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Child support collections decrease
By BREANNE PARCELS million (in collections) to $7.2 mil- Nick Selvaggio said it’s been to welfare fraud and criminal non-
Staff Writer lion, so that’s about $200,000, give awhile since the CSEA has support cases.”
As tough economic conditions or take, a reduction of about 3 per- referred a criminal non-support The reorganization of the com-
continue to make it harder for job- cent,” Current said. case for indictment. mon pleas court in Champaign
seekers, children who depend on Current said many parents have “Child support is one of those County to give the “family court”
some of those individuals for finan- been pro-active in notifying the things we could probably devote jurisdiction over domestic rela-
cial support are suffering across agency when they have a change in someone to full time,” he said. tions, juvenile and probate matters
Ohio, according to a recent AP arti- employment status. “The criminal non-support cases helped with the addition of a third
cle. “The number of reductions and we receive are generated by the judge in 2009. Previously, support
Locally, the trend has followed adjustments went from 91 in 2008 CSEA, and we try to go after the cases for children born out of wed-
the statewide decrease in child to 149 in 2009, about a 64 percent worst offenders. We want to give lock were handled in the juvenile
support collections, said increase,” she said. “At least people those on the borderline an oppor- division, while child support
Triad girls Champaign County Child Support are coming to us and asking for tunity to avoid prosecution and get orders stemming from divorces
Enforcement Agency help. We always encourage people their act together. From a human and dissolutions were handled in
advance Administrator Patricia Current. to do that if they can’t make pay- resources standpoint, we need to the general division, mostly by a
“In Champaign County, between ments.” prioritize cases. I try to devote one magistrate. Judge Lori Reisinger
Triad advanced in the 2008 and 2009, we went from $7.4 Champaign County Prosecutor or two grand jury sessions a year See ‘Child’ on Page A-2
Division IV girls basket-
ball sectional on
Wednesday night ...
See Page B-1 Graham Elementary students show their love

Board of Students at
Elections School staged a

certifies Valentine’s pro-

gram on
candidates afternoon for
students and
staff. The pro-
Citizen Staff Report gram was origi-
The Champaign County nally scheduled
Board of Elections met on earlier in the
Wednesday morning to cer-
month but had
tify petitions filed for the
May 4 primary election. to be moved
According to Robin due to snow
Burden, director, all peti- cancellations.
tions for candidates have The program
been certified. will also be
Republican incumbent staged today at
Bob Corbett of North 7 p.m. for par-
Lewisburg will face opposi- ents.
tion from Republican David
E. Faulkner of St. Paris in
May for a county commis-
sion seat. The winner of that
race will face Democrat Citizen photo by
Heather Tiefenthaler of Brenda Burns
Mechanicsburg in
Republican County
Auditor Karen Bailey of
Urbana will face Republican
Jennifer Coey of St. Paris in
May. The winner of the pri-
Alternative energy tax bill in works Wind
mar y race will face
Democrat Lori Livingston of
Urbana in November.
Staff Writer
communities where wind and solar would make Ohio’s effective tax rate
projects are sited, unlike on renewable energy projects con-
Those wishing to be COLUMBUS – State Sen. Chris Strickland’s proposal. sistent with neighboring states and
write-in candidates must file
with the county Board of
Elections by 4 p.m. March 3.
Widener (R-Springfield), chairman
taxes “I’ve seen a summary of it. I have provide a non-depreciating revenue
of the Ohio Senate Energy and not read the entire bill,” Faber said. stream for local schools and govern-
Public Utilities Committee, intro- “I do think it’s a good step in the ments. He noted that with passage of
Those wishing to run as
Independents must file by 4
p.m. May 3. Information
about running as a write-in
and jobs
duced legislation Wednesday to right direction. He’s trying to help the state energy bill in 2008, Ohio
implement an alternative tax struc- protect the revenues to the local gov- established one of the most aggres-
ture for alternative energy projects, ernments and also protect the ener- sive green energy standards in the
such as the Buckeye Wind proposal gy services while at the same time nation by requiring 12.5 percent of
or Independent is available to site 70 turbines in Champaign not negatively treating them and the Ohio’s electricity generation from BY KIRK DOUGAL
at the county office. County to generate electricity. tax structure in an anti-competitive renewable sources by the year 2025. Brown News Ser vice
In a press release, Widener states way. We’ll have a lot of debate and Widener’s bill would require alterna- VAN WERT – It has
his bill, if passed by the legislature, discussion as this process moves for- tive energy producers qualifying for become a question of eco-
would make Ohio more competitive ward.” the alternative tax treatment to first nomics and timing: Will giv-
City Council with surrounding states to
attract renewable energy
offer the electricity gen-
erated to Ohio energy
ing up tax revenue now be
enough to generate jobs and
to meet in projects and create up to “I do think it’s a good step in the right providers that are under long-term income?
700 “green-collar” jobs in the prior legislative man- That is the choice facing
Ohio. “This bill will give
direction.” date. Ohio legislators as they look
‘informal’ Ohio that needed edge to
attract renewable energy
The Ohio Air Quality
– State Sen. Keith Faber Development Authority
at restructuring how the
state taxes green energy pro-
session companies in the short
term and fulfill its long-
would be responsible for
granting exemption from
ducing firms like those in
the wind and solar indus-
term goal of becoming a the state tangible person- tries. In his State of the State
Special to the Citizen leader in the growing al property tax and and address in January, Gov. Ted
The Urbana City Council renewable energy sector,” Widener Mike Speerschneider, develop- approving the flat per-megawatt fees. Strickland said he believed
has scheduled an “informal” said. ment director for Buckeye Wind par- S.B. 232 would restrict eligibility to Ohio’s tax rates were a barri-
work session to be held at 6 Widener’s proposal, introduced ent EverPower Wind Holdings, projects under construction by 2011 er to energy companies
p.m. Tuesday, March 2, in as Sen. Bill 232, would allow compa- based in New York, said the compa- and operational by 2012 and would choosing Ohio over nearby
the upstairs training room of nies seeking to build renewable ny has been following Ohio legisla- require the companies to commit to states.
the municipal building. This energy generation facilities in Ohio tive proposals closely, including create jobs in Ohio consistent with “But the fact of the matter
is not a mandatory meeting to pay an annual fee based on how Widener’s bill. projections from the Job and is that Ohio’s tax structure
for City Council, but pro- much energy they generate, in lieu “Certainly I think it does strike a Economic Development Impact discourages wind and solar
vides an opportunity for of tangible personal property taxes. balance we’ve been trying to achieve (JEDI) model published by the U.S. companies from coming to
members to discuss/review The rate would be $6,000 per in terms of benefit to the community Department of Energy’s National Ohio to generate renewable
pertinent issues in prepara- megawatt of installed capacity for and a competitive rate for the project Renewable Energy Laborator y. energy,” he stated. “We
tion for regular sessions. the life of the project or facility. with full transparency,” Ingraham said JEDI was used to should give those companies
Informal work sessions Buckeye Wind’s projected capacity Speerschneider said. “It’s sort of derive the jobs figure listed in the ever y reason to choose
are held on the first is 150 megawatts. what we’ve wanted all along.” press release, based on the six pro- Ohio. That’s why I’m asking
Tuesday of each month at Last month, state Sen. Keith Widener’s legislative aide, jects before the OPSB. the legislature to erase
the same time and location, Faber (R-Celina), who represents Bradley Ingraham, said EverPower “If you plug the numbers into the Ohio’s tangible personal
unless other wise Champaign County, joined local offi- did not actively seek Widener’s JEDI model, you get just under 700 property tax on generation
announced. The public is cials and state Rep. John Adams in introduction of the bill. direct jobs, construction and contin- for wind and solar facilities
invited to attend these meet- lambasting Gov. Ted Strickland’s “I have not had any specific com- uing,” Ingraham said. that break ground this year,
ings. desire to “erase” tangible personal munication from them,” Ingraham “A lot of surrounding states are create Ohio jobs and begin
property tax for wind, as outlined in said. “I have met the lobbyist for abating taxes to levels Ohio can’t producing energy by 2012.”
Strickland’s State of the State EverPower, but we did not work with compete at,” Ingraham added. “If we Even before that
address. Faber said he supports them.” don’t make our structure competi- announcement by
Widener’s effort to make alternative Widener, who represents Clark, tive, we’ll be out of the game.” Strickland, members of the
energy more competitive while Greene and Madison counties, said Buckeye Wind was the first to House of Representatives
meeting the revenue needs of the the changes proposed in his bill See ‘Bill’ on Page A-6 See ‘Wind’ on Page A-6

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