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Items Needed:

1mm cardboard
1 small plastic straw
1 junior light tampon tube
PVA glue or Elmers glue
super glue
hobby knife (sharp)

Legend: Solid lines are cut marks and score marks. I general the cut marks are on the edges and
the score marks are contained inside each piece. The dotted lines are place markers for pieces
being placed (glued) into position on other items. All blacked in areas need to be cut out and left
as holes.

FYI: this piece utilizes a lot of layering of 1mm cardboard so be advised.

1. Print out all templates and paste onto the cardboard (1mm). Note each piece that needs multi-
ples is marked by an “x” followed by a number indicating how many duplicates of this piece needs
to be made.

2. Cut out the pieces as you use them. This helps keep things organized.

3. Cut out Base A, B and C. Glue Base B around the edge of Base A. Cut off excess. When this is
dry insert Base C into back opening of Base A. This will create the front grill of the board. See

4. Cut out Base D and E. Glue Base D back to back to create thickness. When this is dry glue
Base to the board indicated by the dotted lines. This completes the board. See sample2.

5. Now cut out Base F and G. Curl both of these pieces with a round pen. Base F gets glued first
to the appointed area on the board indicated by dotted line. Base G gets glued on the bottom
opposite of Base F. You should end up with a slanted front. If not trim off the excess.

6. Now glue the Front grill onto the board. Almost finished, just need to add the armour plates.

7. Cut out Base H and I. These are the armour plates, place as indicated by the dotted lines.

This completes the Dark Eldar Skyboard. Make as many as you like. If the size isn’t where you
want print it a a bigger or smaller scale. Also you print out Base D smaller to add an extra layer of
armour. Play around with and let me know how you like it. If you have any questions please fell
free to email me and I’ll get back to as soon as I can. Send me some pics I’d love to see your

Enjoy building this model and remember to have fun!

Sample 1.
Grill assembly

Sample 2.
Armour Plating
and intake

Base A. Base C.
Grill Grill Ribs Base E. Board
Base D. Board x4
Base B.
Grill Trim

Base I.
Base H.
Base F. Base G. Top
Top Bottom Intake
Intake Intake Armour

0 5

Dark Eldar Skyboard
October the 22nd, 2007
Letter Size Format
(8.5x11) @ 100%