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American Imperialism in 1898 – Theodore P.


Mckinley vs. Bryan

The big-business-conservative-Republican-McKinley interested in imperialism
The popular Populist-Democratic-Bryanite element opposed it
Imperialists inspired by navalist theories of Mahan and examples of Mother England
Theodore responsible for our entry in Philippines a war with spain would get us “ a
proper navy and a good system of coast defense” and put our army into practice.

America Steps into Philippines

Our first step into the Philippines presented itself as a “defensive measure” Dewey’s
attack on the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay was made on the assumption that Spain fleet
might cross Pacific and bombard West Coat US.
2nd Dewey’s request of American troops arrived at Manila in July 1898.
3rd “capture” of Manila
4th agreement that US now would occupy the city, bay, and harbor of Manila pending a
final settlement in peace treaty.
5th Dec 21 1898, Mckinley instructed the War Department to extend the military
government already in force at Manila to the entire archipelago. Fierce revolt by Filipinos

Philippines problem
-Business: Philippines as a possible gateway to the markets of eastern Asian, the
potentialities of which were thought to be very large.
-4 ways of disposing the Philippine problem.
1. return to Spain
2. Selling it to other powers
3. Leaving Philippines to themselves
4. Some form of American possession. Annexation of the entire archipelago

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