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Objective: Decreased Cardiac Short term goal: Independent: -After 6 hrs of

-Vital sign taken as Output r/t malignant - Monitor BP every 1-2 nursing
follows: hypertension as After 6 hrs of hours, or every 5 interventions, the
T- 37.2 manifested by nursing minutes during actve client had no
PR- 83 decreased stroke interventions, the titration of vasoactive elevation in blood
RR- 18 volume. client will have no
drugs. pressure above
BP- 180/80 elevation in blood
- Monitor ECG for normal limits and
pressure above
normal limits and dysrrhythmias, will maintain blood
will maintain blood conduction defects pressure within
pressure within and for heart rate. acceptable limits.
acceptable limits. - Suggest frequent Goal was met.
position changes.
Long term goal: - Encourage patient -After 5 days of
to decrease intake of nursing
After 5 days of caffeine, cola and interventions, the
nursing chocolates client maintained an
interventions, the
adequate cardiac
client will maintain
adequate cardiac output and cardiac
output and cardiac index.
index. Goal was met.