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PRESS mange Burrelles/ece ie Soviet-style traming Kettlebell exercise class makes its way to Margate beach By VINCENT JACKSON Bauouline eter this sring Buymcenr incre Ca MARGATE — Anthony D'Agostino is and several cliente I really bringing a litle bit of Russian fitness and Stared believing in the Kenle, strength taining to southern New Jersey. bell system” said D'Agostino DiAgostno, dressed in a black sleeveless T- bout why he decided start shir and olive cargo pants, acted like @ nice theclass" needed to go all he dil sergeant to the 13 people standing In. way with it front of him on a deck at the end of Huntington Avenue near the beach here ona px ‘ recent afternoon. Twenty-two mostly black Fighting gravity Kettebells, 2 Russian cast-iron weight, sat The kettlebell weight is con- behind him. stantly fighting’ gravity, s0 Foran hour, D'Agostino trained the people, fers must wotk thelr muscles who signed up for what was believed tobe the {o simply control the Ketlebell frst ketiebell dass in southem New Jersey. as ‘opposed to a barbell of “This eso lear no ny ld dull tat ean be balanced DiAgostino, 32, the owner of Revolution durin cise. Wh Fitness Studios in Ventnor, who lucked out swinging the tettlebell, you ‘wth perfect weather forhisstoutdoor class need'eoerdnaton, speed dnd — temperatures in the 70s and sunny skies strength. The training is sid to with an ocean breeze. offer all the benefits of strength ‘The ketlebell originated in Russia as the Uining. as wellas the benefits muscle-building tool of choice for Red Army s, Pilates and yoga. athletes and soldiers. BaveL Tsatsouline a for- D'Agostino started the class mer_special-forces trainer back in the bY saving he wanted his stu- Usa brought Keebel ang 1S fon aries eer It is currently being used by some on stor. Ter iechl ces Teel eweafoerent Wedandbendng thier gencies and SWAT teams. doing drills to loosen D'Agostino found out about Kettlebells Muscles, D'Agostino taught how to “dead lit” the kettlebell because he is always researching different sq “another exercise. that ‘See Soviet, Page D6 involved swinging the kettle- types of fitness regimes. bell between their legs, past “it sounded very intelligent thelr backsides before lifting it 1 made a lot of sense to me,* up in front of them. The said D'Agostino, who has @ women and men mostly martial-arts background and worked with 18- and 35-pound has done weightlifting. "I was kettlebells, respectively. really impressed with ray flexi- “This is a foundation exer- bility and strength (afterward). cise. It never gets easy... You. 1s fun and interesting, not as are doing what the secret ser- ‘monotonous and boring as Vice is doing right now” ‘other form of exercises that 1 D'Agostino said, have tried.” Before the group broke up, DAgostino has been using D'Agostino “talked them Kettlebells for the past four through a final, wo-part move years and trained with called “the clean.” They picked Pages ol4 up the kettlebell, and moved it PRESS tom WEEE Burrellesdace to shoulder-height in one move, followed by a lift over their head with their arms straight in the air in the second ‘move. D/Agostinos first class attracted both first-timers and. people who had worked out ‘with Kettlebells previously. “I feel spent. My leg muscles ane tke ely. Is very cardio, Your heart rate does get uj there’ said Pam Sinderbrand, 51, who did Kettlebells for the first time and added that she also felt, really good and euphoric."T wanted (o do some strength taining and build muscles.” Deana Bonafiglia, 27, who lives here, used Kettlebells once Dut never did a full workout. “loved it. Iwas a good class for me. I could have done ‘another hour” said Bonaiglia, who kes to cross-tain. Wwith yoga, rollerblading and gym ‘workouts. “I's a great pain, a joyful pain. You can tell you are getting stronger. It's a good hurt” kris Waldron, 27, a Ventnor resident, also showed up. DiAgostino introduced ketle- bells to Waldron, his friend, aout yar ago. “instantly fell in love with it, Its an instant strength gain. You have to concentrate 100 percent,” said Waldron, a per- sonal trainer. "The group ener- 8y is powerful. Anthony’. instruction is powerful” ‘After the class, D'Agostino said his first group session ‘went great. “I was very happy with it” said D'Agostino, a corrective- exercise specialist. “Outdoors, there isa great energy near the ‘ocean... It very motivating to work out outside” To e-mail Vincent Jackson at The Press: Wiackson(S Gcpae ree ppsemvery Neves) = i Htyougo ‘Kettlebell Klass’ 5:30 p.m. Thursdays at Huntington Avenue and the beach, Margate. Classes are $20 per one-hour session. Bring ‘soft shoes, a towel and water. Call (609) 271-3037 or visit the Web site Page 2014 PRESS Pee Some en Burrellesdee ‘Above, Rich and Cana Bobb of Ventnor loft ketebels during a strengthraining class In Ventnor. Below, Brandon and Kr Waldron, ‘Also of Ventnor, lap proper technique. Ketleblls were used by ite mlltary personnel inthe former USS. Pages ot4