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Title - Capitalization-Proper Nouns and Adjectives

Multiple Intelligences Instruction and Activities

By - Abby Volmer
Primary Subject - Language Arts
Grade Level - 5-7


1. Rally Toss (paper wads) -- Partners toss a paper wad, taking turns telling what
they already know about nouns/ adjectives -- and then common/proper nouns and

Center Activity

2. Create a poem or story using the common and proper nouns listed.

1. Find My Rule -- Do this after Rally Toss. Give several examples and non-
examples of capitalizing proper nouns and adjectives. Students work with team to
find rules.

Center Activity

2. Look at the business section of a phone book. Choose and write a 5 proper
nouns and 5 proper adjectives. Create and complete a chart that categorizes and
labels the proper nouns or adjectives. Give example sentences of each.
Center Activity

1. Use gel pens to create attractive capital and lower case bubble letters. Using the
proper/common adjectives/nouns provided, write them and explain why you chose
to capitalize or not.

1. Same as bodily/kinesthetic but students then put common and proper nouns into
order to create a rhythm

Center Activity

2. Listen and follow the lyrics to the song specified on a C.D. The proper
nouns/adjectives will not be capitalized. Choose 10 proper nouns/adjectives. List
and tell why you think they are proper and not common

1. Students clap (common) or stomp (proper) to identify type of noun/adjective

Center Activity
2. Using the list of common/proper adjectives, choose 10 that you believe to be
proper nouns/adjectives and act them out in a game of charades.

Center Activity

1. Using the plant and animal guides provided, choose 5 proper nouns and 5 proper
adjectives. Explain why they are proper and not common nouns or adjectives

1. Traveling heads together on guided practice (students # 1-4 -- teacher calls

number after team decides answer and that number travels to another team to
answer question

Center Activity

2. Create a team presentation that will explain to the rest of the class the
differences between common and proper noun/adjectives

1. Think, pair, share on guided practice

Center Activity

2. Any of the above activities done on your own