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Name of Dosage/ Action Indication Contraindicat Adverse Nursing

Drug Route ion Reaction/ Side Consideration
Dobutami 2amp Stimulates Short-term Contraindicat CNS: headache. • Explain to
ne incorporat beta1(myocardial)- (<48 hr) ed in: patient the
ed in the adrenergic management Resp: shortness rationale for
IV fluid receptors with of heart failure • of breath. instituting this
relatively minor caused by Hypersensitivit medication and
effect on heart depressed y to CV: the need for
rate or peripheral contractility dobutamine or hypertension, frequent
blood vessels from organic bisulfites increased heart monitoring
heart disease rate, premature
Therapeutic or surgical • Idiopathic ventricular • Advise patient
Effect(s): procedures hypertrophic contractions, to inform nurse
Increased cardiac subaortic angina pectoris, immediately if
output without stenosis arrhythmias, chest pain;
significantly hypotension, dyspnea; or
increased heart Use palpitations. numbness,
rate Cautiously in: tingling, or
GI: nausea, burning of
• History of vomiting. extremities
hypertension occurs
(increased risk Local: phlebitis.
of exaggerated • Instruct patient
pressor Misc: to notify nurse
response) hypersensitivity immediately of
reactions pain or
including skin discomfort at the
• MI
rash, fever, site of
bronchospasm administration
• Atrial
or eosinophilia,
nonanginal • Home Care
chest pain Issues: Instruct
with digitalis
glycosides caregiver on
recommended) proper care of IV
• History of
ventricular » Instruct
atopic activity caregiver to
(may be report signs of
exacerbated) worsening CHF
(shortness of
• Hypovolemia breath,
(correct before orthopnea,
administration) decreased