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Absentee Bidding

If you can not attend the auction February 19 and would like to bid on an item we
have the program for you. We will be offering absentee bidding. The item catalog
will be available in the office on Monday February 14.

Fill out the absent bidding form. Return it to the office of the school in a sealed
envelope addressed to Lee Ann Del Monte WMPCS MPTO. All bids will be kept
in secret, only Lee Ann and the person bidding on your behalf will have knowledge
of your intentions. You will be contacted prior to the auction to verify your bid. If
contact can not be made, we will not bid on your behalf. Lee Ann’s Contact
info is 944-6980 Cell or All bids must be in the PTO
mail box in the office by the afternoon of Thursday February 17. Payment will be
due on Monday February 23. We accept all Major Credit Cards, Checks made
payable to WMPCS PTO, and cash.

Absent Bidding Form

Please print

Name _________________________________

Contact Number________________________

Email __________________________

I want to be contacted during bidding_______

Item # and Name________________________________

Maximum Amount of Bid $_______________

Method of Payment _____Check ____Cash ______Credit Card (paypal)

Payment will be due the next business day, Monday February 18.

I _______________________________ authorize a representative of WMPCS

PTO to bid on the above item for the maximum amount stated.
Signature of Payee