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Test Series-1 Chapter # 12

Paper: Physics (X) Total Marks: 25
Prepared by: Zahid Sarfraz Time: 40 min
1. The acceleration of a body executing SHM is directly proportional to its:
a) Time period b) Frequency c) Wave length d) Displacement
2. The time period of a simple pendulum does not depends upon its
a) length b) mass c) amplitude d) mass and amplitude
3. the apparatus use to study t6he properties of wave is known as:
a) oscillator b) ripple tank c) simple pendulum d) stroboscope
4. the wave length of a wave passing through a medium is 0.1m.if wave speed is
2m/sec then wave frequency is:
a) 5Hz b) 10 Hz c) 20 Hz d) 100 Hz
5. There is______________relation between frequency and time period.

6. The bending of waves around the corner is called________________.

7. Mathatically spring constant is given by the equation

m F x a
a) K = b) K = ext c) K = d) K =
Fext x Fext Fext

8. Radio waves, television waves, heat and light waves are examples of:
a) Stationary waves b) Horizontal waves c) Mechanical waves
d) Electromagnetic waves

1. What happens to time period of simple pendulum if its length is double?
2. Describe the relationship between velocity, frequency and wave length?
3. What is interference?
4. What are mechanical waves? Give their examples.
5. If wave length of wave is 1m and its frequency is 250Hz, then what will be its
6. Define spring constant. What is its SI unit?
7. Does time period depends on amplitude mass of bob of pendulum?
8. if five wave pass through a point of medium in 10 seconds, what is its frequency
and time period? if its wave length is 5cm calculate the wave period.

Q No.1 Describe briefly that how are stationary waves generated?
Q No.2 Using a ripple tank established a relationship between wave speed, frequency
and wave length.
Q No.3 the time period of a simple pendulum is 2s. what will be its length on earth?
What will be its length on moon?