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Code No: 32/MCA

M.C.A III Semester Supplementary Examinations, April/May -2008.


Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 60

Answer any five questions

All questions carry equal marks

1. a) Using CRC compute Transmitted code for the data stream

1011001110101 using G (x) 101101.
b) Describe TDM?

2. a) Describe ALOHA Protocols?

b) Describe with a neat sketch the frame format of Token Bus?

3.a) Describe distance vector routing algorithm?

b) Explain about choke pockets and Load shedding?

4. a) Describe OSPF-internet control Protocol?

b) Explain what is Fragmentation? Describe a method to hold it?

5. a) Describe how Transport layer handles the problem of flow control

and buffering?
b) Describe how crash recovery is handled by Transport layer?

6. a) What are fire walls? Describe about filter based firewalls?

b) Describe with examples cryptographic algorithm?

7. a) Describe SNMP model and SNMP Protocol?

b) Describe E-mail Architecture?

8. Write short notes on the following:

b) ATM
c) Transmission media.