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Code No: R5410401 R5

IV B.Tech I Semester(R05) Supplementary Examinations, November 2010

(Common to Electronics & Communications Engineering, Electronics & Instrumentation
Engineering and Biomedical Engineering)
Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80
Answer any FIVE Questions
All Questions carry equal marks

1. (a) Define the following terms:

i. Computer Network
ii. Peer process
iii. Protocol
iv. Interface.
(b) Discuss various network applications and goals in detail. [8+8]
2. (a) A noiseless 4KHz channel is sampled every 1msec. What is the maximum data rate?
(b) Differentiate between circuit switching and packet switching techniques used within the computer
network? [6+10]
3. (a) Describe the different types of LCP packets?
(b) A 3000-km long T1 trunk is used to transmit 64-byte frames using sliding window protocol using
go-back-N. If the propagation speed is 6 µsec/km, how many bits should the sequence numbers
be? [8+8]
4. (a) Discuss about the file key assumptions in case of dynamic channel allocation in LANs and WANs?
(b) Discuss in detail the working of token bus? [8+8]
5. (a) Is hierarchical routing a separate routing algorithm or just a strategy for reducing the complexity
of routing.
(b) When do use hierarchical routing. How it reduces the exponential growth of routing tables.
Illustrate with an example. [6+10]
6. (a) Is fragmentation needed in concatenated V.C subnets, or only in data gram subnets.
(b) Tunneling through a concatenated V.C subnet is straight forward. The multi protocol router at
one end just setups up a V.C. to the other end & passes packets through it. Can tunneling also
be used in datagram subnets.
(c) A Class B network on the Internet has a subnet mask of What is the maximum
number of hosts per subnet. Explain your answer. [6+5+5]
7. Give the format of TCP segment Header and explain its different fields. [16]
8. (a) What is Domain? Explain the Internet domain space in the context of DNS.
(b) What is resource record? What is its format?
(c) What are the record types of DNS resource record? [6+5+5]