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NLP and Hypnosis still amazed.

This book is a must for This advanced NLP book builds on

anyone who wishes to communicate the foundation established in Heart
Using Your Brain-For a Change. -- more effectively. I have many uses of the Mind, by the Andreases, and
Richard Bandler for it. I bought both I and II. You Using Your Brain--for a CHANGE, by
This book is the greatest NLP book! really need both to appreciate the Richard Bandler. Presented in "live
This is Richard Bandler at his best! A scope of this awesome technology. seminar" format, this book offers rich
transcript of one of his seminar. He information and specific examples of
speaks with humor, style, and shows The Structure of Magic II: A Book About how to work successfully in helping
you how intelligent he can be in Communication and Change, -- Richard people...
curing phobias in 3 minutes! You will Bandler, John Grinder
see how he reframes almost every Core Transformation by Connirae
experience... Emotional Freedom: Techniques for Andreas, Tamara Andreas
dealing with emotional and physical This book focuses on allowing us to
Time for a Change by Richard distress (Revised Edition) by Garry A. uncover the unconscious motivations
Bandler Flint (Foreword), Gary Craig that underline "bad" habits, through
After reading and populating shelves a process called Core
at home with books on NLP, hypnosis Time Line Therapy and the Basis of
Personality, -- Tad James and Wyatt Transformation. Its origins are in
and therapy I still remember those Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),
two days -one year ago or more Woodsmall
The Time Line Therapy is a powerfull but don't let that make you shy away
maybe- I read this one amidst cracks from it. Through this process, which
of laughter. Honestly, I did not learn combination of NLP, Trance
techniques and some other things you can do to yourself by a self-
anything, just NOTHING, as far as my dialogue while in a meditative state
"conscious mind" is involved, that I wouldn't mention so that you
become more motivated to read it ;) (although doing it with a partner is
however I was amused to no end and probably more effective), you can
challenged to GO ON LEARNING, and You would never believe that
changes can be so easy and so begin to understand why you do the
on and on, it gave me a powerful things you do.
boost and ignited my desire and powerfull until you familiarize
enthusiasm to no end, yourself with these techniques. It Turtles All the Way Down :
retrospectively, I think this book also contains an exellent introduction Prerequisites to Personal Genius. --
might well deserve the sub-title of to Metaprograms, one that is John Grinder, Judith Delozier
"The spirit of NLP", although this title complete enough and yes simple The term "new code" refers to 1987,
is beared already by another that enough. An absolute MUST. when this book came out. At that
also deserves it. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques time, the ideas in this book departed
of Milton H. Erickson, M.D, -- Richard quite strongly from the original
Instant Rapport by Michael Brooks "mechanistic" NLP framework. Today,
Instant Rapport allows you to forge Bandler
Learn about Milton's Strategy of some of the messages from this book
an immediate bond with anyone,
anywhere. It will literally remake the hypnosis and the expert modeling of still aren't "integrated" in
way the world sees you. Author John Grinder and Richard Bandler, co- mainstream NLP (which is a "buy"
founders of NLP. Learn directly the reason). Focus of this book lies on
Michael Brooks, nationally acclaimed perceptual positions; trusting your
communications expert, shares the patterns of hypnosis used for
same Neurolinguistic Programming creating change. A book chock full of unconscious (+ focusing your
metaphors and stories to weave attention), and working with patterns
(NLP) techniques he has taught to (+ how to interrupt them). These are
Fortune 500 executives in his change in personality.
3 messages that Grinder still stresses
renowned seminars. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques today (in 2001)
Introducing Neuro-Linguistic of Milton H. Erickson, M.D, (Volume
2) -- Richard Bandler Precision : A New Approach to
Programming by Joseph O'Conner, et Communication : How to Get the
al My Voice Will Go With You : The Information You Need to Get Results
A guide to one of the fastest growing Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson, by Michael McMaster, John Grinder
developments in applied psychology; M.D. - Sidney Rosen (Editor) Dramatically improve the
covers the classic NLP therapy Milton H. Erikson has been called the effectiveness of an organization and
techniques in depth, lists the books most influential hypnotherapist of personal relationships. What results
currently available on NLP, and gives our time. Closely related to his do you want? What information do
advice on choosing an appropriate therapy was his use of "teaching you need? Cut through the entire
training course. tales." Calling upon shock, surprise, information overflow to the heart of
Persuasion Engineering by Richard confusion--with generous use of the matter. Ask the right questions.
Bandler, John LA Valle questions, puns, and playful humor-- Make the right decision. The book
The state of the art on Sales & he seeded suggestions indirectly and makes this art of business
Neuro-Linguistic Programming positively with these tales, here communication an easily learnable
gathered together by Dr. Rosen. skill. Must read!
Magic in Action, -- Richard Bandler One of the best introductions to
This is an excellent book for anyone Milton H. Erickson Since it was first Making the Message Clear : How to
wanting an inside view of a master published, in 1982, this book has Master the Business Communication
utilizing NLP(tm) in action. These are been one of the most popular and Tools That Direct Productivity,
actual working transcripts of Richard most readable introductions to the Excellence and Power by James F.
Bandler the co-founder of the innovative psychotherapeutic and Eicher, John Grinder
NLPtechnology doing work with hypnotic approaches of Milton An Insiders Guide to Sub Modalities.
patients. Within the pages you'll Erickson. It has been translated into -- Richard Bandler
encounter him literally performing several languages, including French, It is a great little book, as a reference
magic in terms of... Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, and different perspective on
German and Japanese-so far something you should already know.
The Structure of Magic : A Book
About Language and Therapy, -- Change Your Mind-And Keep the (and by that I mean, you are
Richard Bandler, John Grinder Change : Advanced Nlp probably already familiar with NLP if
Even though I was familiar of the Submodalities Inverventions -- you are looking at this book)
material before I got this book, I was Connirae Andreas, Steve Andreas You will find things in here that are
new to you, although not a great
many, a few. other real-world situations. Included by Joseph O'Connor, et al
It is good! are examples... Neuro-Linguistic Programming
studies the way our thoughts affect
Modeling With Nlp. -- Robert Dilts An Introduction to NLP Neuro- our well-being. NLP and Health brings
One of the few books that focus on Linguistic Programming... by Joseph together the latest medical research
NLP as it was meant to be If one O'Connor, Ian McDermott (Reader) and your experience of your own
would make of the great NLP (Audio Cassette) health in a practical way. Readers
modellers, Robert Dilts will certainly NLP describes in simple terms what will find out how NLP works and learn
be part of the list. As well as he these people do differently and practical ways to bring their mind
would make it to the top 5 list of enables you to learn these patterns and body into harmony.
NLP's great writers. of excellence.
Nlp Workbook : A Practical Guide to
Reframing : Neuro-Linguistic N L P : The New Technology of Achieving the Results You Want by
Programming and the Transformation Achievement by NLP Comprehensive Joseph O'Conner
of Meaning. -- Richard Bandler, et al Training Team Team, et al
Is the glass half-empty or half-full? This a hardcore NLP Teaching book Way of Nlp by Joseph O'Connor, Ian
What we think is not as important as that is very easy to read and even McDermott
HOW we think about it and there is a more importantly, to use. Also, unlike
powerful tool to make sure we think the self-promoting Anthony Robbins, Brief Nlp Therapy by Ian McDermott
it right - it is called a Reframing. In you won't be inundated with NLP by Joseph O'Connor, Ian
their book, Grinder and Bendler are advertising and fluff. This is a No- McDermott
on their best. I rate it as an absolute Nonsense book that will get you
MUST for anyone who is interested in results, and I mean, rapid results! NLP Home Study Guide by Leslie
NLP or simply wants to become a Cameron-Bandler, et al
better communicator. Successful Selling With Nlp : by Study Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Joseph O'Connor, Robin Prior (NLP) in the convenience of your own
Strategies of Genius, Volume One. by If you are a salesperson, sales home, at your own pace, from two
Robert Dilts NLP was meant to be a manager, or a professional who leaders in the field. This 109-minute
technology to make maps of needs skills to sell your product or videotape and 160-page guide book
excellence. Robert Dilts is one of the service, this book is invaluable. thoroughly present a number of NLP
few authors actually using NLP as it concepts and techniques. You’ll
was meant to be. In the third book of Leading With NLP by Joseph
O'Connor discover ways to solve internal
the Stategies of Genius series, conflict, stay resourceful under
Robert Dilts studies the cognitive The most effective way to learn
leadership is through Neuro- pressure, understand different
strategies of Sigmund Freud, learning styles, and more.
Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla Linguistic Programming (NLP), a set
to... of skills for psychologically Practical Nlp for Managers by Ian
influencing people. NLP includes McDermott, Joseph O'Connor
Encyclopedia of Systemic Neuro- body language, verbal cues and a Practical NLP for managers is
Linguistic Programming and NLP New host of other practical methods. This probably the more deeply involved
Coding by Robert B. Dilts, et al is the only NLP title to focus on NLP book that remains applicable in
Without doubt this is the work of Leadership. most everyday situtations. From
geniuses, the work and obvious building rapport to understanding
veneration of the science and art , NLP and Relationships by Joseph
O'Connor, Robin Prior different company leadership
that is NLP is verified here. These structures, this book is an excellent
volumes reflect not only a love of the In this first NLP book to focus on love
relationships, expert trainers buy.
discipline of NLP but also the desire
of Dilts et al to indeed create a world O'Connor and Prior show how to find Awaken the Giant Within : How to
to which people want to belong. If and nurture any relationship. Take Immediate Control of Your
you are one of the lucky owners of ...Contrary to what the title might Mental, Emotional, Physical &
these are very lucky make you think, you don't need NLP Financial Destiny! -- by Anthony
indeed!! Well done, NLPU. knowledge in order to use this book. Robbins, Frederick L. CoVan.
The way it's written makes it even Wake Up and Take Control of Your
Strategies of Genius, Volume Two. by hard to recognize the NLP bits... Life! Anthony Robbins, the nation's
Robert Dilts leader in the science of peak
This second volume in the Training With NLP by Joseph
O'Connor, John Seymour performance, shows you his most
"Strategies of Genius" series is effective strategies and techniques
devoted to Albert Einstein. How (Contributor)
A monumental feat...the organization for mastering your emotions, your
would it be like to think like Albert body, your relationships, your
Einstein? Robert Dilts used the NLP of the fundamentals of training into a
practical primer and valuable finances, and your life.
modeling principles to find this out.
This is really NLP as it was meant to reference for anyone who wants to Unlimited Power -- by Anthony
be. know more about designing effective Robbins (Reader); Audio CD
ways to train."--Christina Hall, M.A., Robbins calls Unlimited Power the
Changing Belief Systems With NLP. -- The NLP Connection new science of personal
Robert Dilts What are the differences between achievement. You'll call it the best
outstanding trainers and the rest? thing that ever happened to you.
The Unfair Advantage: Practical This book provides a practical answer
Applications of NLP for Sales and Robbins teaches how to define goals,
to this question, provided by NLP take focused action, gauge results
Marketing by Duane Lakin Ph.D. modeling skills. They give readers
The Unfair Advantage is a "workshop and adjust behavior until those goals
the knowledge and skill to learn are achieved.
in a workbook." It contains practical faster and improve the results they
ideas and exercises for applying NLP create. Unlimited Power : The New Science
(neurolinguistic programming) to of Personal Achievement -- by
sales and marketing. It includes NLP And Sports by Joseph O'Connor Anthony Robbins, et al
"how-to" ideas for selling face-to- Unlimited Power is a revolutionary
face, telemarketing, direct mail, and Nlp and Health : Using Nlp to
Enhance Your Health and Well-Being fitness book for the mind. It will show
you, step by step, how to perform at
your peak while gaining emotional The Power to Create, the Power to principle of the Silva Method. In other
and financial freedom, attaining Destroy! The Power of Anticipation words, by changing your mind you
leadership and self-confidence, and by Anthony Robbins (Audio Cassette can change your health. There are
winning the cooperation of others. It - November 1993) thousands of success stories that
will give you the knowledge and the This special slipcased collection serve as testimony to the
courage to remake yourself and your contains Powertalk!: The Decision effectiveness of the Silva Method,
world. that Ensures Your Success (with many of which have been
Coach John Wooden), Powertalk!: The documented by the authors in this
Personal Power II by Anthony Power of Anticipation (with Dr. book, making it interesting reading
Robbins (Audio CD - June 1996) Stephen R. Covey), and Powertalk!: as well as enlightening.
Personal Power II package contains: The Power to Create, the Power to
12 audio CDs, 1 spiral bound book, Destroy! (with Paul Zane Pilzer). 6 How to Use the Silva Mind Control
and 1 VHS tape. This is the most cassettes. Method/Audio Cassettes by Hans De
comprehensive formula for personal Jong, Hans DeJong
power! "It is our moments of decision Live With Passion : Strategies for A definitive presentation of the Silva
that our destiny is formed". Creating a Compelling Future by Mind Control Method--the best-known
Anthony Robbins (Reader) (Audio CD program for learning how to take
Notes from a Friend by Robbins, - January 2002) control of and reshape one's life,
Anthony Robbins. utilized by millions. 32-page
Notes from a Friend is a concise and Unleash the Power Within by Anthony interactive workbook and 2
easy-to-understand guide to the Robbins cassettes.
most powerful and life-changing tools
and principles that make Anthony The Five Rituals of Wealth : Proven Silva Mind Control Method of Mental
Robbins an international leader in Strategies for Turning the Little You Dynamics by Jose Silva, Burt
peak performance. Have into More Than Enough by Tod Goldman
Barnhart, Tony Robbins The world-famous Silva Mind Control
Introduction to Personal Power 2 : Barnhart is a top performer in the Method is applied to problem-solving,
The Driving Force! by Anthony brokerage industry who has self-esteem and more
Robbins established himself as one of the
In Introduction to Anthony Robbins' nation's premier investment Jose Silva's Ultramind Esp System by
Personal Power II , the peak counselors. Here he reveals the Ed, Jr. Bernd
performance expert shares the simple wealth-building techniques he Shows you how to unlock the
powerful strategies and techniques uses, common-sense strategies that incredible powers of your own mind
that have helped millions of people everyone should know. and use them to connect to a higher
all over the world create richer, more power and obtain the guidance you
satisfying lives. The kit includes a Related Psychology, Personal need to be successful, happy, and
Personal Success Journal and 4 Development and Everything fulfilled. Jose Silva's great gift was for
cassettes. The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Samuel B. teaching people to use more and
Griffith (Introduction) more of their brain's capacity. The
The Driving Force by Anthony Silva Method has helped millions of
Robbins Written in China over two thousand
years ago, Sun Tzu's The Art of War people access their native intuition
The mega-bestselling author of and psychic ability by using their
"Unlimited Power" and "Awaken the provides the first known attempt to
formulate a rational basis for the minds in a whole new way-on the
Giant Within" now presents an alpha brain-wave level. In Jose Silva's
inspiring book which uncovers the planning and conduct of military
operations. These wise, aphoristic Ultramind ESP System you will learn
secrets behind creating a life of
extraordinary joy, wealth, and essays contain principles acted upon a series of specific self-management
by such twentieth-century Chinese techniques that can help you get rid
fulfillment. Filled with stories that of any impediments to your success
touch the soul and free the spirit, generals as Mao Tse Tung. Samuel
Griffith offers a much-needed and be better able to carry out your
"The Secret to Wealth and life's mission. You will develop a
Happiness" imparts a simple, seven- translation of this classic which
specific plan to help you carry out
step process to renewing the joy and makes it even more relevant to the the instructions you receive from
meaning in life. modern world. Including an
explanatory introduction and high intelligence, your higher power.
'Powertalk!' : The Six Master Steps to selected commentaries on the work, Sales Power by Jose Silva, et al
Change/Cassettes by Anthony this edition makes Sun Tzu's timeless From the founder of The Silva
Robbins classic extremely accessible to Method--the world's most famous
Part of the Powertalk! series, The Six students of Chinese history and mind-development training
Master Steps to Change presents a culture, as well as to anyone program--comes a revolutionary
step-by-step methodology for interested in the highly volatile program designed to teach
correcting unwanted behavior. military and political issues in salesprofessionals: how to get more
According to Robbins, listeners can present-day China. appointments, conquer fears of
instantly transform lifelong habits rejection and failure, and not only
using this technique. Silva Mind Control Method. -- Jose
Silva, Philip Miele reach, but exceed sales goals and
Giant Steps : Small Changes to Make Great book that helps you take quotas. A step-by-step guide
a Big Difference : Daily Lessons in control of your life. Silva developed tosuccess, Sales Power tells you how
Self-Mastery by Anthony Robbins the Silva Method many years ago. It to relax and use your greatest asset:
In an easy-to-use daily format, the is what he calls 'active meditation'. your mind.
master of personal achievement and People use this to solve problems, Silva--whose Silva Method(rg) has
the psychology of peak performance get results they desire, create been used by millions--tells listeners
offers suggestions for everyday living opportunities ( it really works! be how to use the untapped power of
to encourage readers to take control more open minded!), cure illness etc. the mind to dramatically increase
of their lives and initiate change and sales. A step-by-step guide to
growth by altering beliefs. You the Healer by Jose Silva, Robert startling success. 2 cassettes.
B. Stone
Anthony Robbins' Powertalk! : The Deprogramming negativity to Virus of the Mind : The New Science
Decision That Ensures Your Success! facilitate wellness is the underlying of the Meme by Richard Brodie
Not all infectious agents are living
organisms, according to Richard decision--one that benefits both the playwright and offered only
Brodie: "Viruses of the mind" can live prospect and the listener. lukewarm praise. David Rouse
and reproduce in the form of urban Unabridged.
myths, advertising jingles, even Never Be Lied to Again by David J.
sexual habits. Drawing upon Richard The 48 Laws of Power by Joost Lieberman
Dawkins's concept of a "meme," a Elffers, Robert Greene When liars are being accused of
sort of cultural gene first defined... Learning the game of power requires something, they'll stay calm because
a certain way of looking at the world, they're working on their rebuttal; this
Thought Contagion : How Belief a shifting of perspective," writes is why detectives were suspicious of
Spreads Through Society by Aaron Robert Greene. Mastery of one's O.J. Simpson when he didn't express
Lynch emotions and the arts of deception outrage when accused of murdering
Why do certain ideas become and indirection are, he goes on to his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman.
popular? The naive view is that it's assert, essential. The 48 laws Never Be Lied to Again is bursting
because they're true, or at least outlined in this book "have a simple with tested tips like this for quickly
justified. This fascinating book, premise: certain actions always determining when you're being
influenced by evolutionary biology increase one's power ... while others boondoggled. Body language, facial
and epidemiology, is the first full- decrease it and even ruin us." expressions, sentence structure, and
scale examination of some of the word choice can all reveal when
other reasons. Consider Aaron The laws cull their principles from someone is lying, says psychologist
Lynch's example of optimism--it may many great schemers--and scheming David J. Lieberman, and he includes
not be true or warranted, but it tends instructors--throughout history, from 46 of these "clues to deception" to
to prevail because optimists tend to Sun-Tzu to Talleyrand, from help you, including tricks for framing
have more children to pass along Casanova to con man Yellow Kid questions without putting others on
their outlook to. Sometimes, Lynch Weil. They are straightforward in the defense. Once you use your
points out, there is a paradoxical but their amoral simplicity: "Get others newly honed "human lie detector"
predictable expansion-contraction to do the work for you, but always skills to figure out if you're being lied
pattern to the social spread of ideas. take the credit," or "Discover each to, you can then dig for the truth
If nothing else, lobbyists need to look man's thumbscrew." Each chapter using the specific, influential words
into this stuff to see which side their provides examples of the and body postures that Lieberman
bread is really buttered on. consequences of observance or suggests. Written with flair and
transgression of the law, along with humor, Never Be Lied to Again is
The Meme Machine by Susan designed to help you get the upper
Blackmore, Richard Dawkins "keys to power," potential "reversals"
(where the converse of the law might hand in any situation, whether you're
Showing greater courage and trying to figure out if your spouse is
intellectual chutzpah than I have also be useful), and a single
paragraph cleverly laid out to cheating on you or if you suspect
ever aspired to, she deploys her your coworkers are cooking the
memetic forces in a brave--do not suggest an image (such as the
aforementioned thumbscrew); the books.
think foolhardy until you have read
it--assault on the deepest questions margins are filled with illustrative Instant Analysis by David J.
of all: What is a self? What am I? quotations. Practitioners of one- Lieberman
Where am I? ... Any theory deserves upmanship have been given a new, A psychologist offers practical
to be given its best shot, and that is comprehensive training manual, as suggestions and strategies for
what Susan Blackmore has given the up-to-date as it is timeless. transforming some one hundred of
theory of the meme. The Art of Seduction by Robert the most common self-defeating
Greene, Joost Elffers behaviors and habits, including fear
Media Virus! : Hidden Agendas in of failure, eating disorders,
Popular Culture by Douglas Rushkoff Greene is the author of The 48 Laws
of Power (1998), a compilation of procrastination, superstition, and
Have you ever noticed that the word others.
"media" refers both to the tool for quotes from throughout history that
disseminating information in human prescribe methods of obtaining and Get Anyone to Do Anything and
societies as well as the substrate wielding power. He now adds Never Feel Powerless Again by David.
upon which geneticists grow bacteria seduction to the mix of stratagems J. Lieberman
and viruses? Rushkoff has written for those who feel the need to The New York Times bestselling
one of the more provocative and scheme to get what they want. Given author of Never be Lied to Again
insightful analyses of the paths of the popularity of so-called reality- delivers a book of psychological
conceptual infection in human based television programs, it is clear secrets to gain control of my
media, and about the techniques and there is a large audience of such situation and never feel powerless
goals of those who spread media people. Greene, again providing again.
viruses. This fun, hip, yet insightful quotes on his topic from David Lieberman is a master at
book is well worth buying. philosophers, scientists, playwrights, exploring the human psyche. This
and novelists, examines "the revolutionary audiobook explains
Over the Top -- by Zig Ziglar achievements of the greatest how to see through people, how to
Drawing on his forty-plus years as a seducers throughout history" and avoid being manipulated and how to
world-class motivational speaker, Zig profiles 10 seductive archetypes. get the upper hand in every
Ziglar identifies and shows precisely Although the tactics Greene advises situation. Learn how to gain control
how to achieve what people desire may be distasteful to some, his and influence anyone, any time:
most from life--to be happy, healthy, literary survey is fascinating. As was Get anyone to forgive you
reasonably prosperous, blessed with Greene's previous work, this one is Defeat the competition
friends, and hopeful. billed as "A Joost Elffers Production." Get anyone to confess a secret
Elffers is identified--with no hint of Get anyone to return your call
Secrets of Closing the Sale : embarrassment--as a book
Strategies and Guidelines You Need Stop verbal abuse in an instant
"packager." A "quote" from a Get anyone to find you attractive
to Become Proficient in the Art of Newsweek review of The 48 Laws is
Effective Persuasion -- by Zig Ziglar Stop jealous behavior in anyone
used to hype the new book, though With all the stress, competition,
Convinced that the only way to be the actual article in which the quote
the best is to care about the people game-playing, and manipulation that
appeared challenged Greene's life throws your way, you will not
we serve, Ziglar shows how to do credentials as an editor and
everything possible to get a positive want to be without this audiobook
that delivers the promise of life made strategies and techniques used by Lynch"
easy. political candidates, television Why do certain ideas become
ministers, and corporate leaders. The popular? The naive view is that it's
The Mafia Manager by V Psychology Of Persuasion is practical, because they're true, or at least
In a manner that hints of power and sensible, workable, and totally justified. This fascinating book,
money, author "V" lays down accessible to the non-specialist influenced by evolutionary biology
guidelines for business garnered general reader. and epidemiology, is the first full-
from his years of service in the Mafia. scale examination of some of the
Is he kidding? Perhaps. But the level Artful Persuasion: How to Command other reasons. Consider Aaron
of common sense displayed could Attention, Change Minds, and Lynch's example of optimism--it may
fool the reader. Each of the three Influence People by Harry A. Mills not be true or warranted, but it tends
sections is filled with riffs on the There's really nothing mysterious to prevail because optimists tend to
main theme; part two, "Managing about getting people to change their have more children to pass along
Others," covers such topics as hiring, minds. No special, inborn gifts. No their outlook to. Sometimes, Lynch
firing, senior advisers, leadership, subliminal tricks. Instead, the best points out, there is a paradoxical but
productivity, and rules, all sprinkled persuaders--advertisers, salespeople, predictable expansion-contraction
with appropriate company aphorisms politicians, spin doctors--depend on pattern to the social spread of ideas.
and syllogisms. Machiavellian? You the fact that everyone responds to If nothing else, lobbyists need to look
bet. Chauvinistic? For sure. But the messages in just two ways: into this stuff to see which side their
book is also a great antidote to the thoughtfully or mindlessly. And they bread is really buttered on. Warning:
disease of serious, boring, humorless know how to manipulate these two this book is densely written. But it's
corporate-speak tomes. Barbara persuasion routes to make even the worth the wade.
Jacobs most doubtful say "yes."
The Meme Machine by Susan
Irresistible Attraction: Secrets of Power, Money, Fame, Sex by Blackmore, Richard Dawkins"
Personal Magnetism by Kevin Hogan, Gretchen Craft Rubin Showing greater courage and
Mary Lee Labay, Jack Swaney. From Booklist Power! Money! Fame! intellectual chutzpah than I have
People form their first impression of Sex! What else is there? Niccolo ever aspired to, she deploys her
you in three to four seconds! This Machiavelli, meet Jackie Collins. memetic forces in a brave--do not
book reveals to you the hidden Rubin's subtitle contains what is think foolhardy until you have read
secrets of attraction and charisma. probably an unintentional double it--assault on the deepest questions
You will learn to maximize your meaning; her guide is actually for of all: What is a self? What am I?
hidden and natural attributes to people who use people. She does Where am I? ... Any theory deserves
create an instant bond with anyone suggest, though, that "nonstrivers" to be given its best shot, and that is
you meet! will find the book valuable in learning what Susan Blackmore has given the
how to protect themselves against theory of the meme.
Passport to Power by William the machinations she enthusiastically
Thourlby describes. Media Virus! : Hidden Agendas in
Thourlby delivers a masterful Popular Culture by Douglas Rushkoff"
exposition of what can be called the Influence by Robert B. Cialdini Have you ever noticed that the word
Truth of Human Relationships, Arguably the best book ever on what "media" refers both to the tool for
whereas other authors may treat the is increasingly becoming the science disseminating information in human
subject simply as schmoozing. What of persuasion. Whether you're a societies as well as the substrate
sets Thourlby apart is that his mere consumer or someone weaving upon which geneticists grow bacteria
context is respect for the self and the web of persuasion to urge others and viruses? Rushkoff has written
respect for others and that a Higher to buy or vote for your product, this one of the more provocative and
Power has placed you together for a is an essential book for insightful analyses of the paths of
reason. Studying and executing on understanding the psychological conceptual infection in human
his program for social success is then foundations of marketing. media, and about the techniques and
simply an acknowledgement of Recommended. goals of those who spread media
reality. Whereas the prose meanders viruses. This fun, hip, yet insightful
at times, this book's message is of book is well worth buying.
imperative importance...a must-read. Virus of the Mind : The New Science
( Marcos J. Polanco) of the Meme by Richard Brodie Brain Builders! by Richard Leviton
If you've ever wondered how and Health writer Leviton believes that
The Psychology of Persuasion by the human brain is like a muscle: the
Kevin Hogan why people become robotically
enslaved by advertising, religion, more you use it, the stronger it gets.
The Psychology Of Persuasion: How And he disagrees with the commonly
To Persuade Others To Your Way Of sexual fantasy, and cults, wonder no
more. It's all because of "mind held notion that cognitive abilities
Thinking will show how to ethically must decrease with age. To "age-
direct others toward your point of viruses," or "memes," and those who
understand how to plant them into proof your brain," Leviton
view. Author Kevin Hogan teaches recommends a pragmatic seven-step
the skills of persuasion drawn from other's minds. This is the first truly
accessible book about memes and program that incorporates an
techniques as diverse as hypnosis, understanding of your brain's
neurolinguistics, the Bible, and how they make the world go 'round.
Of course, like all good memes, the rhythms with an awareness of how
successful salespeople throughout important diet, exercise, and music
history. The Psychology Of ideas in Brodie's book are double-
edged swords. They can vaccinate are to the thought process.
Persuasion demonstrates how to Numerous mental calisthenics are
construct persuasive messages. It against the effects of cognitive
viruses, but could also be used by presented to promote "alertness,
teaches how to tell what the other concentration, perceptual speed,
person is thinking, why he thinks it, those seeking power to gain it even
more effectively. If you don't want to learning, memory, problem solving,
and how to change what he thinks. It and creativity."
covers persuasion from both points be left behind in the coevolutionary
of view -- helping consumers to make arms race between infection and Reversing Memory Loss by Vernon
better buys and salespeople to sell protection, read about memes. H., Md. Mark, Jeffrey P. Mark
more. The Psychology Of Persuasion Thought Contagion : How Belief (Contributor), Jeffrey Mark
shares the most powerful tools, Spreads Through Society by Aaron From Book News, Inc. Medical
researcher and neurosurgeon Vernon implementing one, if not several, of concern to parents. Updated to
H. Mark details a step-by- step Allen's recommended income contain new information on drug-
program for finding the real causes strategies. --Scott Harrison proofing children.
of the confusion and memory loss
that comes with aging, and for Multiple streams of Internet Income. How to Get What You Want by Zig
working out a balanced plan of -- Robert Allen Ziglar
diagnosis and treatment to restore-- Offers the reader simple systems for Featuring a live seminar with the
or preserve--memory. creating wealth using Internet author, this straightforward program
resources. Shows how to earn profits covers timetables for attainment,
Improving Your Memory by Janet from scratch in only one hour online, setting goals, overcoming the fear of
Fogler, Lynn Stern how to set up 6 robust streams of failure, taking the leap to
If you have ever worried about your Internet income that generate achievement, and selecting rewards.
lapses of memory, a marvelous little revenue all day every day, and how
book called, Improving Your Memory, to drive traffic to a personal Internet Inspire Any Audience : Proven
may be just the thing for you. It site and generate high demand for a Secrets of the Pros by Tony Jeary
might allay any fears you have about product. DLC: Electronic commerce. (Reader), Zig Ziglar
memory loss as well as provide There is no more important skill than
excellent exercises that teach new A Kick in the Assets : 10 Take-Charge getting on your feet and inspiring an
strategies for remembering. Strategies for Building the Wealth audience. Let Tony Jeary show you
You Want by Tod Barnhart how.
60 Ways to Relieve Stress in 60 The first comprehensive financial
Seconds by Manning Rubin, Paul guide for the twentysomething and Great Quotes From Zig Ziglar by Zig
Frahm, Peter Frahm thirtysomething crowd, A Kick in the Ziglar
Now you can do something about Assets is the brainchild of self-made Zig Ziglar, the master of motivation
stress when it happens. Call them millionaire and motivator Tod and inspiration, has helped millions
distraction exercises, cognitive Barnhart. His book is a soup-to-nuts of people achieve their goals. His
therapy, or mental calisthenics, here collection of insider's tips, organized advice on rising to the top,
are sixty playful yet effective in an easy-to-use ten-step format. It's overcoming barriers, attaining
techniques that block the stress specially designed for the people success, and developing an
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you. Best of all, each can be done are bored or intimidated by the dry much more, is revealed in this
anywhere, at any time, with no financial planners available on the invaluable book.
special equipment required. There's market. Goals, How to Set Them, How to
even a stress tester on the cover for Reach Them by Zig Ziglar
before-and-after verification. It really Goals : Setting and Achieving Them
works. Illustrated by Paul Frahm. on Schedule-2 Cassettes by Zig Something to Smile About :
Ziglar Encouragement and Inspiration for
Nothing Down for the '90s : How to In Goals, best-selling author Zig Life's Ups and Downs by Zig Ziglar
Buy Real Estate With Little or No Ziglar presents his dynamic seven- Zig Ziglar says a daily word of
Money Down -- Robert Allen step formula for clearly defining your encouragement is the fuel of hope.
Here is the new revised edition of the immediate and long-term goals...and The concepts and messages in
all-time bestselling real estate bok. then realizing your dreams. This Something to Smile About provide
Readers will discover safe and solid step-by-step program is filled with that fuel, and you can apply them to
surefire strategies for profitable real inspiring stories from sports, challenging situations in your life
estate investing in the '90s, including business and science that every day.
techniques on how to take demonstrate how to: Begin with a set
advantage of opportunities in of specific written goals ... I Can Do It! Page-A-Day Calendar
depressed and stagnant markets, 2002 [BOX CALENDAR] by Louise L.
motivational tools, and more. Success and the Self-Image : Hay
Inspiring Greatness in Yourself & A jolt of pure optimism in the
Multiple streams of Income. -- Robert Others - Cassettes by Zig Ziglar morning means a dynamite start to
Allen (Audio Cassette - April 1995) every day. From Louise L. Hay, New
Beginning with advice on controlling The popular motivational speaker Age leader and bestselling author of
spending and increasing savings, explains how to overcome a negative You Can Heal Your Life! and Life!
Allen hits his stride in chapters on self-image and create and maintain a Reflections on Your Journey, comes a
stock market and real estate positive attitude, examining why year of daily affirmations-small
investing. He draws on the success and self-image are virtually morsels of encouragement that will
investment advice of others, inseparable. boost hope, confidence, and self-
including Peter Lynch, and even respect all year long. Because with
suggests that you invest in Berkshire Positive Personality Profiles :
Discover Personality Insights to the power of positive thinking,
Hathaway and let Warren Buffett limitations fade away and life begins
manage your money. Allen also Understand Yourself and Others by
Robert A. Rohm, et al afresh.
shares his real estate strategies for
finding motivated sellers, securing SEE A GLASS AND SAY IT'S HALF- Wisdom Cards by Louise L. Hay, et al
creative financing, and buying EMPTY... SEE THE SAME GLASS AND This is a beauiful, brightly colored
foreclosures and tax liens. Additional SAY IT'S HALF-FULL... SAY "YOU'VE deck of affirmation cards to help you
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work sheets, and testimonials, as World by Zig Ziglar
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A bestseller for three years, this is Hay
materials on the author's Web site. the positive thinker's guide to raising
It's useful to have so much Affirmations are among the most
healthy, happy children. One of the powerful tools that encourage people
information so concisely and well most popular and respected
explained, and many who read this to expedite their personal growth
inspirational authors, Ziglar process. This gift box contains 64
book will find it hard to resist discusses virtually every topic of
two-sided, brightly colored cards with alternatives to often toxic human- Medical Aromatherapy by Kurt
original designs and illustrated made health, beauty, and cleaning Schnaubelt
affirmations. products. Ingram A leading scientist shows
readers how and why aromatherapy
Receiving Prosperity : How to Attract Aromatherapy Blends and Remedies is emerging as a popular mind/body
Wealth, Success and Love into Your by Franzesca Watson, Christine Lane medicine. Contains an overview of
Life! by Louise L. Hay (Audio At last, everything you've ever aromatherapy, recent findings on the
Cassette - May 1994) wanted to know about aromatherapy effect of essential oils on the immune
In this lively discussion with her in a single book! Comprehensive system, and a description of common
audience, Hay explains how we can coverage of sixty of the most treatments.
use our mindpower to attract important essential oils used in
anything we want into our lives-- aromatherapy and more than 800 The Fragrant Heavens by Valerie Ann
more money, a rewarding career, recipes for every purpose. Worwood
fulfilling relationships, and more fun. Valerie Ann Worwood explores the
Conversations on Living Lecture 500 Formulas for Aromatherapy by connection between fragrance and
Series. David Schiller, Carol Schiller spirituality, examining both scientific
From Booklist Scented oils have been and esoteric evidence for the
Heal Your Body A-Z by Louise L. Hay around for centuries, and the spiritual power of essential oils. She
A fresh and easy step-by-step guide, Schillers are strong believers in the examines the spiritual traditions that
set up in an A-Z format. Just look up benefits of using pure essential oils-- use aroma for ritual, prayer, and
your specific health challenge and diluted in a carrier oil, such as meditation and shows how to
you will find the probable cause for sesame--to relieve stress and a incorporate these traditions into
this health issue, as well as the myriad of other disorders modern practices.
information you need to overcome it (communication enhancement and
by creating a new thought pattern. cellulite reduction among them). As Advanced Aromatherapy by Kurt
Aroma lamps, which disperse the Schnaubelt
Heal Your Body A-Z by Louise L. Hay vapors, become readily available in Schnaubelt clearly and logically
A fresh and easy step-by-step guide, shops, more people may choose to illustrates the science of his healing
set up in an A-Z format. Just look up experiment with aromatherapy in art. . . . Exciting, must have
your specific health challenge and their homes. Other uses for these information for anyone going beyond
you will find the probable cause for formulas include adding oils to a dab of relaxing lavender on the
this health issue, as well as the bathwater, for massage, in body pillow or peppermint drops in honey
information you need to overcome it powders made with cornstarch, or in water for an upset stomach. . . . An
by creating a new thought pattern. candles. It's interesting to just page important new reference.
Health, alternative and related through the alphabetical section and
learn the purported advantages of Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child
Keep Your Brain Alive: 83 Neurobic oils from allspice (Pimenta officinalis) by Valerie Ann Worwood
Exercises. -- Lawrence Katz, et al to ylang-ylang (Cananga odorata). Reviewer: Women's Magazine from
Keep Your Brain Alive presents the Alice Joyce Boulder, CO This book is an
first brain exercise program indispensable guide for every parent
scientifically based on the adult The Fragrant Mind by Valerie Ann who thinks pro-actively about their
brain's ability to produce its own Worwood children's long-term physical and
natural brain food. Developed by a Midwest Book Review This mental health. Powerful, yet safe,
leading neurological research encyclopedia of aromatherapy aromatherapy is a sound way to treat
scientist and the author of "60 Ways presents the latest scientific research everything from influenza to sunburn
to Relieve Stress in 60 Seconds," the about aroma's effects on the mind in children. Many complaints such as
program offers 83 simple "neurobic" and body. This title goes beyond aches and coughs that might
exercises designed to fight off the listing aromas for specific ailments: it otherwise have to wait for a visit to
effects of mental aging by helping to tells how to mix oils for massage, the doctor can be addressed
prevent memory loss and increase how to understand herbal mood immediately at home, using the
mental fitness. enhancers, and how to review the healing power of nature.
information on aromatherapy and
The Miracle of Fasting: Proven personality. An essential handbook. The Aromatherapy Kit by Charla
Throughout History for Physical, Devereux, Bernie Hephrun
Mental and Spiritual Rejuvination. -- The Illustrated Encyclopedia of A wonderous kit for all "budding"
Patricia Bragg, Paul C. Bragg Essential Oils by Julia Lawless Aromatherapists! Very well written
If we are to get these poisons out of Ingram Illustrated throughout in full explanation of "What is
our bodies we must fast. By fasting color, this indispensable reference Aromatherapy", gives "user-friendly"
we give our bodies a physiological work is a complete A-to-Z explanations of the chemical
rest. This rest builds Vital Force. The compendium of aromatics, with properties of the oils, extraction
more Vital Force we have, the more extensive information about the methods & cautions for using specific
toxins are going to be eliminated origins, properties, uses, and actions oils. The "A-Z of Essential Oils"
from the body to help keep it clean, of 165 extensive herbs and essential Chapter explains the origin of the
pure and healthy. oils. Over 600 photos & illustrations. specific oil, its main constituents,
qualities, traditional uses & cautions.
The Complete Book of Essential Oils Aromatherapy for Vibrant Health & Also, included are "must have" charts
and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Beauty by Roberta Wilson that give info on application and use
Worwood Smell is our most of oils for specific ailments. There is
Essential oils are one of the world's ancient and basic sense. So it's not also a chapter that teaches how each
great untapped resources. This surprising that aromas can influence application is performed.
complete volume explains how to us profoundly. This easy-to-use
incorporate these ancient medicines reference is designed specifically for Illuminate by Amanda Hammond, et
of the earth into everyday life for women. It contains a guide to al
personal care, physical and mental essential oils and an A-Z guide for Illuminate sheds new light on how
health, and a safe home using aromatherapy to treat specific decorating with candles can create
environment. It gives more than 500 symptoms. It's all complemented by different effects and moods
recipes using essential oils as tips on basic nutrition and health throughout the home. Candles are
maintenance. gaining popularity as an economical
way to accessorize the home, a back- energy, or chi, through additions and 10 Essential Herbs: Everybody's
to-basics accent. While most awareness of your surroundings. Handbook to Health by Lalitha
treatments concentrate on making or Thomas, Kim Johansen
decorating the candles themselves, Feng Shui by Nancy Santopietro, Lin
Illuminate shows us how using light Yun (Introduction) The Book of Herbal Wisdom : Using
can orchestrate a calm environment Offers an easy-to-follow workbook, Plants As Medicine by Matthew Wood
in every room. Drawing on the designed to help readers locate the Drawing on the healing traditions of
mainstream elements of color and ""power spots"" in their homes and Native Americans, Quakers, and the
aromatherapy, each chapter inspires adjust ch'i to maximize harmony, English, as well as botanical
the home decorator and candle improve wealth, enhance a literature and his own observations,
enthusiast to discover the elements relationship, and much more. the author explains the medicinal
of celebration and luxuriation, uses of thirty-six herbs for alleviating
Feng Shui Tips for a Better Life by a variety of ailments. Original.
contemplation, hibernation, David Daniel Kennedy
invigoration and to use candlelight James Allyn Moser, CEO Feng Shui Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by
like a pro. Warehouse and Publisher of Feng Deborah Madison
Aromatherapy by Judy Chapman Shui Journal "... chock-full of new and The elegant simplicity and exquisite
This beautiful and practical book vital, even sometimes unique, cures flavor of Deborah Madison's food
contains over 300 recipes for your that will benefit anyone interested in make her one of America's leading
aromatherapy oil burner, one for bringing balance to their lives...." cooks. In Vegetarian Cooking for
every mood and occasion. There is Dennis Fairchild, author of Healing Everyone, she offers more than great
also a glossary of oils and a guide to Homes -- Feng Shui: Here and Now food: her book includes
beginning aromatherapy. "Clear and precise, this book gives comprehensive information about
easy-to-use suggestions on how to ingredients and techniques, plus
Aromatherapy Handbook for Beauty, re-groove your living and work space more than 800 recipes.
Hair, and Skin Care by Erich Keller to suit YO...."
A comprehensive guide to cosmetics Becoming Vegetarian : The Complete
and body-care products you can New Bach Flower Therapies by Guide to Adopting a Healthy
make yourself with essential oils that Dietmar Kramer Vegetarian Diet -- Vesanto Melina, et
are healthier and less expensive than al
Bach Flower Massage by Daniele, Md. "Few books on vegetarian nutrition
their commercially made Lo Rito, et al
equivalents. Over 100 simple and are as comprehensive and accurate
Simple instructions and diagrams for as Becoming Vegetarian..." (Journal
inexpensive recipes. In addition to treating all types of emotional states of The American Dietetic Assoc. May
providing general skin and hair care, by massaging the body with Bach
formulas treat acne, sunburn, 1996)
Flower essences. It contains all the
cellulite, wrinkles, and many other information readers need to begin Vegetarian 5-Ingredient Gourmet by
conditions. treating themselves and others with Nava Atlas
The Essential Oils Book by Colleen K. the 38 flower remedies, including a If you don't get home until six or
Dodt, Colleen K Dodt list of the indications treated by each later and still need to get dinner on
A rich resource on the applications of essences,... the table, this is the book for you.
aromatherapy and its uses in The Vegetarian 5-Ingredient Gourmet
Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental pares down ingredients to their
everyday life, including aromas for and Physical Strength by Bill Phillips, simplest and most flavorful form.
the home, business environments, Michael D'Orso
and essences for the elderly. "Keeping things simple takes the
The three-times-a-week weightlifting frantic quality--and pressure--out of
375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols by program in Body for Life is preparing a meal," says author Nava
Jeanne Rose deceptively simple. If you've spent Atlas. "Simplifying helps you to slow
This thorough guide profiles 375 any time in the gym, you've already down and enjoy the process of
different essential oils according to done all the exercises. But Phillips cooking." Dana Van Nest
botanical family, habit and growth, includes a couple of high-intensity
chemical components, and actions. sets at the end of each exercise that Tai-Chi Chuan in Theory and Practice
Historical notes and lore, often from should compound the training effect -- Lien Ying Kuo, et al
Chinese alchemy as well as western on each muscle group. Same goes Written nearly four decades ago in
botanical sources, are featured. for the cardiovascular exercise he China, this is the only book the highly
Essays on evergreens, lavender, recommends: just 20 minutes, three regarded Kuo Lien-Ying chose to
chamomile, jasmine,... times a week. But those 20 minutes publish in English. Rare photographs
are spent jacking the intensity up of Kuo performing this graceful
Seasons of Aromatherapy by Judith and down, accomplishing more in martial art and his reflections on T'ai
Fitzsimmons, et al less time. Chi will provide readers with unique
While there are numerous insight into the art, its origins, and its
aromatherapy handbooks detailing Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy by Walter movements.
how to use every essential oil known C., Md Willett, et al
to humankind, Seasons of The U.S. Department of Agriculture Tai Chi for Kids : Move With the
Aromatherapy breaks from the pack, Food Pyramid is one of the most Animals -- Stuart Alve Olson, et al
offering friendly advice instead of recognizable icons in America today, Millions of adults practice the ancient
encyclopedic information. seen everywhere from the backs of Chinese exercise of tai chi everyday.
cereal boxes to elementary school Now children can experience the
The Modern Book of Feng Shui : displays to graduate school numerous health, learning, and social
Vitality and Harmony for the Home textbooks. Millions of Americans try benefits of tai chi--focused attention;
and Office by Steven Post to eat six to eleven servings of grains enhanced creativity, imagination,
The Modern Book of Feng Shui is the daily, three servings of milk or self-confidence; and improved
ultimate tool for employing Feng cheese, and so on. You may be one balance, circulation, and overall
Shui, or the ancient Chinese art of of them. health--through the eight simple
placement, to enrich your life. exercises introduced in Tai Chi for
Whether in the workplace or in the Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy tells you Kids.
home, this guide is the perfect first why the pyramid is wrong.
step in establishing harmony with the
The Essential Movements of T'Ai Chi Serious yoga practitioners consider that brings improved health, self-
by John Kotsias, Herb Rich B. K. S. Iyengar to be the master of awareness, and self-fulfillment --
(Illustrator), John Kotisas, Robert L. hatha yoga. Born in India in 1918, he improves the quality of life of more
Felt has been teaching for more than six Americans every year. An age-old
Clear, step-by-step, carefully decades, and Iyengar yoga centers discipline, yoga gradually builds
illustrated instructions present the have been established all over the physical flexibility and strength,
basic body movement skills that are world. Iyengar's tried-and-true enhances concentration and
at the root of all qi gong and t'ai chi technique emphasizes breath emotional stability, relieves stress,
forms. Weight distribution, awareness, alignment,... increases energy, and develops the
concentration, and visualization are ability to relax at will -- skills that are
extensively considered, providing an The American Yoga Association's an important adjunct to the fitness-
extraordinary level of detail. Beginner's Manual by Alice conscious, high-stress eighties.
Yoga: The Path To Holistic Health by Yoga -- the step-by-step process of
B. K. S. Iyengar exercise, breathing, and meditation