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Sunderdeep Engineering College (SDEC- 240), Ghaziabad

Subject: Compiler Design Sub code: ECS-603 Branch: CSE (6 A)

Lecture Plan Topics to be covered
1 Introduction to Compilers, Translators
2 Interpretors,Phases of Compiler
3 Phases of Compiler (Contd….)
4 Lexical analysis
5 Parsers, Parse tree, Derivation trees.
6 LEX Tool , Ambiguity
7 CFG, Capabilities of CFG
8 Bootstrapping, Cross compilers
9 Introduction to Parsing technique, Parsing
10 Kinds of Parsing Technique, parsers
11 Operator Precedence, Precedence Functions
12 OPG,Top down Parsing with backtracking
13 T.D.P. without Backtracking
14 Predictive parsers
16 Algo FIRST (X)
17 Algo of FOLLOW(X)
18 Calculating FOLLOW(X)
20 Introduction to LR Parsers
21 Algo of CLOSUR(I)
22 Algo of GOTO
23 Construction of LR(0) items
24 LL(1) Grammars
25 Construction of LR parsing Table
26 SLR Parsing Algo
27 Construction of SLR Parsing Table
28 Calculating Canonical LR Prasers
29 LALR Parsing table
30 Constructing LALR set of items
31 Syntax Directed Translation scheme
32 Implementation of SD Translation scheme.
33 Intermediate Code, Postfix, Parse Tree
34 Syntax Tree, Three address Code
35 Triples, Quadruples. Boolean expression
36 Flow of controls, Postfix, Translation with syntax directed scheme
37 Array references in Arithmetic Expressions
38 Procedure calls, Declarations, Case statements

39 DS for symbol Tables, representing scope

40 Implementation of simple stack
41 Storage allocation
42 Lexical, Syntactic and semantic errors
43 Loop Optimization,
44 DAG, Value Numbers,
45 Global data Flow analysis, YACC

Faculty Sign: ( Neha Gera) HOD Sign: ( Anand P. Srivastava)