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SUBJECTIVE: ACUTE PAIN Aging LONG TERM: 1.Accept client’s 1.Pain was a PLAN ACHIEVED!!
related to joint description of subjective
stiffness ↓ After 1 week of pain. Acknowledge experience and LONG TERM:
“Sumasakit ang secondary to nursing the pain cannot be felt by After 1 week of
tuhod ko, aging. Decrease cartilage intervention the experience and others. nursing
minaasahe ko nga in the bones client will be free convey intervention the
lang para of pain. acceptance of client had been
mawala” ↓ client’s response free of pain.
to pain.
“garde of 7/10, 10 Joint stiffness 2.Observations
as the highest” 2.Observe may be
↓ nonverbal congruent with
SHORT TERM: cues/pain verbal reports. SHORT TERM:
Difficulty in behaviors and
walking After 2 hours of other objectives After 2 hours of
OBJECTIVE: nursing defining nursing
↓ intervention the characteristics, as intervention the
client would be noted, especially client had been
•sighing Pain receptors able to: in persons, who able to:
•guarded can’t 3.To promote non a.)reduce pain
behavior ↓ a.)reduce pain communicate. pharmacologic fom a grade of
•aggravating fom a grade of pain 7/10 to 3/10, 10
factor: walking Activated 7/10 to 3/10, 10 3.Provide comfort management. as the highest
long distance as the highest measures: touch,
•alleviating factor: ↓ repositioning, b.)verbalize
massage and rest b.)verbalize nurse presence. 4.To distract nonpharmacologic
Transmitted to the non attention. methods to
spine and brain pharmacologic 4.Encourage provide relief.
where the signals methods to diversional
were modified provide relief. activities :
↓ socialization of 5.To reduce
others. tension.
Perceived the
client becomes 5.Encourage use
conscious of pain of relaxation
focused breathing,
CD/tapes. 6.To reduce pain.

-Fundametals of
Nursing by Kozier 6.Instruct to take
page 1190 mefenamic 500 7.To be able to
mg, PRN, as follow up the
prescribe by the situation of the
physician. patient.

7.Cooperate with
the family of the
client to document
the health of the