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"Discovery consists of seeing what

everybody else has seen and thinking

what no one has thought."

Create your own NDVI Maps 
 A proven technology to put “eyes in the sky” for aerial photography
 They are economical – the cost of flight in the air is $2.00 per hour
 Set predetermined flight, using GPS for exact waypoints, for repeat
 flights as needed
 Record HD Video, Digital Pictures, Infrared and Multispectral for leak de-
 Weed control, turf stress, irrigation efficiency and more
 Identify trouble spots before they are visible to the naked eye
 Includes training - fly the first day

Ready to fly - includes HD Video

camera, camera gimbal, video
downlink software, laptop ground
station, and training.
Delivery: 3 weeks

Contact: (704) 835 - 0314

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