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Name : ENGLISH (Paper 1)

Year 3
______________________________________ Class : ___________________


Questions 1-4
Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

1. Razin like to go ___________ in the jungle with his father.

A rollerblading
B trekking
C fishing

2. Ali and Taufik are going to Penang by ____________.

A ferry
B train
C bicycle

3. That ____________ cake is creamy and delicious.

A round
B square
C triangular
D rectangular

4. Alina needs a ping pong ball and a __________ to play ping pong.
A bat
B racquet
C shuttlecock

Questions 5-7
Read the text and choose the best answer.

Last Saturday, Nora and her family went to a (5) ____________

for a picnic. They went there by (6) ____________ . They wanted to


so they changed into their (7) ___________ .

5. A pond 6. A bus 7. A swimsuits

Btown B car B uniforms
C beach C van C pyjamas
D village D jeep D t-shirts

Questions 8-10
Choose the best answer for each picture given.

8. A The girl is throwing rubbish on the floor.

BThe girl is throwing rubbish out the window.
C The girl is throwing rubbish into the dustbin.

9. A Rahman likes to fish.

BThe boy is feeding the fish.
C He is keeping his fish in the water.

10. A We celebrate our National Day on 31st August.

BWe celebrate our National Day on 31st March.
C We celebrate our National Day on 31st July.

Questions 11 – 15
Look at the pictures below carefully. Choose the best sentences to fit the
situation shown in the picture.

Rina, this is my
sister, Susan.
11. A Nice to meet you, Susan.
B This is my friend, Rina.
C This is my grandmother.

Did you have fun at

12. the beach? A I collected many seashells.
B The beach was beautiful.
C Yes, I did.

13. A May I help you?

B How many mangoes do you want?
C The bananas are cheap.
I want to buy mangoes
and bananas.

14. A See you later.

B Here you are.
C Thank you!

He is studying in
15. his bedroom. A Where is Rosli?
B Is Rosli studying?
C Is Rosli in the bedroom?

Questions 16 – 21
Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

16. There ________ many rambutans in that tree.

A am

B is
C are

17. Johan is ______ than his brother.

A strong
B stronger
C strongest

18. There are three bedrooms ______ a living room in my house.

A or
B and
C but

19. Rosnah ______ some fruits and vegetables at the market yesterday.
A bought
B buys
C buy

20. ________ did you buy from the supermarket?

A How
B What
C Where

21. Nurin’s father is a doctor. ______ works in the hospital.

A They
B She
C He

Question 22-23
Choose the answer with correct spelling.

22. Pak Mail caught a __________ in his garden.

A mousedeer
B mouthdeer
C mausdier

23. _________ is the national flower of our country.
A Haibiskus
B Hibiskes
C Hibiscus

Question 24-25
Choose the answer with correct punctuations.

24. A Last Sunday, Rizal went to Melaka.

B Last sunday, Rizal went to Melaka
C last Sunday rizal went to melaka.

25. A Do you sell sugar, eggs, butter and flour!

B Do you sell sugar, eggs, butter and flour?
C Do you sell sugar eggs butter and flour.

Question 26-30
Look at the picture carefully. Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

This is Wei Keong. Wei Keong is a (26) __________. He (27) _______ in a


He grows fruits (28) ________ vegetables in his farm. (29) _________ sells

them at the market every Sunday. Wei Keong is (30) _________ hardworking


26. A doctor 29. A He

B farmer B It
C teacher C She

27. A work 30. A a

B works B an
C worked C the

28. A or
B and
C but

Question 31-35
Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.

During the school holidays, Anita usually visits

her grandparents. They live on a farm in Bagan
Datoh, Perak. Anita’s grandfather plants fruit trees
and vegetables on his farm. Her grandmother looks
after the ducks and chickens.
Anita likes going to the farm. There is so much
to do there but she likes feeding the chickens the
Anita’s grandparents sometimes take her to Teluk Intan, a town
nearby. There go there to watch a movie at the cinema or shop at the

31. Where is Anita’s grandparents’ farm? It is in ________________.

A Bagan Datoh
B Teluk Intan
C Kuala Lipis
32. What does Anita’s grandparents plant on his farm?
A Fruits trees and flowers.
B Flowers and vegetables.
C Vegetables and fruit trees.

33. Who looks after the ducks and chickens?

A Anita.
B Anita’s grandfather.
C Anita’s grandmother.

34. What does Anita like doing the most in the farm?
A Watering the fruit trees.
B Feeding the chickens
C Watching movies.

35. Why do Anita and her grandparents go to the town?

A To sell the fruits and vegetables.
B To watch a movie or shop.
C To visit her parents.

Question 36-40
Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.


School Canteen Day

Date : 9-10-2010 (Saturday)
Time : 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Place : School Canteen.

Pupils can sell food, handmade things, books and toys.

We will use the money collected to buy new storybooks.

Thank you

Miss Aleena Khoo

36. When is Canteen Day?

A On Sunday, 9th. of September, 2010.
B On Saturday, 9th. of October, 2010.
C On Saturday, 9th. November, 2010.

37. What time does Canteen Day start?

A At 9 o’clock in the morning.
B At 9 o’clock at night.
C At 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

38. What will the pupils sell?
A Toys and books.
B Food and clothes.
C Magazines and handmade things.

39. Where will they sell the things?

A At school canteen.
B At the school field.
C In the school hall.

40. Who wrote the notice?

A Miss Aleeza.
B Miss Aleena.
C Miss Ameela.