheadings. E.G if Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red was the subheadings then we can use the word VIBGYOR to remember it.


Programming papers:
1) Basic Syntax: This is the first step in learning programming languages, whether you learn the programs or not, learning the basic syntax is a must. If you know the basic syntax then you will able to write the programs on your own.

2) Similar programs: Some programs would be more similar to each other, if you learn one program and then if you make a few changes you would be able to get the other programs. For e.g.:- In C or C++ we have a) Call by value b) Call by reference c) Call by address All the above three programs have the common structure and if you make a few changes, you would get the other programs, so in this case it good to study one of the programs and if you remember the changes, you can write all the three programs

3) Output: It is always better to write the output of the programs which you write in the answer sheet. Even if you don't know the answer to a programming question, you can write your own program and you can write the output (even if we don't know how to write a program, we can guess the output from the question). If it is a graphical output, you can draw it in pencil with some boxes and figures, try to draw a rough diagram of the output screen without the use of scale.

4) Algorithm: Also if you dont have the time to study the entire program, you can study the algorithm or understand the logic in which the program works. Now you can write the program by yourself using the basic syntax which you learnt earlier.


5) Special commands: Then for every new program which we learn there are some new commands, So instead of learning the whole new program if we learn the new commands on the new program, we can write the new program by using the basic syntax and the new commands alone. E.g.:- When we learn linked list program in C, we come across two new commands or syntax malloc(sizeof(struct node)) and the structure declaration. So if we learn these two new syntaxes and if we understand the logic of the program, we can write our own linked list program using the basic syntax. 6) Understanding: Dont try to mug up the program but make sure that you understand and study the program, these programs are always easy to understand. You can even ask your friends or teachers help for understand the program. Syntax can be mugged up but programs must not be mugged up. We have completed the strategies for clearing different type of subjects


Suppose you have only 2-3 hours and you have to start a subject from scratch. Most students will quit and won't write the exam. But using my strategy you can still pass the exam even at this time. Follow these steps 1) Skim all the very important and the important questions from all the five units 2)Remember the formula, diagram, graph, subheading...Etc for the very important and the important questions 3) If you got any friends or teachers near you, ask them to speedily teach you the important questions, just hear to it like a story and write it in your own words. 4) If it's a problematic paper, attend all the problems, if you don't know the proper formula or the correct method to solve that problem, use your own logic and use your own method to solve that problem, even if you don't arrive at the correct solution it is fine. You gave your try which is the most important thing. 5) Answer all the questions to their full length even if you don't know the answer. 6) Once you have written an exam, then dont discuss about it with your friends and dont waste time in worrying about the past exam, just prepare for the next exam and forget about the past exam. The past is dead and it cannot be changed, also we cannot accurately calculate the result of the exam, so dont try to calculate the marks and check whether you will pass or not after the exam.


Consecutive exams
When we have more number of arrears, we will get exams in consecutive days. Some students may skip one of the exams so that they can use that time to prepare for the other exam, but this technique is wrong. The main strategy in this book is that we must attend all the exams. So even if you get exams every day, we must attend all those exams, as one evening or few hours study with the strategy mentioned in this book is enough to clear any exam.

Double exams
If we have more number of arrears then it is quite obvious that we will have to write two exams in a single day. The usual thing done by the students is that they will skip one of the exams on that day and they will write the other one. But this is not good, we must always write all the exams which is the basic idea about this book. So even if you get two exams we must attend both the exams. We can prepare for both the exams before itself, if that is not possible then we can prepare for the first exam before itself and then for the second exam, we will get one hour in between for our lunch. We can finish our lunch with in 5 or 10 minutes or we can even finish our lunch by a light snack or biscuits and we can use the remaining time to prepare for the next exam. That time span and the strategy which we have seen in this book is more than enough to pass the second exam

We have two types of book, the foreign author and the local author books. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Foreign author: These books are costly, they provide in depth knowledge of every concept, they are a bit tough to understand than local author, the syllabus and question paper are only based on the prescribed foreign author.


Local author: These books are cheap, they don't provide in depth knowledge, they are a bit easy to understand than foreign author, some local authors won't cover the entire syllabus, and In case of maths papers the local author books provide more number of problems than the foreign author book. Well, if you really want to get in depth knowledge of any subject or if you want to score very high marks then studying the foreign author is the only way to get that much knowledge. The local author book is mainly created for students who can't understand the foreign author book, so if you can understand the foreign author book, then foreign author suits you the best. You must read both these books and follow which is most suited for you. In my case I used only foreign authors for all my technical subjects as I can easily understand the foreign authors and I followed the local author books only for the maths papers as the local author books have more number of solved problems.

Mal practices
Mal practices in exams include carrying of bit papers, discussing answers during the exams...Etc. These mal practices may appear as a small mistake now but in future these practices will become a habit and those who did mal practices will be provoked to do cheating again, be it office, marriage or any part of life. So avoid mal practices for your own good, also it has a high chance of getting caught. If someone is caught while attempting mal practice, it remains forever as a black mark also the university might give you Sem wash (Sem wash means all the subjects including the arrears which you wrote very well in this semester exam will not be evaluated and you have to do everything again in the next sem). All these Mal practices might appear easy but the truth is that a well developed strategy and little hard work is far easier to execute than these mal practices. So apply the strategies mentioned in this book, work hard a bit, put all your effort honestly then you are sure to succeed. Mal practices and cheating must never be used anywhere be it main exam, lab exam or any point in our life, because cheating affects the well being of others and it harms us too by corrupting our minds and by provoking us to do it again and again.


Well even after answering all the questions and if you fail in the exam, then you must apply for revaluation. In case of deciding whether to apply for revaluation or not, the important factor is "how much you wrote" and not "how much marks you got in the first evaluation". I have seen many students getting only 20 or 30 marks in the first evaluation but after the revaluation their mark was doubled and they passed in the exam. So it doesn't matter how much you got in the first evaluation, if you wrote all the answers then you can surely apply for revaluation. Don't ever try to save your money by not applying for revaluation, if you can afford to revaluation then I would suggest you to apply for it(if you have attended all the questions). Well all the strategies mentioned in this book dont have the success rate of 100%, they only have the success rate of around 75-95% but you can increase this rate by applying for revaluation.

Review (second revaluation)

There is an option for second revaluation which is called as review, for this we need to apply for the Xerox before itself. The cost of the applying review is also costly, but if you had wrote your exam using the strategy mentioned in this book and then if you can afford the cost of review then you can very well apply for review if you have attended all the questions to their full length. Also make sure that you main a good relationship with your teachers, as you would have to get the Xerox evaluated by your teachers before applying for the Review.

Lab exam
These lab exams give us a lot of boost in our percentage. Most of us have the habit of having disputes with the staffs, not finishing the observation and the record on time taking leave for lab classes and theory classes. If you have any of the above habits then change yourself, because when it comes to labs, the teacher is the one who is going to give us the marks and if you do any of the above mistakes then the staffs might have to reduce your marks. Respect your teachers and if you have any disputes with them, ask them for forgiveness as you will be needing their help in internal marks, lab, project...Etc also you will need their blessings.


You can ask me "Who cares about the marks all I need is a pass mark and I have it, what is the use of getting more marks in labs" I used to have the same question in mind too. But when I got my degree, I realized my mistake, these labs are a good boost to our percentage or CGPA. Also the most important thing is that most of the companies and colleges (for PG courses) ask a minimum of 60% or 6 CGPA and some big companies ask for 70% or 7 CGPA. So we can achieve this only by boosting our marks in labs and internal marks.

Internal marks
Internal marks are very important for passing the exams, as you would have to get only 45% in the external exam if you have the internals but if you don't have the internals then you might have to get around 50% in the external exam. The methods to increase the internals are to maintain a good relationship with the staff members, then to score good marks in the internal exams. If you didnt attend these internal exams then they will give you very low marks, if you attend and fail in these exams they will at least give you moderate marks. So attending these internal exams is compulsory. Then do maintain your minimum attendance for classes, they will reduce your internal marks a lot if you didnt maintain your attendance for classes. In some colleges if you fall below the minimum attendance they will give you REDO. REDO means you have to do the whole semester again with the juniors. Suppose if you get REDO for the lack of attendance in your 4th sem, then you would to wait for six months for the juniors to get to the 4th sem. Then after the juniors get to the 4th sem, you must sit with your juniors and attend the class of 4th sem for 6 months with your juniors. So you waste one year of your precious life if you get REDO. So maintain your attendance. Then I passed my 27 papers in the final year only with the 5 internal marks, in some papers it was less than 5. So there is no need to worry even if you have less internal marks, you can still surely pass the exams if you follow the strategy mentioned in this book.


In the final year main project or the third year mini project, we can score a lot of marks which would increase our CGPA or percentage. The methods to score good marks in the project are that we must maintain a good relationship with the staff members, and then we must do all the reviews and reports on time and with good dedication. Even if you get an ordinary project, you can satisfy your professors by explaining the project properly to them. It all depends on how we present it. Then when joining a project center make sure that it is a good project center, try to get more information about the project center before joining in it, you must be guaranteed that they will complete the full project within the given time. Then many students cant do their project on their own and in that case they must join a project center where the project center will do the entire work for the students.

Group study
For some people group study will work out and for others it won't work out. So I would suggest you to try group study a few times and analyze yourself whether it suits you or it doesn't suit you. If you had found out that group study doesn't suit you, then you must not do group study. Then don't make the number of students in the group study so large that it becomes crowd. Also group study greatly depends upon with whom you do it. There are two different types under group studying. a)"Multi direction study" - where a group of students study together and the teaching is done in both directions, that is all the students teach something to the other students. b)"One direction study"- In this case one student teaches and one or more students learn from him. Here teaching is done only in one direction, In this case one student is like a teacher and the other students are learners.


You must first understand when you can do each of the two types of group study. When you have free time, you can be teacher in a "One direction study" but when you don't have time, and when you have only a few days to prepare for your exam, you must only do "Multi direction study" or be a learner in a "One direction study". The important thing is that you must never be a teacher in a "One direction study", when you don't have time to prepare for your own exam. "Multi direction study must not be done with these guys Those who disturb others. Those with whom you will get distracted Those who have no interest in studies, but wants to have group study for fun...etc But you can be a teacher and teach the above guys when you are free. Also you can pass this book to the above mentioned students and you can motivate them.


Even if I give you a book with 1000 pages of technical strategies, still there will be something missing, which is mind work. It doesnt matter how hard we work physically to achieve something if you don't have the necessary strength and strategy in your mind then your success rate will be very low. So Im providing this last section for the mind work. First of all, this is not advice, as the one giving advice never understands the situation of the one receiving it. But I can understand your situation on why you have arrears. If we have arrears it is not that we are dumb, careless or hopeless. The causes of arrears may be personal problems, family problems, financial problems, lack of interest, love, friendship, distractions, addiction...etc. But the world is not worried about how we are inside or what problems we have in our hearts. The world only sees two types of people, the first type is those who are successful and the second type is those who are failures. Then the world treats everyone according to that. But I don't see successful people and failed people. I see only two types of people, those who try to achieve their goal even if they have problems and those who don't try to get what they want. So in my view the loser is the one who didnt even try to get what he wants. The ones who really tried very well and failed are not losers in my view. As success and failures are decided by our hard work (30 percent), our strategy (60 percent) and external factors (10 percent). Hard work alone count for nothing, we need the necessary strategy to achieve our goal. In this case of arrears exams, strategy is given in this book, all you have to do is to follow it, then hard work must be done by you by preparing well, the external factors are the type of question paper you get during the exam, the type of examiner you get...Etc. We can control the hard work and strategy but we can't control the external factors. So the success or failure is not fully within our hands, but doing our level best in within our hands. All we can do is that we can increase the probability of success by putting our efforts. So we must do our level best and leave the rest to fate.


We must have the hope that, we will succeed one day or the other. The failure is not the end, it is only the postponement of success. We are destined to achieve our goal one day or the other if we keep on trying. So boost your confidence and keep on trying to achieve your goal. World doesn't have the confidence in you that you will succeed in your goal, but I have 100 percent confidence in everyone who reads this book that they will clear their arrears and they will become successful be it any goal in their future life. All the basic strategies mentioned in this book are applicable to everyone, so all those who read this book must follow the basic strategies. But in case of the advanced strategies, these advanced strategies mentioned in this book are one of the methods of success. It doesn't mean that these advanced strategies are the only way to success. So, after you read this book, you can add up a few of your own strategies and you can follow your own mix of strategies for success. But make sure that you don't alter the basic strategy mentioned in this book as following the basic strategy mentioned here is a must for success.

"In war, the enemy's army strength alone count for nothing as it can be easily destroyed with proper strategy" - Sun Tzu (author of "Art of War") Similarly in exams, the numbers of arrears which you have count for nothing, if you follow the proper strategy. All the best and now show the world about who you are

.. (P.T.O)


8. Conclusion
Now you have read the entire book, if you still got any doubts in certain sections then you can read those sections again, or you can go through the strategies for problematic papers or programming papers just before you start preparing for those papers. Then if you find any grammatical, logical or any type of errors in this book you can bring them to my notice and I will correct them, as this link can be edited at any time, also if you have any, comments, criticisms, suggestions or new strategies you can also email me that. Then if you have any doubts on anything about arrears you can email, or if you want to tell your success story after reading this book, you can mail it to me. Then I also give solutions to real problems in life, so if you have any personal or any kind of problem in life and if you want to find a solution for it or if you want to share it with anyone, Im always there for you and you can always share or ask anything to me in private.

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