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Department of Electrical Engineering, I. I. T.


Electromagnetic Theory (EE340)

Home Assignment-1
Jan 7, 2011

1. A lossless transmission line of length 25 meter is terminated with load (40 + j30) Ω at
10 MHz. If transmission line parameters are given as (R = 0, L = 300 nH/m, G = 0
and C = 40 pF/m), find out the input impedance at the source end and 12.5 m from the
load end.

2. A lossless line of electrical length l = 0.3λ is terminated with a complex impedance as

shown below. Find the reflection coefficient at the load, the SWR on the line and the
input impedance to the line.

3. A radio transmitter is connected to an antenna having an impedance 80 + j40 Ω with a

coaxial cable of characteristic impedance 50Ω. If the 50Ω transmitter (Rg = 50 Ω) can
deliver 30W when connected to a 50Ω load, how much power will it deliver to

4. Consider the transmission line circuit shown below. Compute the incident power,
reflected power and the power transmitted into the infinite 75Ω line. Show that the
power conservation is satisfied.

Department of Electrical Engineering, I. I. T. Kanpur

5. Three lossless transmission lines are connected as shown in figure below. Determine

5λ/8 3λ/4 λ/2

Z0 = 50Ω Z0 = 100 Z0 = 75Ω ZL ZL = 60 - j35 Ω