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C 89 E/84 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 20.3.


The Commission therefore contends that the report and map published in European Newsletter No 9 were
sufficient to convey the most important information concerning Quick Start aid to road development in
Bosnia and Herzegovina. While trying to ensure that all published material is reliable, it does not appear
that corrective measures are required in this case.

(2001/C 89 E/086) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1779/00

by Glyn Ford (PSE) to the Commission

(8 June 2000)

Subject: EU fishing agreements with Morocco

Is the European Commission aware that the coastal waters south of 27°4' parallel lie off disputed territory?

Does it therefore acknowledge that it is neither right nor proper to include these off-shore waters in any
fisheries agreement with Morocco?

Will it therefore accept that the territorial waters south of the parallel 27°4' should not constitute part of
the current EU fisheries agreement being negotiated with Morocco?

Answer given by Mr Fischler on behalf of the Commission

(7 July 2000)

In the possible negotiations with Morocco, the Commission will refer to the ‘fishing zone of Morocco’, this
area being defined by the ‘waters falling within sovereignty and/or within the jurisdiction of Morocco’.

This definition does not prejudge in any way the status of the waters to the south of parallel 27°4', this
question being governed by international law, and more particularly, by the various resolutions of the
United Nations, to which the Community has constantly given its support.

(2001/C 89 E/087) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1780/00

by Glyn Ford (PSE) to the Commission

(8 June 2000)

Subject: Alyssandrakis report on space policy

This report, adopted in the European Parliament on 18 May 2000, calls on the European Commission to
organise a conference of the space powers, namely the European Union, Russia, USA, Japan and China, to
discuss cooperation on the development of launch vehicles and the creation of a GSSP.

Is the Commission planning to respond to Parliament’s call? If so, when approximately is it planned?

Answer given by Mr Busquin on behalf of the Commission

(18 July 2000)

The questions of future launcher development and the provision of a global stationary satellite position
(GSSP) do not form a part of the present Commission work programme. These subjects are currently dealt
with adequately by the Member States.