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BILL 20.

ASWSUV Twentieth Senate 2010-11 Session
By Senators Guzman, Abbott, and Bruckner

15 October 2010

Requester Contact Information:

Aaron May 509-768-0534

Name Phone Number Email
AN ACT Relating to: The allocation of $996.00 (Nine-hundred and ninety-six dollars) from the
Student Events Pool (6272-0200-03) for iDMAa 2010- The Digital Narrative on 3 November
2010 to 6 November 2010.


Description Costs
Sec. 1 Conference registration fee for four students ($99 each) $396.00
Sec. 2 Lodging for four student for three days at $50 per Night $600.00

STATEMENT OF FACT: Advertisements will read “Co-sponsored by ASWSUV” in 14-point font or font equal to
the average size lettering on the advertisement, for all advertising for the event(s) as required by ASWSUV
By-Laws (260.12). All advertisements shall be approved by the Director of Public Relations prior to
distribution (260.13).
Four students are requesting money to go to the International Digital Media and Arts Association 8th annual
conference in Vancouver BC, Canada. The conference will include workshops, keynote speakers, “extreme close-
up” guest panels, paper presentations, networking opportunities, discussions, and social events. They will need
funding for a 3 day stay during the conference and have already secured funding for food and gas, computer
monitors for the presentation, and the showcase registration fees for four projects ($1,200.00). The students will be
going with faculty speakers and doing a student showcase. Each student sent will have his/her own showcase. It is a
great opportunity to promote on an international level not only our Creative Media and Digital Culture program in
WSU Vancouver but WSU Vancouver as a whole. Additionally, they will come back with this knowledge and put
on a lecture series about “undergraduate research”, these lectures may concentrate on providing tips and
encouragement for other undergraduates interested in conducting their own research, showing their research at a
conference, and preparing them for master level course work.

Senate Passed __________


I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of

this legislation as passed by the ASWSUV Senate
on the date hereon set forth.

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