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Auxiliary verb is followed by the base form of a verb.

The auxiliary verb likes, should, can, could, may, might,

ought to, had better,

must , and have to.

These are several function of auxiliary and some examples of


1) To express ability-can, could

Example: Aleeya can dance very well.

: Maria could walk when she was nine months


2) To express possibility-may, might

Example: All students may leave the examination hall after

they finish

answer their paper.

: You might get discount when you enroll at the

Alpha fitness Centre.

3) To express permission-may, can

Example: May I borrow your pen?

: We can provide you the best service ever.

4) To express advise - should, ought to, had better

Example: I think you should bring an umbrella because it

raining heavily

: You ought to keep to your fitness training


:You look so tired. You had better get enough


5) To express necessity-must, have to

Example: If you suffer hypertension, you must reduce the

amount of salt in

your diet.

Don’t be shopaholic. You have to spend your

money for your