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The Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory

for Sound and Vibration Research

SD2155 Flow Acoustics 2010 Course info and preliminary program

Date Location Programme

Mon 18/1, 13-15 MWL 74 Course info + Chap. 1: Introduction.
Tue 19/1, 15-17 MWL 74 Chap. 1: Multipole expansions. Intro to Home assign. 1
Wed 20/1, 13-15 MWL 74 Chap. 1: Problem solving.

Mon 25/1, 13-15 MWL 74 Chap. 2: Generation of sound in fluids. Intro to Home assign. 2
Wed 27/1, 15-17 MWL 74 Chap 2: Fluid machine&vehicle applications.
Fri 29/1, 10-12 MWL 74 Deadline assign. 1. Discussion
Chap. 2: Info on ”CAA 1 ”.

Mon 1/2, 13-15 MWL 74 Chap. 2: Problem solving.

Wed 3/2, 15-17 MWL 74 Deadline assign. 2. Discussion.
Fri 5/2, 13-15 MWL 74 Chap. 3: The effect of mean flow. Intro to Home assign. 3

Mon 8/2, 13-15 MWL 74 Chap. 3: Problem solving.

Wed 10/2, 15-17 MWL 74 Multi-port methods in acoustics + SIDLAB 2 demo
Fri 12/2, 8-12 MWL 74 Info on project + lab. exercise (muffler analysis)
Project assignment session (muffler simulation)

Week 7: 15-19/2 MWL lab Laboratory exercise – see separate schedule and

Mon 15/2, 10-12 MWL 74 Deadline assign. 3. Discussion.

Chap. 4: The effect of source motion.
Tue 16/2, 13-15 MWL 74 Chap. 4: Continued. Intro to Home assign. 4
Fri 19/2, 13-15 MWL 74 Chap. 4: Problem solving.

Mon 22/2, 10-12 MWL 74 Deadline assign. 4. Discussion.

Chap. 5: Self-sustained oscillations (”Whistles”).
Tue 23/2, 13-15 MWL 74 Chap. 5: Continued. Intro to Home assign. 5
Fri 26/2, 13-15 MWL 74 Problem solving

Mon 1/3, 13-14 MWL 74 Deadline assign, 5. Discussion.

Wed 3/3, 13-15 MWL 74 Course summary

Tue 9/3, 13-17 MWL 74 Old exams

Week 10: 8-12/3 Deadline project assignment. Group presentations of

project assignment reports, see separate schedule and

Written examination Tue 16/3, 1400-1800 Q31

CAA = Computational Aero-Acoustics
SIDLAB is a 1D code for duct acoustics developed at MWL, see The code is in particular suitable for the
design of muffler systems for vehicles.

Registration Is mandatory and is done on a special formulaire available at the first lecture.
Course material A compendium in English is available and the price including the printed material (lab. exercise
+ project assignment) handed out during the course is 100 SEK. Info and extra course material is found on the
course home page:
Course requirements To pass the course, there are three course requirements:
i) A minimum of 20 (max 50) credits is required to pass the written exam.
ii) A minimum of 40 credits from the written exam (max 50), home assignments (max 40) and project assignment
(max 10) together.
iii) Participation in the laboratory exercise, approved project report and oral presentation.

The mark is based on the total credits received; < 35 credits give grade F, 35-39 credits give grade Fx, 40-49 credits
give grade E, 50-59 credits give grade D, 60-69 credits give grade C, 70-84 credits give grade B, 85-100 credits give
grade A.

i) Home assignments and participation in discussion. Five home assignments are given during the course, with a
maximum of 8 credits each, in total max 40 credits. To submit your solution, you participate in a compulsory group
discussion of 45 min. The date and time for submission and discussion are:
Assignment 1: Thu 29/1, 10:15
Assignment 2: Thu 3/2, 15:15
Assignment 3: Mon 15/2, 10:15
Assignment 4: Mon 22/2, 10:15
Assignment 5: Tue 1/3, 13:15
The assignment problem are dicussed and you asses your own solution before it is handed in for marking. If you are
unable to participate in the seminar, you must submit your solution BEFORE the deadlines listed above and also
contact one of the teachers to arrange for an individual discussion.

Solutions submitted after the deadline are not accepted.

ii) A written examination is given at the end of the course, Tue 16/3, 1400-1800 in room Q31. The exam consists of 5
problems with a maximum of 10 credits each, max 50 credits. A minimum of 20 credits is required to pass.
iii) Laboratory exercise and project assignment
The lab exercise is a 3 hour lab, in groups of 3-4 students in the MWL laboratory during week 7. A schedule is
available from Mon 8/2.
The project assignment report should be presented by the group to one of the teachers during week 10 a schedule is
available later. Approved report and presentation gives 10 credits. Submission of approved report/presentation later
this semester gives 5 credits, and later submission/presentation gives no credit.
Complementary exam
A complementary exam is given for those student who has received the grade Fx or have received 15-19 credits in the
written exam. The maximum mark given for a pass of this exam is F. The complementary exam will be arranged
during April and more information is given at registration, which should be done no later than Fri 30/4 to
Extra written exam
An extra written exam is given on June the 4:th, in room E53 betweeen 9.00-13.00 with mandatory registration to at least 10 days before this date.

Course co-ordinator and lecturer is Mats Åbom, tel. 790 7944 ( ).

Course assistants are Emma Alenius, Andreas Holmberg

and Heiki Tiikoja