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Commonly used Phrases in Group Discussion

Functional English GD-Oriented: Initiation

1 Good morning friends! I am Ramesh.
2 Good morning all! I am Lalitha.
3 Good afternoon my friends! I am Sunil.
4 Good afternoon all! I am Rani.
5 Let me initiate the discussion. The topic is corruption.
6 The topic given to us is corruption. Let me start the discussion.
7 We are given the topic of corruption. Let me take the privilege of starting the
8 We are expected to discuss the topic corruption. I take it as a privilege to start
the process.
9 To start with the topic given for discussion is terrorism. Let us discuss this with
10 To begin with we are given a very interesting topic for discussion. Lets participate
in this process with concern.
11 The topic given for our discussion is dowry, which is a very sensitive subject.
12 The topic ragging or no ragging is highly controversial. Lets put forward our ideas
on this.
13 It is a great chance to discuss a topic like this. It is brain drain.
14 It’s a nice opportunity to discuss a topic like religious harmony. Let us discuss this
with open minds.
15 I invite you all for this great event in our career journey. Let us discuss the given
topic with enthusiasm.
16 I welcome you all for this highly competitive event. Let us take part in this with
the spirit of sportsmen.
17 As you are aware we are expected to discuss the given topic to prove our
abilities. Let us do our best.
18 We are here to participate in this highly competitive event. Let us participate with
a lot of zeal.
19 I am aware that you all are eager to participate in the discussion on the given
topic. However, give me a chance to initiate the process.
20 It is evident that you all are eagerly waiting to discuss the topic. However, please
allow me to give my opening remarks.
21 The topic given to us is attrition in the corporate world. Let us discuss the topic
with a realistic mind set.
22 The given topic the misuse of information technology is a topic to be discussed
with a scientific mind. Let me take the first step.
23 I am Kumar formally introducing the topic should we introduce reservations in
private sector. Personally I feel that….
24 I am Ramya opening the discussion on the topic the pros and cons of matrimonial
dot coms. In my opinion.
25 This is Kiran initiating the discussion on the interesting subject – love marriage or
arranged marriage. My personal feeling is…
26 It is very interesting to discuss the topic love marriage or arranged marriage. In
my view…
27 The topic dating or no dating has become highly controversial nowadays. At a
personal level I think that…
28 Generation gap is a very emotional topic to discuss. However, when I think
carefully I feel that…
29 It needs a balanced mind to discuss a topic like who is great? Man or woman? My
unbiased opinion is that…
30 The topic love marriage or arranged marriage has been discussed since marriage
was introduced. However, I have a feeling that…
31 At our age it is tough to discuss a topic like balancing personal and professional
life. As per my knowledge I can say that…
32 The subject students and politics can be looked at from different viewpoints. My
personal view is that…
33 Every one has a right to have his or her opinion on a topic like love marriage or
arranged marriage. As an individual I think that…
34 As you are aware discussion on a topic needs opinions of different people. To
begin with my opinion on the given subject is…
35 It is said that the world is what we see. When I look at the given topic which my
eyes I find that…
36 As the saying goes haste is waste. When I look at the topic with a cool mind I
understand that…
37 As the proverb says roam was not built in a day. When I think of the topic based
on this I feel that…
38 As every one of us knows we reap what we sow. Taking this in to account my
opinion on the topic is…
39 As a writer put it the darkest hour is before the dawn. We can apply this idea to
our topic of discussion.
40 As great people felt it a discussion should bring out new ideas from the old ones.
Let us prove that it is true.
41 As all of us know group discussion needs a harmonious atmosphere. Let us create
that before we get into the actual process.
42 As you all are aware group discussion calls for teamwork. Let us work like a team
for another ten minutes.
43 It is a fact that our attitude, personality and skills get reflected in-group
discussion. Let us prove that we are positive people.
44 Our words reflect our minds and attitudes. Let us participate in this group
discussion in a great way.
45 It my privilege to speak out my mind in your presence. I am Kumar initiating the
discussion and inviting your opinions.
46 I consider this as a great opportunity to speak out my opinions on the given
47 Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to open the discussion on the
48 With the permission of you all I am initiating the discussion on the topic.
49 I thank you all for allowing me to speak first on the given subject.
50 Speaking first on any given subject is really tough. However, I take it as a
pleasant challenge to speak first.
51 It is tough to open a discussion on a sensitive subject like love marriage or
arranged marriage. However, I like to take the first steps.
52 Even a journey of thousand miles starts with the first little step. So let me have
the privilege of taking the first step.
53 The toughest part of any task is to take the first step. So let me do this toughest
task of taking the first step.
54 The most important step in finishing a task is to begin it. Let me begin the
discussion with my opinions on the given subject.
Functional English GD-Oriented: Main Discussion
1. Dear friends! We are getting into an argument. But we are expected to discuss.
Please remember this.
2. I am sorry to note that the discussion is gradually becoming an argument. Please
compose your selves.
3. Mr. Ramesh and Ms. Lalitha! You are getting into an argument rather than
discussing the topic. Please cool down.
4. Friends! In an argument the truth is always lost. So let us stop arguing.
5. Friends! I have to remind you that we should not bring out our emotions while
discussing a subject. So please be objective.
6. Arguments lead us nowhere. So please come back to the main line of discussion.
7. We are here to establish a common opinion on the given topic. If we argue like
this we cannot do that. Please be composed.
8. All of us are expected to exchange our ideas to establish a common opinion. Let
us do this by maintaining our temper.
9. When we differ in our opinions it doesn’t mean that we have to fight. Let us
discuss our differences in a calm atmosphere.
10. We can differ in our opinions without opposing one another. Please be aware of
this and make it a real discussion.
11. To bring out good results we have to maintain our temper and exchange ideas
politely. Argument is always harmful.
12. Mr. Kumar! Your have been silent till now. Why can’t you speak a little?
13. Ms. Sunitha! You have been quiet ever since the discussion started. Let us have
your opinion on this subject.
14. Mr. Naresh! It will be nice if you could add your ideas to our opinions.
15. Ms. Lavanya! It seems you have been trying to say something. Why can’t you
come out and speak a few words?
16. Mr. Venkatesh! It will be our pleasure to have your opinion on this subject.
17. Ms. Ramani! I find you very aloof and isolated. Why can’t you join us?
18. Mr. Ramesh and Ms. Sunitha! You both have been silent from the beginning. Why
can’t you speak?
19. Mr. Raju! It seems you are hesitating to come forward. It will be nice if you could
20. Ms. Sudha and Mr. Yogesh! Never hesitate to speak out your opinions. Come on
21. Mr. Ramesh! You have been speaking for a long time. Let me speak for a
22. Ms. Ramya! Please give me a chance to speak.
23. Mr. Kumar! Let me speak.
24. Friends! Let me have an opportunity to speak.
25. Friends! It seems Ms. Laya wants to say something. Let us hear what she says.
26. Friends! I feel that Mr. Naresh wants to add a few points. Why can’t we give him
a chance?
27. Friends! Mr. Ram is trying to say something. Let us encourage him to speak.
28. Friends! Ms. Divya has something to say but keeping silent. Let us have her say.
29. Ms. Laya! Your opinion is great and valid.
30. Mr. Naresh! You have added a wonderful point to our discussion.
31. Ms. Gayathri! What you have told is a wonderful point.
32. Ms. Divya! I basically accept your opinion. But I differ with you in certain areas.
33. Ms. Laya! I am sorry that your opinion is highly personal and socially not
34. Mr. Ramesh! I might agree with you at a personal level. But from the academic
viewpoint I cannot accept.
35. I am sorry to differ with you but we are discussing some thing related to the
36. While I differ with you Mr. Ramesh, I don’t mean I oppose you.
37. Friends! It seems the discussion is slowly losing its momentum. Let us cheer up
our selves and make it lively.
38. Friends! To make the discussion lively let us leave our inhibitions and come out
with our opinions.
39. Friends! A discussion is possible only when you come out with your ideas. Cheer
up and speak out your ideas.
40. My dear friends! Nobody can understand our ideas when we keep quiet. So please
come out with your ideas.
41. My dear friends! You know that it’s an important event and all of us are expected
to speak. So speak with enthusiasm.
42. Mr. Ramesh! Your point is highly inspiring. Can you elaborate it further?
43. Ms. Ramya! You are taking too long a time to express your views. Can you be
44. Mr. Raju! You say that love marriages always fail. Can you explain how?
45. Ms. Rani! You give a statement that arranged marriages are always safe and
successful. Can you give any evidence?
46. Friends! Mr. Ramesh says that matrimonial dot coms are doing us a great favor.
How do you feel about it?
47. Dear friends! Ms. Niraja states that modern dresses are creating many problems.
Do you have any remarks?
48. Ramya, Divya and Ramesh feel that reservations should be banned. What do
others say?
49. Friends! For a long time I find only two kinds of opinions on this topic. Can
anybody add a new opinion?
50. My dear friends! I have spoken for a long time. This is time for you people to
express your views.
51. Dear friends! I am sure we are deviating from the main topic. Can we come back
to the main line?
52. Mr. Yogesh! I appreciate your ideas but you are deviating from the topic. Please
focus on what is important.
53. Dear friends! It will be nice if we could focus on what is important.
54. Dear friends! We are losing time. So please be fast and brief in expressing your
Functional English GD-Oriented: Summarizing

1. Well dear friends! We have had a wonderful discussion. Let me summarize it.
2. What a nice discussion it is! Let me have the pleasure of highlighting important
3. It’s nice to listen to your opinions. Its time for us to summarize these and let me
take the initiative.
4. Thank you very much for your participation. Now let me have the pleasure of
summarizing your views.
5. Friends! Thank you very much for your valuable ideas. Please give me an
opportunity to summarize the same.
6. Friends! It is time for us to stop talking and make a summary of our views. Let
me summarize this discussion.
7. Everything has to end somewhere. So let us end our discussion and have a
summary of our views.
8. Friends! It my pleasure to summarize your valuable views on the given topic.
9. Friends! Let me have the privilege of summarizing your views on the given
10. So far I have been listening to your views. Now it is time for me to speak a few
words in summary.
11. Anything good needs a summary. Let me have the privilege of summarizing this
wonderful discussion.
12. A summary is what icing is for a cake. Let me ice the cake of our discussion with
my summary.
13. It is a finishing touch that gives beauty to anything and everything. Let me give
this finishing touch to our discussion.
14. Thank you very much for your contributions to the discussion. Let me put them
together and summarize.
15. A story without an ending and a discussion without summary are not meaningful.
So let me summarize.
16. Our discussion started with a dull note but ended up in a great way. Let me
summarize the whole process.
17. Our discussion started in a splendid way but it has slowed down in the end.
However, let me highlight the key points.
18. Our discussion has gone well in a very nice way. It’s my pleasure to underscore
the highlights.
19. We have had many opinions on this topic. Please give me a chance to come out
with a common opinion.
20. It’s nice to listen to so many brilliant opinions on this topic. I feel privileged to
make a summary of the same.
21. When people differ in their opinions they bring out their best. Let me highlight
this point by summarizing your opinions.
22. When the discussion is meaningful it brings out a new and valid point. Let me
summarize this process.
23. Dear friends! This is time for us to summarize our views. Basically I find two
opposite opinions. They are…
24. Dear friends! To summarize our discussion it can be said that…
25. My dear friends! Let me give a quick summary of our opinions on the topic.
26. Dear friends! In summary it can be said that…
27. While summarizing the different opinions on this topic I feel that…
28. In the process of summarizing all your views it is felt that…
29. In summary the discussion has become an argument and it is very difficult to
give a summary. However, I will do my best.
30. Friends! Our discussion has been very noisy and I could hardly listen to your
views clearly. However, I will give a summary.
31. Dear friends! Our discussion has been very inimical and to summarize this
discussion is a tough job. However, I take the trouble.
32. Dear friends! Our discussion has been very dull and hardly two of us have
spoken. However in summary I can say that…
33. I am sorry to say that our discussion has got totally deviated. Never the less, I
can summarize the main points like this…
34. When people have not spoken at all it is all most impossible to summarize it. But
from what ever little is spoken I can say that…
35. A discussion can be summarized but not an argument. Never the less, let me take
the responsibility of summarizing our arguments.
36. Dear friends! Two individuals have dominated the discussion. Taking this into
account I summarize the process like this…
37. It is nice that we could come to a common understanding about this topic. Let me
summarize this…
38. Dear friends! In summary it can be said that………………….. And personally I add
39. Dear friends! After listening to our valuable ideas I summarize our discussion by
saying that…
40. Everything has got two sides. When I look at the two sides of your opinions it can
be said that…
41. Dear friends! The topic of our discussion is highly controversial and sensitive.
However, in summary it can be said that…
42. Group discussion is to know our views but not to decide what is good and what is
bad. So in summary it can be said that…
43. Dear friends! After listening to these many complicated views I simplify them by
saying that…
44. As the saying goes the greatest things are the simplest. To put your opinions in
simple words I say that…
45. I am pleased to listen to all these valuable opinions. And it is a pleasure to
summarize the same.
46. It is surprising that people have these many different ideas on such a simple
subject. It is my pleasure to summarize the same.
47. Friends! For my surprise a simple topic has generated so many valuable points.
It’s my pleasure to summarize them.
48. It is interesting to know your different ideas on the simple topic like this… It is my
pleasure to summarize the same.
49. The purpose of group discussion is to know the difference between accepting and
agreeing. Let me summarize how this has been done.
50. Well done my friends! Congratulations for your active participation. It is time for
us to summarize.
51. Congratulations my friends! What a wonderful discussion it has been! It is time
for us to have a summary.
52. Dear friends! We are running short of time and let me give a quick summary of
our divergent opinions.
53. Dear friends! It is time for summary and I request all of you to cooperate with
54. Dear friends! Please stop arguing and let me give a summary because we have to
conclude the process within a minute.