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Questions 1 – 4
Choose the best word to complete the sentence.

1. Harris Imran likes to play golf . …….. plays golf every Sunday.
A. She C. It
B. They D. He

2. Megat Aidil Alimin likes to use water colours when he is ……….. .

A. painting C. sewing
B. writing D. cooking

3. My mother is a good cook. Please try my ………… chicken curry.

A. mother C. mothers
B. mother’s D. hers

4. Please check your letter in the …………… .

A. rainbow C. mailbox
B. waterfall D. lighthouse

Questions 5 – 7
Read the text and choose the best phrase based on the pictures given.

Hilman is happy. He is …..(5)…… his birthday. He …(6)... many

friends with him. He likes to …..(7)…… the candles on the cake.

5. A. celebrate
B. celebrates
C. celebrating
D. celebrated

6. A. is
B. are
C. has
D, was

7. A. blew
B. blow
C. blows
D. blowing

Questions 8 – 10
Based on the pictures given, choose the best answer.


A. Hanizah is offering her seat to a woman.

B. Hanizah and her mother are going to town.
C. Hanizah is going to the shopping complex.
D. Hanizah’s mother is standing.


A. There are ten customers in the restaurant.

B. Rozaidi and Natila are having lunch.
C. Rozaidi and Natila are going for a movie.
D. This is a popular restaurant.


A. Izwan is climbing a tree.

B. The rambutan tree is very tall.
C. Izwan is plucking some rambutans.
D. Izwan is eating some rambutans.
Questions 11 – 15
Choose the best answers to fit the situation shown in the picture.


A. No, I am not.
B. Where is the zoo?
C. I am staying in the zoo.
D. There are many animals in the zoo.


A. Ask your father!

B. You already have a netball.
C. Alright, choose the one you like.
D. Sorry, the shop is closed.


A. I have to finish my homework, mum.
B. It’s an interesting movie, mum.
C. It’s still morning, mum.
D. I’ll sleep tomorrow, mum.


A. Which is your favourite food?

B. Why do you like this food?
C. What shall we cook?
D. Are they delicious?


A. Where is Pulau Kapas?

B. Oh yes, It was wonderful!
C. Pulau Kapas is a beautiful island.
D. I slept the whole week there.

Questions 16 – 20
Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

16. The maid usually …………… the floor in the morning.

A. mop C. mopped
B. mops D. mopping

17. The patient was …....... to the hospital in an ambulance.

A. took C. taking
B. take D. taken

18. Deana is …………. a comedy movie.

A. watch C. watched
B. watches D. watching

19. The first prize was ……… by Ilham.

A. win
B. wins
C. won
D. will

20. Arif, Shafiq and Qayyum saw the dog ………… Syahir yesterday.
A. chase
B. chases
C. chased
D. chasing

Question 21
Choose the word that has plural as the word underlined.

21. Iman Ameera Balqis did not buy the potato.

A. potato
B. potatos
C. potatoes
D. potatoe’s

Questions 22 – 23
Choose the answer with the correct spelling. Use the pictures to help you.


Halim sweeps the floor with a ……… .

A. bruum C. brome
B. broom D. brum


Ahmad Khairi uses a …… to carry water.

A. pill C. pall
B. pail D. pale

Questions 24 – 25
Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation.

24. A. Farina, and Athirah are waiting for mr. muazam at the bookshop.
B. Farina and athirah are waiting for Mr. Muazam at the bookshop.
C. Farina and Athirah are waiting for Mr. Muazam at the bookshop.
D. Farina and Athirah, are waiting for Mr. Muazam at the bookshop.

25. A. “Where are all the pupils,” asked Puan Shafinaz.

B. “Where are all the pupils!” asked Puan Shafinaz.
C. “Where are all the pupils?” asked Puan Shafinaz.
D. “Where are all the pupils”? asked Puan Shafinaz.


Questions 26 – 30
Based on the picture, choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.
This is Puan Syafiqah. She …(26)… in Skudai. She is a doctor in a …(27)… in Johor
Bahru. Everyday, she ….(28)… to work by car. When she reaches the hospital, she goes
around the ward to …(29)… her patients. Puan Syafiqah is a kind …(30)…. . Many people in
the hospital like her because she is friendly and humble.

26. A. live
B. living
C. lived
D. lives

27. A. school
B. hospital
C. post office
D. library

28. A. go
B. goes
C. went
D. going

29. A. see
B. saw
C. seen
D. sees

30. A. girl
B. man
C. woman
D. boy

Questions 31 – 35
Read the notice and answer the questions that follow.

31. This notice is about
A. the choral speaking competition
B. the action songs competition
C. the public speaking competition
D. the drawing competition

32. How many prizes are given to the winners?

A. 3
B. 5
C. 8
D. 4

33. The registration closes on

A. 5 September 2007
B. 5 September 2008
C. 5 September 2009
D. 5 September 2010

34. Who is Puan Aznita?
A. The Headmistress
B. The English Teacher
C. The English Panel Head
D. The Organiser of Schools

35. When will the prize giving ceremony take place?

A. During the competition
B. After the competition
C. Before the competition
D. During the recess time

Questions 36 – 40
Read the passage and answer the questions that follows.

36. The boatman did not make much money as he

A. is lazy
B. ferries only goods across the river
C. ferries only people across the river
D. cannot ferry many things or people with his small boat

37. What was he asked to take across the river one day?
A. A wolf, a basket of meat and a goat
B. A fox, a basket of lettuce and a rabbit
C. A fox, a basket of cabbages and a cow
D. A wolf, a basket of cabbages and a goat

38. Why couldn’t the boatman take the wolf across the river first?
A. The wolf would eat the boatman
B. The goat would eat the cabbages
C. The wolf would be able to escape
D. The goat would be afraid of the wolf

39. The word idea in the passage refers to how to

A. transport the three things without losing any one of them
B. prevent the goat from eating the cabbage
C. prevent the wolf from eating the goat
D. cross the river

40. How many trips did the boatman make across the river?
A. Five
B. Six
C. Seven
D. Eight