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Name: Sonia Majeed

Program: MBA (Evening)

Registration No. 1432-410110
Assignment No. 4

Question No.1: Note on the 4C’s Model of Character Trait

4C’s Model helps in analyzing character trait of people of the business world. This
model is described in two dimensions. In 1st dimension, these are the people who
are interested in changing status quo (either to accomplish their dreams or
acquiring their results) versus people believe in maintaining status quo (either
through procedure or through affiliation). Those people come under 2nd dimension
who believe in working alone (either competitively or carefully) versus those people
who desire to work in a group (either maintaining status quo or changing).

Each of the 4 C’s is as follow:

1. Comptroller/Bureaucratic (audience 1)
Comptrollers are those people who believe on facts and consistency. They
prefer to work alone and carefully. They maintain the status quo for acquiring
their task. Their aim is to be accurate and factual. They follow organizational
traditions and perform well to achieve their tasks accurately.

2. Crusader/ idealistic (audience 2)

Crusaders tend to work in a group with change in status quo to accomplish
their dreams. They prefer to adopt new ideas and innovative ways to
complete their tasks. They are enthusiastic and informative which help them
to achieve their goals precisely.

3. Collaborator/Socialite (audience 3)
Collaborators are considered “people person”. They prefer working in a group
but don’t change status quo. They avoid risks and never get into conflicts.
They believe in teamwork, loyalty and trustworthiness.

4. Commander/efficient achiever (audience 4)

Commanders are also called “efficient achieve”. They like actions and results,
and prefer change in procedures for achieving results. They take decision and
act confidently to accomplish their task efficiently. They tend to work alone.
Their focus is to get results in minimum time and cost. Their actions are
result-oriented actions.