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Tentative agreement reached in new Watertown teacher contract

By Laura Paine
Wicked Local Watertown
Posted Jan 28, 2011 @ 04:55 PM

After months of negotiation, the Watertown Educators Associate and the Watertown School
Committee have come to a “tentative” agreement regarding teacher contracts.
WEA President Debra King confirmed with the Watertown TAB & Press that a tentative
agreement had been reached on Jan. 25, but the specifics of the contract will not be disclosed
until the WEA membership and the School Committee vote on the terms.
“I think everyone is pleased,” King told the Watertown TAB & Press. “We all considered
the time and I think everyone is pleased.”
Negotiations have been ongoing since last August and included three sessions with a
mediator. School Committee Chairman Tony Paolillo said there was a lot of work on both
sides and the agreement is good news.
“We made some great progress during the last couple of meetings and I think we are in a
pretty good spot,” he said. “It’s a tentative agreement based on approval by the membership
and the school committee. I don’t see a problem from the school side. I’m happy. Hopefully it
all works out.”

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