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How To Use Zynga Poker Bot Z.



Ada dua file yang menjadi dasar konfigurasi bot ini

1. Config.ini
2. Setting.ini

1. Config.ini

Dalam file ini kita bisa mengatur, pada kartu apa saja bot akan ikut bermain.


[Preflop_Hands] <— Settingan untuk kartu yang jenisnya tidak sama misal : A
[Keriting] K [Jantung].
all_in = AK <—- Bot akan All-In hanya jika memegang kartu AK.
all_in =AK AQ QQ JJ TT 99 <—- Bot akan All-In jika memegang salah satu
pasangan kartu tersebut, setiap pasangan dipisahkan dengan SPASI.
raise = <—- Sama seperti di atas (Untuk settingan kartu yang ingin di RAISE).
call_any = <—- Sama seperti di atas. (Untuk settingan kartu yang ingin di CALL
call_upto = <—- Maksudnya adalah untuk kartu coba-coba bot akan ikut bermain
sampai batas nominal yang ditetapkan jika ada pemain yang RAISE taruhan maka
bot akan menghitung jumlah score kartu di tangan dan kartu yang ada di meja,
jika scorenya kurang bot akan FOLD, namun jika scorenya cukup atau jumlah
RAISE pemain tersebut dibawah nominal yang sudah di tetapkan maka bot akan
ikut bermain.
call_once = <—- Bot akan melakukan Check sampai salah satu pemain melakukan

[Suited_Hands] <— Setingan untuk kartu sejenis misal : A [Jantung] K [Jantung].

all_in = <—- Sama seperti di atas.
raise = <—- Sama seperti di atas.
call_any = <—- Sama seperti di atas.
call_upto = <—- Sama seperti di atas.
call_once = <—- Sama seperti di atas.

hands=20 <— Bot akan ke bank (Stand) setelah memainkan 20 kartu

hands=100 <— Bot akan pindah room setelah memainkan 100 kartu

2. Setting.ini


; Minimal pemain di meja termasuk anda jika kurang bot akan cari meja lain

; Minimal bermain di meja berapa?, ex: $100/$200 =200


; Maximal bermain di meja berapa?, ex: $1M/$2M =2000000


; Modal untuk bermain, jika bermain di meja $100/$200 dengan nominal 100
seperti di bawah maka modal = 100 x 200 = $20.000


Welcome! This tutorial is written in the hope that you are competent enough with a
computer as to access the internet. If you are not competent enough with a
computer as to access the internet, you may want to question how you’re actually
reading this.

To Begin With…

Download the latest bot on this site. You can tell which bot is the latest by looking at
the time of which it was posted.

To extract the bot, you will need to use an application. Download winrar:

Downloading With rapid*share…

The downloads on this site are usually hosted by rapid*share. You will need to click
on ‘free user’. If you are having problems with rapid*share and are receiving this

‘This file can only be downloaded by becoming a Premium member

There are no more download slots available for free users right now. If you don’t
want to become a premium member, you might want to try again later.’
Simply click on the link above it, which will redirect you to the download page.
Then, after clicking ‘free user’, rapid*share will ask you to check back in two
minutes. In actual fact, it is much easier to check back every fifteen minutes or so.

Before Clicking the .exe…

Once the bot is extracted to a location of your choice, open [bot name]/settings.ini.
Modify settings.ini to your preferences. Here, I will discuss settings which are
relative to you:

‘; the minimum players at the table including yourself before the bot will leave

This is the minimum number of players at the table (including yourself) that need to
be present for the bot to stay at the table. If the number of players at the table you
are at fall beneath the number you have specified, the bot will leave and go to
another table. Normally, members set the number of minimum player at 5.
‘; the minimum big blind room your bot will stay in

This is the smallest table that the bot will play on. Normally, anything above 4 is
okay. Recently, Zynga have started sending higher players to 50 blind tables, so if
you want to play on tables above 25/50 only, set this number to 200.

‘; the maximum big blind room your bot will stay in


This is the highest table that the bot will play on. If you are weary of the bot
reaching a table of which you consider the blinds too high, specify the maximum
blind that you will allow the bot to enter. For example, if you set the maximum blind
to 10000, the bot will only play tables where the blind is equal to or lower than

‘; the number of big blinds your bot will sit with


This is how much the bot will buy into the table with. The number you specify is
multiplied by the big blind of the table that you sit at. For example, a table buyin of
20 at a 25/50 table would mean that you are buying in with 1000 chips. A table
buyin of 20 at a 5k/10k table would mean that you are buying in with 200,000 chips.
20 is the number of big blinds that is generally used by most members.

‘; should the bot log text


This should always be set to 1, to use when you need assistance on this site.

‘; should the bot ask for a blind if it is not known


This is if the bot should ask for an unknown blind. Set it to 1 when you are
monitoring the bot, 0 when you are not (if you’re asleep/at work). It is a smart move
to record most of the blinds you think the bot will encounter before you leave it

;browser_title=Mozilla Firefox

; other browsers
;browser_title=Internet Explorer
;browser_title=Google Chrome

;browser_title=Poker Bot Console



This is where you choose which browser you will be running the bot on. Simply
delete the [;] that is before you’re chosen browser title and file. On some bot
releases, [;] will need to be added before browsers which you do not want to use.

Before Clicking the .exe

This section constantly changes, so whilst writing this I’m going to presume that we
all have common sense.


all_in =AA
raise =KK QQ AK

These are the hands which the bot act with pre-flop. You can edit this yourself to
reflect your style of play. ‘A’ means Ace, ‘K’ means King, ‘Q’ means Queen, ‘J’
means Jack and ‘T’ means 10. Other cards are represented by there numbers, for
example ‘9′ would be 9. Hands which are not specified next to all_in, raise and call,
the bot will fold.
If you are using a version of the bot with a suited option, it should generally be the
same as this.

0-0.59 =call
0.6-0.69 =call
0.7-0.79 =raise
0.8-0.89 =raise
0.9-1 =all_in’

These are the post-flop score actions. When the bot plays, it calculates your chance
of winning, given the flop. It changes once the turn is shown, and again following the
river. ‘call’ means that the bot will call anything with the score specified, ‘raise’
means that the bot will raise with the score specified, and ‘all_in’ means that the bot
will go all in with the score specified.

;this is the number x big blind that you wish

;to call on, so change it accordingly

This is how much the bot will call pre-flop. The number you specify is multiplied by
the blind, so if you’re on a 10k table with a call amount of 4, the bot will call up to
40,000 chips.

;This is the number x big blind that you wish
;to raise, so change it accordingly

This is how much your bot will raise, if you have specified that it should do so. Yet
again, the number is multiplied by the blind of the table you are at.

Recording Seats…
Delete everything in [bot name]/data/seat (if anything is in there)
It’s now time to open up facebook and sign into your account. Go onto the
application: zynga texas hold’em poker.
Join an empty 9 seat table. Click on bot.exe and the bot will automatically record
your seats.
Note: If anyone joins the table whilst the bot records seats, you will have to begin
the recording process all over again.

Now you’re good to go grin But a few reminders first…

Things to Expect From the Bot…

The bot will take over your mouse while playing. It will also suffer from problems
specific to the version you are using.

Things Not to Expect From the Bot…

The bot cannot be run in the background, therefore the window that the bot is
playing cannot be minimised or placed in the background. Also, the bot is not
guaranteed to make you any profit whatsoever: despite being a game of skill, poker
is also a game of luck.

Guide written using Botv010. Some aspects of the bot are bound to change, but once
you’ve done these steps, you should know enough to adapt them.

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