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1. Nature 3/3 x 1 1 It is considered as a health

of the status problem because it is
Problem more concern of the reduced
capability of wellness. Lack of
hygienic practices indicates the
root cause of illnesses existing
in the locality. The occurrence
of TB, influenza and AH1N1
Cases alarms the need for
empowered hygiene practices
in the community since these
2. Magnitu 3/4 x 3 2.25 illnesses are acquired in the
de of presence of poor hygiene and
the sanitation.
Alarmingly, more than half the
population is affected with this
problem in hygiene. The degree
3/3 x 4 4 of this existing problem
3. Modifiab demands an immediate action
ility of in order to prevent the wide-
the spread of various within their
Problem community.

It is more on the people factor

that causes the spread of
3/3 x 1 1 hygiene related illnesses such
as influenza and the like. This
4. Preventi problem is highly modifiable
ve because of the high possibility
Potentia of raising the awareness and
l initiative of the community
making this problem highly
1/3 x 1 1/3 modifiable.

This problem is highly

preventable by means of
5. Social empowering the people on the
Concern importance of hygienic
practices in our health. With of
our resources and with the
initiative of the community
people – it is possible.

The perception of the

community in regards to this
matter is not a problem but the
lack the concern to solve this.
They don’t pay much attention
and failed to give the greatest
importance on the role of
hygiene in our health. This
scenario needs the power of
nurses in order for them to
value the worth of this hygienic