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Unit Title – La Personne (The Individual) Syllabus Requirements/Objectives –

1. To enable the students to understand information related to the topic.

2. To enable the students to convey the ideas clearly (written and oral.)
Topic Title – The Home – Types of accommodation 3. To enable the students to use the vocabulary related to the topic.

4. To make the students culturally aware.

Duration – 4 hours

Approach – Class Structure

- To show a questionnaire and some advertisements and discuss the vocabulary.

- To ask the students to fill the questionnaire and discuss the advertisements orally.
- To make the students do a listening activity on the topic.
- A comprehension passage from the reference book.

Formative and Summative Assessment – Short writing task and Visual Stimulus on << La vie quotidienne>>.

International mindedness –
To give examples of countries like India and the United States where most of the people rent small accommodations which is the same case in

Initiating a discussion on the topic by asking the following question “What kind of accommodations do the French people prefer and why?”

Differentiation –
Resources – Assessment – - An essay on – My ideal home. << Mon logement
Echo A1 – Pages 70, 71 and 76. idéal>>.
Latitudes 1.
Encore Tricolore 3.

Previous knowledge – The questionnaire and the advertisements

will help the students to refresh the vocabulary.

Worksheets –
Vocabulary list on the topic to be given to the students. Formative assessment –

Audio/Visual aids – Summative assessment –

-Visual Stimulus on the theme << La vie quotidienne >>. Visual Stimulus on the theme << La vie quotidienne >>. Oral
-A listening activity from Echo A1. assessment.

Web – –
Google Images

Reflections/review date
Research –
Vocabulary and activities on the topic from the websites and the
reference books mentioned.