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Group: 20 students

Gender: 5 males, 15 females

Age: 14- 16

Level: Intermediate

Materials: a piece of paper

Time: 5 min.

Interaction: T/Ss, S/Ss.


By the end of the lesson,

1. The students will have got to know each other in a funny way.

2. The students will have spoken in a friendly atmosphere.

3. The students will have had much more interaction with each other.

4. The students will find some things in common.


1. The teacher writes three information about herself on the board. I am from Sinop, I
am twenty two years old, and I am short.

2. After writing them the teacher makes the students write the same information
about them on the paper given by the teacher.

3. When the students finish writing, the teacher shows the students that how they will
make a plane with the paper.

4. When the students have done a plane the teacher plays a song. While the song is
going on all students throw the planes to another one. It goes on until the teacher stops
the music. When music is done everyone has to have a plane and the teacher picks a
student up to read the paper she/he has. She reads like” She is……, she is from… “

5. The teacher asks “who is she?” and whole class guesses who he/she is and this
student stands up, reads her paper and the play goes on until the last student reads
his/her paper.