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Watertown School Committee postpones teacher contract vote

Wicked Local staff photo by Laura Paine

Dozens of Watertown teachers packed the Town Hall Council Chambers on Feb. 10 to discuss the ratification of the
new Watertown Educators Association contract.

By Laura Paine
Wicked Local Watertown
Posted Feb 11, 2011 @ 04:19 PM
Last update Feb 11, 2011 @ 05:15 PM

Dozens of teachers filled the Council Chambers anticipating a vote of approval on the new
contract they had been fighting for since August, only to learn they would have to wait a few
more weeks.
At the Feb. 10 School Committee meeting, Chairman Tony Paolillo announced to the
teachers, town councilors and other audience members that they would like to discuss the
impact the contract would have with the Town Council before they take a vote.
“We will bring it back as soon as possible for a vote, but we are going to postpone this
ratification,” Paolillo said.
Eleanor Donato spoke on behalf of the teachers in the room, telling School Committee
members they had saved the town millions of dollars and that the teachers “went into this
with good faith.”
“Not all teachers are happy, but all teachers agreed,” Donato said about negotiating a new
contract. “I’m tired of reading about how everyone has gotten a raise this year. I’m a 25-year
teacher and I did not get a rise this year. This is sending a lack of respect to the teachers of
this system who serve the children of our community who can attest to what we brought this
Watertown Educators Association President Debra King told the Watertown Tab & Press on
Feb. 9 that the union ratified the contract, which was agreed upon by the union and the
School Committee in January, on Feb. 4, but she refused to go into details until it is set in
A tentative agreement was reached on Jan. 25 after negotiations that had gone on since last
August and included three sessions with a mediator. Paolillo told the Watertown TAB &
Press that there was a lot of work on both sides and the agreement is good news.
A meeting between town councilors and school committee members to discuss the contract
has not yet been scheduled.

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