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Subject: RE: PF Scrap Mesh in El Paso Sector

Date: Friday, March 14, 2008 9:25:16 PM
Importance: High

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EPT will accept the challenge of collecting, transporting, and storing the
double wire mesh scrap materials. As mentioned below, the Sector will
accept scrap pieces 3' X 3' in length and or width or larger. We would not
be interested in sections smaller than that. Certainly, a need may arise
perhaps even in the immediate future, where these materials may be
critically required due to supply inadequacies. I suggest that the current
Fence O&M Contract be expeditiously evolved to encompass the aforementioned
logistical responsibilities.
I do have several questions for OBP relative to this conundrum.
While the Sector is currently being serviced by the existing O&M Fencing
Contract, would we then relinquish these scrap materials to the contractor
when fence breaches are identified?
Realizing of course that the existing contract focuses only on fence repair,
when can the Sector realistically expect the contractor to assume these
additional responsibilities?

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(b) (6)

Roy et all
Can you guys make this happen. Do you have the transportation equipment ie
semi's fork lifts and drivers to make it work?
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Sent 2008 6:37 PM
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El Paso is the only sector getting mesh fencing. Turns out that mesh is a
high value commodity. We can make more "reusable scrap" mesh available to
EPT if they are willing to arrange for picking it up, transporting, storing
and accepting it as GFM. As you are aware, EPT recently responded and said
they are willing to store excess material on BP property. The twist here is
that, if they are willing to pick up/transport/store/accept we can provide
them more reuseable scrap mesh. Can you please check with EPT to see if
these are acceptable terms? I propose we draw the line at pieces of mesh 3
feet x 3 feet or greater in length or width or both. The answer to this is
time sensitive as the Corps needs to place this guidance in their RFPs soon
to be released for PF construction projects in the El Paso sector, thus we
need an answer yesterday.
Thanks for your help on this.

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