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C 112 E/218 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 9.5.


Thursday 25 October 2001

Follow-up reports:

General aspects of consumer protection policy and, in particular, consumer information and education
with regard to the application of Directive 90/314/CE (2001/2136(INI))
(Following the decision of the Conference of Presidents of 6 September 2001)

Changes to titles of reports already authorised by the Conference of Presidents

. General Revision of the Rules of Procedure (Authorised by letter from the President of 4 October
(2001/2040(REG) . Minutes of 28 February 2001)
(Former title: Amendment of the Rules of Procedure following the Bureau decision of 11 December

36. Written declarations (Rule 51)

Pursuant to Rule 51(3), the President announced the number of signatures to these declarations:
No of document Author Signatures

11/2001 Cossutta, Vattimo, Kaufmann, Eriksson 9

12/2001 Poli Bortone 5
13/2001 Tannock, Bowis, Davies, Lambert, Skinner 11

37. Forwarding of texts adopted during the sitting

The President informed Parliament, pursuant to Rule 148(2), that the Minutes of that day’s sitting would be
submitted to Parliament for its approval at the beginning of its next sitting.

With Parliament’s agreement, he stated that he would forward the texts that had just been adopted forth-
with to the bodies named therein.

38. Dates for next sittings

The President announced that the next sittings would be held from 12 to 15 November 2001.

39. Adjournment of session

The sitting closed at 18.50.

Julian Priestley Nicole Fontaine

Secretary-General President