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C 135/298 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 7.5.


Friday 8 September 2000

 Evaluation of Directive 89/299/EEC on the own funds of banks (INI 002207)
 action taken on the EIB Annual Report (INI 002173)
 Action taken on the Community policy on the protection of purchasers in contracts relating to
the utilisation of the right to use immovable property on a timeshare basis (Directive 94/47/EEC)
(INI 002208)
 Action taken on the Community policy on out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes
(recommendation 98/257/EC and conclusions of the Tampere European Council) (INI 002209)

Amendment of titles of own-initiative reports already authorised by the Conference of Presidents:

 Prevention and settlement of armed conflicts: gender-related aspects (INI00 2025  Minutes of
4.5.2000) (former title: women’s involvement in the peaceful settlement of armed conflict)
 Charging for transport infrastructure (INI 002030  Minutes of 14.4.2000) (former title: invoi-
cing of transport infrastructure on the basis of the report by the High-Level Group)

Hughes procedure/Enhanced Hughes procedure:

The Hughes procedure is applicable to the following report:

 ENVI on:
 Protection of consumers, health and the environment: use of the precautionary principle
(COM(2000) 001  C5-0143/2000  2000/2086 (COS))
(asked for opinions: ITRE, JURI)
Hughes Procedure between ENVI and JURI


11. Situation in Fiji following the coup d’état (vote)

Motions for resolutions B5-0749, 0754, 0758, 0759 and 0760/2000

(Simple majority)

MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION RC B5-0749/2000 (replacing B5-0749, 0754, 0758, 0759 and
tabled by the following Members:
Corrie and Johan van Hecke, on behalf of the PPE Group,
Kinnock, on behalf of the PSE Group,
Ludford, on behalf of the ELDR Group,
Maes, on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group,
Morgantini, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group

Parliament adopted the resolution (Item 1 of ‘Texts Adopted’).