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( LATEST Asset & Liability Products of SBI : At A Glance – As on 30.09.2010 )

Ghanshyam Prasad Srivastava

Asst General Manager, Specialized P B Branch, Patna. (For
Internal Circulation Only)
01 Floating Rate Rationale/ Purpose: To allow the investors to lower their asset-liability mismatch taking advantage of changing interest
Term Deposit rate environment, even in short period, as rates are reset periodically. To attract long term-deposits in the current interest
(FRTD) – rate regime. Eligibility: Any Individual (Singly or jointly), Minor (jointly with guardian), Karta of HUF. In joint a/cs, if one or
Interest Rate linked to the
Bank’s Base Rate.
more depositors stop the operation, the a/c will be operated by all holders jointly. Minimum Amt: ` 1000 in multiple of `
1000. Maximum Amt: ` 15 lacs. Period of Deposit: 1 / 3 / 5 yrs only. Interest: 1 yr (50 bps < Base Rate), 3 yrs (25
Ref e-Cir 349/ 16.8.10 and bps < Base), 5 yrs (At Base Rate). In to Sr Citizen (+0.5%) and staff (+ 1.0%) as applicable. Interest will be paid quarterly/
for Product codes e Cir
438 dt 04.09.2010. monthly discounted. Liquidity: Loan/ OD upto 90% available at 1.5% p.a. above the deposit rate. Nomination: Free of
charge. FRTD A/c can be transferred to any branch. Automatic renewal. TDS on interest above ` 10000 per customer, per
year, per branch. Premature Withdrawal – Penalty of 1% below the rate of deposit with bank.
02 Term Deposit – Rationale / Purpose: To market medium term deposit aggressively offering attractive rate of interest. Segment – All.
SBI 555 & SBI Branches – All. Type of Account – TD or STD for 555 / 1000 days. Effective date – 17.08.2010. Validity – May be withdrawn
1000 Days at short notice. All other features as in TD / STD. For Product codes & further reference see e-Cir 347 dated 16.12.2010.
03 Term Deposit for Rationale / Purpose: To target beneficiaries of Govt Departments who plan to deposit a corpus at the time of birth of a
18 yrs for Girl “Girl Child”. Eligibility: Joint a/cs with legal guardian of Girl child operating the account. Provision to be made to accept
Child the mandate of Govt Dept funding the amount. KYC – Liberalised KYC for the guardian. Min `1000 by chq issued by Govt
Product Code: 2511- Authority, Max – no cap on maturity amount of deposit. Premature withdrawal – allowed on death of the minor or mandate
1801 received from the Govt. Loan not available to minors. No Auto renewal on maturity. Other features – As applicable in FD.
Ref e-Cir 286 dated
29.07.2010. While opening account Date of Birth of the Girl child and maturity should be feed manually. In no case maturity date
exceed 18 yrs from date of birth. Rate of Int – 8% (Valid upto 30th Sept 2010).
04 SPICA – Special Rationale: To tap deposit from commission agents giving facility equivalent to Silver customers under CSP (Corporate
Package for Salary Package). Eligibility: Insurance agents/ Advisors of Life / General Insurance Cos as listed. Min Balance: NIL. ATM-
Insurance cum Debit Card – Free Domestic card with free maintenance & add on card, without personal accident insurance.
Commission Transactions at ATM – Free, Unlimited number but max ` 40000/- per day in SB Gr ATMs. Max Withdrawal ` 10000 per
Agents. transaction, 5 tranx free at other Bank ATMs. POS (Point of Sale) Transx – max ` 50000 daily. Internet Banking- Free from
For further details refer e-
SBI, Charge for others sites. Core Power: Transaction at Non-home/ intra-bank – Free for SPICA A/c. Cheque Book – Free
Cir 298 dated 31.07.2010. 25 leves in a year, extra ` 2 per leaf. Charges on Multi City Chq leaf, payment & Tranaction – NIL. Saving Plus Available.
Overdraft – Not available.
05 ‘SME POWER’ Rationale: To fine tune various existing SME C/As to make them more competitive in order to get better C/Ac volumes, a
Current Account. range of 8 ‘Made to Order’ Business current account have been introduced. Marketing Tips: The products have ‘Best in
Class’ features compared to competitors’ products. Selected features are – 1. Customer can choose product having QAB
Ref e-Cir 245 dated
(Quaterly Avg Balance) from ` 20000 to ` 5 lacs. 2. Extent of concessions/ freebies is based on QAB maintained by the
customers. 3. New 8 products are – i. QAB - ` 5 lacs – Power Pack (Product Code – 5096-2401), ii. QAB - ` 4 lacs – Power
Premium (5096-2411), iii. QAB - 3 lacs – Power Privilege (5096-2421), iv. QAB - 2 lacs – Power Advantage (5096-2431),
v. QAB - ` 1 lac – Power Gain (5095-2401), vi. QAB - ` 75000 – Power Super (5095-2411), vii. QAB - ` 40000 - Power Lite
(5095-2421) and viii. QAB - ` 20000 – Power Base (Product Code- 5081-2401). 4. Cheque protection facility (Temporary OD)
will not be available in new Power Accounts. For further details refer e-Cir 245 dated17.07.2010.
06 SBI FX Trade – Rationale: To tap the huge potential in clientele business in currency futures by acting intermediary/ broker by providing
Client Business in an online platform linked to the Bank a/c for the customer to place the trades in the exchanges. Product Co-ordinator:
Currency Futures Department of Global Markets, Mumbai. Currency Futures contract is standardized form of a forward contract that is
traded on an exhchange. It’s an agreement to buy or sell a specified quantity of an underlying currency on a specified date
Reference e Cir 27 dated at a specified price. One can use a tool to lock a particular value for their forex receivables/ payables protecting against the
16.04.2010. currency volatilities. In India, 4 Currency pairs are traded – INR with USD/ EURO/ GBP/ JPY with lot size of 1000 units except
JPY (100000). Settlement to customer is made in Rupee only. Advantages: 1. Ease of trade. Customer can trade from
anywhere across the country through his online trading a/c. 2. Transparent & Efficient price discovery as it is exchange
traded. 3. No paperwork at branch unlike forward contracts. 4. Submitting proof of Underlying is not a precondition. Other
features: Required margin (usually 5% of the value of contract) to be paid upfront to the Bank. Account opening and
Annual Maintennace charges waived for 1st yr. Applicable taxes born by the customer. Marketing Tips: 1. Most
competitive brokerage rates in the country, 2. Integrated platform of Bank A/c and online Trading A/c, 3. Secure and
Robust online platform, 4. Provision for lien marking. Money remains in the customer’s a/c until the deal is done. 5. Product
from India’s most trusted and transparent Bank. Target Customers: Small, mid & large corporates incl Importer &
Exporters for hedging their Forex exposures. Individuals who have any receivables or payables in Foreign Currency.
Investors wishing to invest in Currency markets. Role of Branches: Marketing, KYC Compliance, BM is DO (Designated
Officer) for opening of A/c.
07 SBI Eligible: Employee of BSF, CISF, CRPF, ITBP, SSB. Special Features: 1. Unique Lifelong Account number. 2. Zero Balance
PARAMILITARY Account. 3. No Service charges for non-maintennce of minimum balance. 4. Free ATM-cum-Shopping Card with no annual
SALARY PACKAGE maintenance charges, Free Add-on card for joint a/c holder, Free Muclti City Chq, Free Demand Drafts, Free Internet
-Scheme launched by
Banking, RTGS, NEFT, Core Power, SMS Alerts. 5. Auto-sweep facility to MODs. 6. Concession in margin for Home & Car
Home Minister P Loans. 7. Concessions in interest on Home, Car, Xpress Credit and Education Loans. 8. Discount on purchase of Gold Coins.
Chidambaram in New
Delhi on 29.9.10.
08 SBI SME Target: The Chief promoter/ executive should be 21 to 65 yrs (Non-corporate), New & existing MSEs engaged in
COLLATERAL – manufacturing & service sector. Elgibility: For loans > Rs 5 lacs and below Rs 25 lacs – min overall score of 50% (Business
FREE LOANS & Personal), 60% in overall score except collateral details as in SME Smart Score. For loans Rs 25 Lacs to 100 Lacs – Units
(SMECFL) having SB 10 & above as revised CRA rating. CGTMSE Gurantee coverage – Mandatory. Purpose: Working Capital
2 Deposit & Advances Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life – Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM,SBI, SPB Branch,
(FB+NFB), TL for construction of building, office, acquisition of machine, modernization/ expansion of unit. Assessment:
Mfg – WC – As per Nayak Com (20% of Projected Turn over), TL – 75% of Project cost. Service – WC- 15% of Projected Turn
For Product Codes – over/Revenue, TL – 75% of Projected Cost. Quantum of finance: Total Exposure (FB+NFB) – Above Rs 5 lacs & Upto Rs 1
Refer e- Cir 799 dt Cr (All TL & WC). Type – CC, BG, TL. Repayment – WC: On Demand, TL: max 7 yrs incl moratorium of 6 m to 12 yr.
Submission of Stock statement & Inspection of Unit - Upto Rs 25 lacs – Quaterly, Above Rs 25 lacs – Monthly. Interest:
Concession on loans sanctioned upto 30th Sept 2010 for the FIRST yr – FIXED RATE -Upto Rs 25 lacs: 9% (< 3 Yrs), 9.5% (3
Y & Above), Above Rs 25 lacs to Rs 1 Cr: 10% & 10.5% respectively. Loan Processing & Service charges – 50% of card rate.
Other charges – Normal Rates. CGTMSE Fee – Normal, As applicable. Security: Primary – Assets created out of loan.
Collateral – Unencumbered assets. TPG – NIL, in case of loan to Company – guarantee of directors will be treated as TPG.
Review & Renewal – WC to renew every 2 yrs. TAT – 2 weeks. For further details refer e-Cir 686 dt 12.01.2010.
09 SBI SMILE (Small R: To grant interest free loan repayable over a long period to assist eligible professional & technically qualified
& Micro Interest- entrepreneurs for setting new MSEs and Units covered under Bank’s Project Uptech for Technology Upgradation.
free Loans as Eligibility: 1. New Unit or covered under Bank’s Project Uptech. 2. Equity to genuine persons not able to meet margin. 3.
Equity) Entrepreneur fully dedicated in Unit. 4. Eligible under Bank’s leberalised scheme. 5. Professionals & Technically Qualified.
Equity Fund 6. Activity eligible under MSME Act. 7. Total Cost of the project > Rs 10 lacs. Max Loan: Rs 10 lacs for Micro & Small Scale
Assistance (ELA) Industires, Rs 5 lacs for Professionals & Self Employed persons. Min Rs 1 lac for Industrial units & Rs 50000 for
Product Codes: Services –
6220-6511 Professionals & Self Employed. Min Equity Contribution by Entrepreneur – 7.5% of cost of Project. Interest – Funds lent
Manfacturing – 6210-6511. under Equity Loan Assistance (ELA) will bear no interest. Repayment: In 3 yrs after initial moratorium of 5 to 7 yrs.

Disbursement – in lump sum or in Installments. Follow up – Close monitoring, as it is Clean TL. Reporting – Half Year ly to
LHO. Details in e –Cir 760 dated 13.02.2010.
10 Yuva S B Account Segment: Personal. Elgibility: Resident, Above 18 yrs to 30 yrs at the time of entry. Mode of Holding – Single/ Joint/ Joint
R: To entice the youth
segment and bring them in
with survivorship. Available at – all brs in Urban/Metro Centre. Deposit Amt: Min Rs. 5000/-, Max – No limit. Interest, A/c
our fold, the new product with maintenance & formalities – SB A/c. ATM-cum-Debit Card: Yuva Card (VISA). Free Internet Banking & SMS Alert Many
bundle value propositions and add on facilities in remittances/ collection, MCC, Inter-core transactions & DDP. For further details pl refer e-Cir 718 dated
services was introduced.
11 KRISHI KALYAN – Rationales: To provide timely & adequate credit to farmers to meet production & consumption expenses. To offer credit
Farmers Easy against the stocks stored in farmers own premises/ godown. To reduce the multiple process of separate application,
Empowered Loan documentation & EM Creation. Eligibility: All non-defaulter and credit worthy farmers having good track record and
(FEEL) cultivating crops. Classifiaction: Direct finance to Agl under Priority Sector. Facility: ACC. Quantum of Loan: Three credit
components- 1. Production Credit – Anuual credit needs to be sanctioned on operational land holdings, cropping pattern
and scale of finance. No Upper Limit. 2. Contigency Credit- max 20% of the production credit limit. 3. Produce Marketing
Loan – fixed on current market price or MSP fixed by Govt less margin multiplied by the quantum of stock to be stored. Max
limit Rs 10 lacs per borrower. Margin: Production Loan: a. Scale of Finance – No margin. B. If computed from cost of
cultivation (for limit > Rs 50000). Consumption Loan: NIL. Produce Marketing Loan: a. Goods stored in farmer’s godown:
40%. Loans against WHR – 20 to 35%. Security: No collateral if limit up to Rs 1 lac. Documents: AB1, AB2, AB3, WHR/
3 Deposit & Advances Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life – Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM,SBI, SPB Branch,
Annex4, DPN & DPN Take Delivery letter, Arrangement letter. Interest: As applicable to ACC/ KCC. Repayment – PML to be
repaid within 12 months. Insurance: 110% of current market value of the stock. Stock Statement: Bi-monthly. Other
Conditions – As in Agl loans. For further details –Refer e-Cir743/ 11.02.2010.
12 State Bank Eligibility: i. Annual Income of Customer – above Rs 10 lacs, or ii. Aggregate deposits balance more than Rs 5 lacs. Mode
Platinum of operation: PIN on ATM and signatures on ME/ PoS. Daily ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit: Rs 1 lac in India, USD 2000
International abroad. Daily purchase limit on PoS: Rs 2 lacs in India, USD 4000 abroad. Issurance charge – NIL. Annual
Debit Card maintenance fee: Rs 300 from 2nd year. Fee can waived if min 12 PoS Transactions during preceding year. Insurance:
Rationales: Vanilla Debit
card issued to customers
upto Rs 5 lacs (accidental death only). Lost Card Liability: Rs Upto Rs 50000/- Replacement Card Fee: Rs 200.
having Current/ SB a/c with Regeneration of PIN: Rs 50. Loyality Points: 4 points for every purchase of Rs 100 at PoS. For further
us, cater the need of details refer e-Cir 851 dated 23.03.2010.
frequently overseas travelling
customers, targeting affluent
segment to meet their
banking needs and lifestyle
13 SBI Flexi Deposit Eligibility: Resident Individuals incl minors. Account: R D (Variable deposit) a/c. Period: Min 5 yrs, Max 7 yrs. Branches:
R: To enable our customers All except, Spl Credit Intensive Brs. Min Deposit: Rs 5000 per FY, in multiple of Rs 500, min Rs 500 per deposit (Penalty Rs
to place long term deposits to
earn attractive interest with 50). Any number of times of deposit in a month. Max Deposit: Rs 50000 in a FY. Interest: As applicable on TDs. Int
flexibility in choosing deposit subject to TDS. Premature Closure – 1% below the rate applicable. Nomination available. Loan Facility: As on TDs. Others
amount. Segment: Personal
terms & conditions as applicable to other deposits. For more details refer e- Cir 823 dated
14 Annuity Deposit To enable the depositor to pay one time lump sum amount and to receive the same in EMI, comprising partial principal +
Scheme interest on reducing principal amount, compounded quarterly & discounted to the monthly value. Eligibility: Individuals
Segment: Personal incl minors in single or joint names. Account: Annuity (Term) Deposit. Branches: All. Min amt of Deposit: Rs 25000 based
on min monthly annuity of Rs 1000/-. Universal passbook & no receipt. Tenure: 36/ 60/ 84 or 120 months. Interest: As
applicable to TD of tenure as opted by depositor. Premature Payment – in case of death only. Account opening – As TD/
STD, Universal passbook & no receipt. Nomination: Available. Loan Facility: Max 75% of balance amt of Annuity, further
annuity to be deposited in loan a/c only. Others – As applicable in deposit a/cs. Ref e- Cir 822/ 06.0.10.
15 Interest Subsidy Rationales: Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation (GOI) designed this scheme to address the housing needs of
Scheme for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and Low Income Group (LIG) through Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal
Housing Urban Mission (JNNURM). Eligibility: Beneficiary should not own a house in his own / dependent’s name. Parameters – Average
Poor (ISHUP) monthly household income: Rs 3300 (EWS), Rs 3301 – 7300 (LIG), Min size of house: 25 Sq m (40 Sqm), Max permissible
subsidized loan amt: Rs 1 lac (Rs 1.60 lac), Max loan amt eligible for subsidy: Rs 1 lac for both. Identification of the
beneficiary by Urban Local Board or Local Nodal Agency identified by respective Govt Agencies. Interest Application: on
daily balance at monthly rests. Repayment: In EMIs calculated after reducing the Central Govt Subsidy. Prepayment: No
levy. Security: Primary – Mortgage of the dwelling unit. Collateral or TPG – Not applicable for loans upto & incl of Rs 1
lacs.Subsidy: Loans eligible for Central Govt subsidy of 5% on the interest charged by the bank on the admissible loan
4 Deposit & Advances Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life – Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM,SBI, SPB Branch,
amount. Others – Age, No. of borrowers, EMI/ NMI Ratio, processing fee, interest rates etc as in Home loan a/cs. Sunset
clause – Open for sanction upto & incl 31st March 2012. For further details – e-Cir 816/ 05.03.10.
16 Rupee Loans Eligibility: All depositors under Gold Deposit Scheme holding the certificates either as original holder or as transferee. In
against Gold case of joint (Individuals only), only former will be eligible. In case of guardianship, loan to guardian for the benefit of
Deposits minor. Loan to 3rd party as collaterals, but not against the deposit held by Trust/HUF/Minor. Purpose: Any general purpose.
Type: DL, OD. Quantum of Loan: Min – Rs 1 lac, Max Rs 5 Cr. Beyond Rs 5 Cr – Administrative clearance of Network GM
required. Margin: 25% of principal value of Gold deposit certificates pledged. Drawing Power: On Principal Value of
deposit at monthly intervals as given by Bullion Br Mumbai. Security: Duly Discharged GD Certificate. Sanction &
Disbursement of Loan: By all brs, mark lien at Bullion Br, Mumbai on GD, and disbursement after confirmation of lien
only. Interest: At SBAR at monthly interval, if not paid within 6 months the loan a/c will be forclosed by pre-mature closure
of GD A/c. Period of loan: Not exceeding 24 months. Loan may renewed, if extended period within the maturity of GD,
regular int servicing & after obtaining revival letter. Repayment: In a bullet payment or in EMI, During tenure of loan, int
due on GD Certificate will be credited to loan a/c. Foreclosure of the loan: Apart from 6 months overdue of interest, the
loan will be liquidated by foreclosure in case of death of the borrower/ depositor with penalty of – no int payable (Within 1
yr), 0.5% < rate of 3 yr deposit (1 to 3 Yr), 0.25% < rate on period of deposit with bank (3 yrs & above). Control Report &
IRAC Norms – As per TD. For further details refer e-Cir 299 dt 10.08.09 and 352 dt 26.08.09.
17 Financing Organic Organic farming - A system of farm design and management which creates an ecosystem thru which sustainable production can be achieved
Farming – without the use of artificial, external inorganic inputs like fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides. Consumers’ demand for organically produced food
To tap the business
products and society’s demand for more sustainable development provide new opportunities for organic farming and business associated around
opportunities prevailing under
organic farming in the the world.
branded retail domestic (Refer Cir no. 615 dt 03.12.09)
markets & exports.
18 TRACTOR Rationales:To assist the farmers, who are regular in their repayments for repairs / maintenance of tractor and for purchase of additional
UPGRADATION implements. Eligibility: Borrowers who have already availed the loan facility from our bank before three years or more and whose accounts are
(SANJEEVANI) closed / or regular/standard (IRAC) and who have paid a minimum of 2 yearly or 4 HY installments. Classification:
FINANCE FOR REPAIRS, Direct Finance to Agriculture under Priority Sector.Facility: Agricultural Term Loan. Quantum of Loan: Repairs: Up to a Maximum of Rs. 50,000/-.
Addition of new implements: Up to a Max of Rs. 1 lac . The loan limit should be to the extent by which the existing loan has been
IMPLEMENTS reduced. Margin: Up to Rs.50, 000 – NIL. Above Rs.50,000 - 15-25% of invoice price. Security: Upto Rs. 50,000/- Primary - Hypothecation of
ETC. TO TRACTORS tractor. Collateral – NIL. Above Rs. 50,000/-Primary - Hypothecation of tractor. Collateral –Mortgage / Charge over the Land. DSCR – 1.75%.
Upfront fees: Up to Rs. 2 lacs Nil.
Inspection Charges: Up to Rs.25,000/- - Nil. Over Rs 25,000/-& up to Rs. 2 lacs - Rs.500/- p.a. (Refer e-Cir 602 dt 30.11.09)
19 SBI Advantage Car Purpose: TL & OD for purchase of new car with minimum loan of Rs 5 lacs. Eligibility: Age – 21 to 65 yrs for sanction of loan, repayment before
Loan 70 yrs, individuals with regular source of income. NAI Rs 2.50 lacs p.a., NMI/EMI Ratio: 50%. Ratio may be relaxed by AGM up to 70%, if NAI above
A Scheme for Affluent Rs 10 lacs. Authorised Brs: All RACPCs, RCPCs, PBBs, Super Circle of Excellence Brs, Dist HQ Brs and Brs authorized by RMs. Loan Amt: Min Rs 5
customers will target mid- lacs, Max 48 times of NMI for salaried, 4 NAI as per ITR for others. Margin: 15 %. Repayment: max 7 yrs in EMIs/ PDCs. Interest: Upto 3 yrs – 1%
size car above segments. < SBAR, Above 3 to 5 yrs – 0.75% < SBAR, Above 5 to 7 yrs – 0.5% < SBAR. Spl concession of 0.10% under Plus schemes (HL, Auto, Festival, Saral
& Credit Khazana), 0.25% for customers eligible under Corporate Salary Package, but ALL concessions should not exceed 0.25%. Penal Int @ 2% on
entire loan outstanding for the period of default or amt prepaid. Processing fee: Upfront, when sanctioned 0.5% of loan Min Rs 500 max Rs
10000, when rejected 25% of fee will be retained subject to min Rs 500 max Rs 2500. Security: Hypo of vehicle, No other security. If spouse
5 Deposit & Advances Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life – Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM,SBI, SPB Branch,
income taken into a/c, he/she should be made co-borrower. Documentation: As applicable in SBI EZEE Car loan scheme. Insurance:
Comprehensive in name of borrower for the market value or 10% above the loan amt whichever is higher, Bank’s interest to be noted. Processing
Time: TAT – 2 days. Service charge to Car dealers – flat 1.5%. For further details – e-Cir 495 dt 14.10.2009.
20 TINY CARD – Self A Biometric enabled, chip based Tiny card to SHGs, as a group, while its individual members will get existing SBI Tiny Cards. The SHG Office bearers
Help Group as identified by the group after KYC compliance will perform the transactions through Customer Service Points (CSP) outlet of Bnak appointed
Business Correspondent (BC) or at Point of Transactions (PoT) – For details Refer e-Cir 469 dt 05.10.2009
21 SBI TINY SB-cum- Purpose: General purpose loan to provide hassle free credit to low income gr holding SB Tiny Card to meet their exigencies without insistence on
OD A/C security, purpose or end-use of the credit. Eligibility: SBI Tiny Card holders of last 6 months. Satisfactory transactions in SB A/c. Routing all income
R: As per RBI Guidelines to through a/c. Max age of applicant – 60 yrs. Facility: Savings Bank-cum- Overdraft A/c. Loan Amount: Higher amt either 4 times of avg monthly
provide affordable/ low cost income of last 6 months or 4 months net monthly income assessed by branch, min Rs 1000, max Rs 25000. Repayment: max 24 EMIs from one
credit to low income group/
month after disbursement. DP reduced monthly. Security & Processing fee: Nil. Interest: 2% above SBAR, monthly rest. Disbursement: By
underprivileged section of the
society with purpose of sanctioning limit in SB A/c. Documents: Application form, Documents as per KYc norms, Passport size photographs, Proof of Income/ Asset &
Financial inclusion. Liability. Specific arrangement letter & DP Note, DPN Delivery letter. Inspection & Follow-up: As in Personal Loans. Authorised Branches: Link
branches where the SB Tiny of the customer is maintained. For more details, Refer e-Cir 468 dated 05.10.2009
22 SBI TINY R D Segment: Personal. Type of A/c: RD A/c on biometric smart cards issued to individuals. Eligibility: Single individual only, who have already
Account opened SBI Tiny SB A/c with us. Only one a/c per customer. Availiable at Customer Service Points (CSPs) of Bank appointed Business
R: To popularize the smart Corresspondents. Initial Deposit Amount: Rs 10 in cash. Monthly Installments: Any amount, multiple deposits in a month. Tenure: Fixed period of
card based products & also to 36 months. KYC Norms: As alid down by RBI for “No Frill A/c”. Interest: As in 3 yrs TD Rate, compounded quarterly on monthly products. Pre-
achieve the social objectives,
payment attracts 1% penalty. Operation of A/c: Simlified Account opening. Transaction by smart card at CSP. No penalty for non payment of any
Bank has launched a new RD
product with more flexibility. amt. No debit allowed other than pre payment or payment on maturity. No pass book, Mini statement with last 10 transactions. Nomination:
Available. Grievances Redressal: A designated Officer called Channel Manager will attend to any card holders complaints within 21 days. (Refer e-
Cir 438 dt 25.09.09)
23 SBI Micro Loan for Rationale: To promote the CGTMSE cover and offer a bundled product in order to increase the number of Micro Enterprises units getting collateral
Micro Enterprises – A free credit from the bank. Eligibility: Micro Enterprises as defined by the MSMED Act, excl Mfg & services trade. Max Loan: Rs 5.00 lacs.
branded variant of Purpose: Working capital & Equipment purchase. Facility: Demand Loan repayable in 3 yrs. Screeing & Assessment: As per SME Credit card
SME Credit Card. Scheme. Annual submission of Stock statemnt and Un-audited balance sheet. Interest: 8 % fixed with CGTMSE Cover. Security: Primary – Current
Product Codes: SSI – 6310- & Fixed Assets acquired out of Bank of Finance. Collateral – NIL except Promoter’s Gurantee, however unencumbered assets of the unit being
1101 financed may be taken. Processing & Inspection charges waived. CGTMSE fee to be recovered. Scheme is available upto 31.03.10 for sanction &
SBF – 6320- disbursment. For further details –e-Cir 267 dt 27..07.09.
24 SBI Personal Loan Rationale: In view recent growth in pension after implementation of 6th Pay Commission, it has been decided to formulate a new scheme for
to Affluent affluent pensioners to cater their personal needs & matching their repaying capacity. Eligibility: All Central/ State/ SBI Pensioners mentioning
Pensioners pension a/cs or drawing pension by chq payable on us, should not be more than 72 yrs. Family Pensioners: Spouse authorized to receive pension
after death, should be more than 65 yrs. Loan Amt: Max 12 months net pension max Rs 3 lacs. Family Pensioners: max 9 months of net family
pension with ceiling of Rs 1.50 lacs, EMI < 25 % of net pension. Collateral Security: TPG of Spouse/ others good for the value. Family Pensioners:
TPG of person maintaining satisfactory a/c with us preferably son/ daughter. Repayment: Upto 70 yrs – 36 months, age at time of full repayment
73 yrs. For 70-72 yrs – 24 months, age at time of full repayment 74 yrs. Pensioners to submit PAN or 15 H before availing this loan.
For Further details – e-Cir 223 dt 11.07.09.
25 DEFENCE SALARY A tie-up with Indian Army with 12.40 lacs Personnels on line of our existing Corporate Salary Package. 4 Variants: 1. DSP –Silver – covers
PACKAGE (DSP) – Personnel below Officer Rank or Civilian Staff. 2. DSP –Gold – Major, Captain, Lts and Civilian Officers. 3. DSP – Diamond – Lt Col & Cols. 4. DSP
ARMY with 4 – Platinum – Brigadier & Above.
Variants- KYC Formalities for all 4 variants: Compulsory – proof of ID as First ID field and proof of address as 2nd ID Proof, Letter of Army Unit if other Add

6 Deposit & Advances Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life – Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM,SBI, SPB Branch,
DSP –Silver: P Code proof not available.
1092-1431 Min Balance required: NIL. Life Time Unique Account number available under all variants. ATM-cum-Debit Card: Domestic card to Silver,
DSP –Gold: Code 1092 International Gold Card to others. Free of cost. Free Add on card to spouse. No Annual Maintenance charge. Unlimited Transactions allowed max Rs
1441, 40000 a day to Silver & Rs 50000 ($ 1000) for others. Internet Banking: Free, Charges applicable for 3rd party site like Railway etc. Core Power:
DSP –Diamond: 1092 Transaction at Non-home Brs – Free. Transfer of funds between SBI Brs – Free for DSP A/c holders, charges applicable to beneficiary for trasfer
1451, above Rs 20000/-. Cheque Book: Unlimited, free except applied for EMIs to other Banks. Multi-City Cheque –Leaf & Payment charges – Free. Easy
DSP –Platinum: 1092 Overdraft upto 2 months Net Salary, payable with 6 months, can be converted to personal loan payable in 48 months. Draft Issue per month
1461. with a ceiling of Rs 50000 per draft – 5 (Silver), 10 (Gold), 25 (Diamond), Unlimited (Platinum). RTGS/ NEFT – Free. Free Pass Book updation at non-
home Brs. Int on Personal, car and home loans except Happy HL for 1st 12 months or SBI Easy HL & SBI Advantage HL for first 36 months – 50 bp
below card rate (Refer e-Cir 235/ 15.07.09). 5% concession in margin on Home loan. Free Processing charge in P Seg loans. For further details –
Master e-Circular 150 dt 08.06.09.
26 SBI EZEE CAR LOAN For new car only. The scheme is extended to 31.03.2010 on following Conditions– Interest: 1st Yr – 8% Fixed, 2nd & 3rd Yr– 10% Fixed. After 3rd yr–
Card Rate on the date of sanctionon flating basis. No other Int concession. Reset of Interest on anniversary date of loan as applicable on the date
of sanction. Processing Fee: 0.50% of the loan amt. (Refer e-Cir 190 dt 27.06.09 & 441 dt 29.09.09)
27 SBI Hi-Five Home Amount – Max Rs 5 lacs. Loan Term: Max 120 months incl moratorium period. Interest Rate: 8% p.a. Fixed Rate for first 60 months, 61 months
Loan onwards, the rate will be reset with Floating rate at 2.75% below SBAR or Fixed rate of 1.25% below SBAR. Fixed rate shall be arrived at on the
New product introduced basis of SBAR prevailing the time of reset. (Ref e-Cir 300 dt 10.08.2010)
specially for SBI My Home
Campaign 8.8.9 to 7.11.9
28 SBI Ezee Home Launched on 01.07.09. The product is designed to address the customers’ need for HL at affordable int rates & a fair amt of certainty about loan
Loan repayment obligations over a peiord of time. Facility: TL or OD as in SBI MaxGain (OD available for Loan above Rs 5 lacs). Max Loan: Rs 50 lacs.
Product codes: 6250-2060 Interest Rates: 1 Yr from the date of disbursement – 8% Fixed , next 2nd & 3rd yrs – 8.5% Floating rate after 3 yr 2.75% below SBAR.

(SBI Easy Fixed Int (TL), Repayment: EMI to be adjusted as per rate of int applicable in 1st, 2nd & afterwards. Features other than mentioned above will be as in case of SBI
6250-2160 (Easy Float Home loan Scheme. For details - e-Cir 186 dated 26.06.2009.
Rate (TL), 6050-2015 (SBI SBI Easy HL ( wef 1st April 2010)Ma x Loan: Rs 50 lacs, Facility – OD(Maxgain) or TL, Interest: 8% -1st yr, 9% -2nd & 3rd Year, After 3rd yr -
Easy –OD) Floating Rate – 1.75% < SBAR i.e. 10.00 or Fixed Rate – 0.75% < SBAR, with reset frequency of 5 yrs. (Refer e-Cir 869/ dt 29.03.10)
29 SBI Advantage The product is designed to address the customers’ need for HL at affordable int rates & a fair amt of certainty about loan repayment obligations
Home Loan over a peiord of time. Facility: Term Loan. Loan Amt.: More than 50 lacs. Int Rates: 1st Yr – 8% Fixed, 2nd and 3rd Yr – 9.%, after 3 yrs – Floating:
Product Codes; 6250-2058 1.75% < SBAR, Fixed: 0.75% < SBAR with reset frequency of 5 yrs. Repayment: EMI to be adjusted as per rate of int applicable in 1 , 2 &
st nd

Adv HL (Fixed), 6250-2158 afterwards. Features other than mentioned above will be as in case of SBI Home loan Scheme. For details - e-Cir 187 dated 26.06.2009.
Adv HL (Float) Revised Instruction During SBI My Home Campaign: Loan Amt: Rs 50 lacs, Facility: TL, Interest – 8% (1st yr), 9% (2nd & 3rd yr), After 3rd yr –
1.75% < SBAR – 10% (Floating), 0.75% < SBAR (Fixed) with reset frequency of 5 yrs. (Refer e-Cir 869 dt 20.03.2010)
30 ‘SBI SHAKTI’ Presently we have 5 types of CA for non-individuals – Power Pack, Power Gain, Power Jyoti, Sahaj & Normal CA. First 2 are premium a/cs, in which
Current A/c – For SME customers gets various concessions for maintaining stipulated Quarterly Avg balance. Power Jyoti is for Instiutions, Trusts etc for their collection
Customers. needs. Sahaj with QAB of Rs 1000 for small SME entrepreneurs. For normal CA min balance stipulation is Rs 10000/-. Many SME Customers are
finding it difficult to maintain a QAB of Rs 1 lacs and normal CA does not gives added services. Keeping this into consideration and competing with
Product Code: 5081-2401
the similar products of other banks, SBI Shakti a new CA product is designed with QAB of Rs 20000 with certain concessions. Penalty for non-
maintainence of QAB– Rs 750 per qtr. Cash Deposits/ withdrawal at Home Br – Unlimited, Cash Deposit/ WD at non-home br – Max Rs 20000 on
charge of Rs 100 per transaction. Deposit of Chq & clg instruments at Home/ Non-home br, issuance of BDs/ B chq/ Pay Orders, Remittances at
concessional rates. CINB – Free. Multi-city Chq, NEFT & RTGS available at normal charges. Penalty on closure of a/c within 12 months – Rs 750. (e-
Cir 115 dt 18.05.2009)
31 SBI Happy-Home Rationale: For stimulating growth in residential real estate and related sectors in the economy, it has been decided to provide to the genuine
7 Deposit & Advances Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life – Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM,SBI, SPB Branch,
Loan needy buyers to buy dwelling units by freezing interest at 8% p.a. for a period of 1 yr on all new Home loans. Eligibility: All Home loans to public
incl take-overs sanctioned on or after 02.02.09 and atleast partially disbursed on or before 30.09.09 incl SBI Spl HL.
Date of closure: Interest Rate freezed at 8.00% (Fixed) upto 30.09.2010. After that interest will reset as per regular contracted rate. Repayment: EMI set at 8%
30.06.2009 (Refer e-Cir
in first 12 months; EMI will be reset on outstanding balance after 12 months. Loan Amount: To be worked on regular contracted rate after 12
179 dated 25.0.2009)
month. Processing Fee: waived upto 30.09.09. (e-Cir 657 dated 04.02.2009)
32 SBI Lifestyle Loan Rationale: To meet any short-term expenditure, except speculative investments, which adds comfort to the life style of the borrower (like vacation
– travel, purchase of gold & lifestyle goods etc) with satisfactory repayment record. Eligibility: Satisfactory repayment of HL, minimum 5 EMIs
For existing HL repaid, Standard Asset. This loan may be availed by HL borrower or spouse guaranteed by HL Borrower. Loan Amount: 10% of HL, min Rs 10000
max Rs 5 lacs. Interest: 8% (Fixed). Tenor: 24 months. Type: Demand Loan. Repayment: in 24 EMIs. Modality: Offer letter to be sent to eligible
HL Borrowers. Processing Fee: NIL. Sanctioning Authority: Home Branch. Documents: Acceptance of offer, D P Note, DP Note Delivery letter,
It has been decided to
extend the offer upto 30th Guarantee Agreement, if applicable. TAT: Same day. Validity of offer: On or before 30.09.09. Disbursement: Through SB/ CA or Prepaid cards.
Sept 2009 (e-Cir 75/ (Refer e-Cir 657 dated 04.02.2009)
33 SBI Special Home Rationale: Scheme was launched for stimulating growth in economy in response of GOI & RBI and as per IBA guidelines. Focus on a degree of certainty and
affordability to repay over longer period (20 yrs) at fixed rate with reset of 5 yrs instead of 2 yrs. Product available – Upto 30.06.2009. Purpose: Purchase/
Loan – construction/ renovation* (*Under SBI Freedom only) of old/ new house/ flat/ plot of land** (**repay as per SBI Realty Scheme) together with registration & stamp
For small ticket HL duty. Eligibility: Single persons only, Resident or PIOs above 18 yrs with regular verifiable income in last 2 yrs, incl SBI Staff. Type of Loan: Term Loan or Overdaft
Borrowers. (as per SBI Maxgain for loans above Rs 5 lacs). Max Loan Amount: Rs 20 lacs. Interest: Loan upto Rs 5 lacs: 8.5% p.a., Above Rs 5 lacs: 9.25% p.a. fixed rate with
Date of Launch: reset every 5 years. Risk based or any special concession on interest not applicable. Margin: Loan upto Rs 5 lacs – 10%, Above Rs 5 lacs to 20 lacs – 15%. Tenor:
16.12.2008. 20 yrs or 70 yrs of age whichever earlier. Repayment: In EMIs. EMI/ NMI ratio in Home Loan. Processing Fee – waived. Other terms & conditions as per Home Loan
Scheme. (Refer e-Cir 572 dated 23.12.2008)
34 SME Help Rationale: To extend concession and relief to the SME units facing constraints in current slowdown to meet the crises till the economy takea a turn for the better.
Purpose: Funding urgent/ additional need of machines/ tools/ Gen-sets and other fixed assets. Eligibility: All satisfactory a/cs with Fund based limit upto Rs 10 crs,
subject to – earned profit in last 3 yrs, regular submission of SS & Financials, timely renewal, and satisfactory Debit/ Credit summations. Type: Term Loan. Period
of Loan: 5 years. Margin: 15%. Interest: 8% p.a. for 1 year, thereafter normal rate. Repayment: Moratorium for 6 months, in which int to be serviced Security:
All existing/ new fixed assets, collateral if available. Insurance: All acquired assets to be covered. Other features. 1. This loan on merit on case to case basis. 2.
Sanction as per discretionary power vested. (Refer e-Cir 645/
29.01.2009) Scheme extended to 31.03.2010 (e-Cir 733/ dt 08.02.2010)
35 SME Care Rationale: This scheme was launched in order to ease the liquidity position of the SME units and to tide over the current downturn/ slowdown till the normal pace
of economy. Purpose: For holding higher inventory/ increased carry period of receivables upto 6 months. Eligibility: All satisfactory a/cs with Fund based limit
upto Rs 10 crs, subject to – earned profit in last 3 yrs, regular submission of SS & Financials, timely renewal, and satisfactory Debit/ Credit summations. Facility:
WCDL (Working Capitla Demand Loan). Limit: 20% of the existing fund based working capital limits. Period of Loan: 1 year. Appraisal: As per realistic projection
of cash flow for 1 yr. Margin: As per existing loan. Interest: 8% from the date of launch of scheme (e-Cir 672/ 11.02.09) Repayment: Moratorium for 6 month, in
which only interest to be serviced. Entire loan to be liquidated in next 6 months in monthly/ quarterly installments. Security: All existing securities. Other
features: 1. Facility to be extended on case to case basis. 2. Sanction of loan – Upto Rs 2 Crs by Branch AGM/ RBO /CPC, Loans upto Rs 1 Cr Branch CM/ RBO/ CPC.
Put up for control as per Delegation of Powers. (Refer e-Cir 534/ 03.02.2008) Scheme extended to 31.03.2010 (e-Cir 733/ dt 08.02.2010)
Note: SME Care was formulated to assist the SME Units with fund based limits up to Rs 10 Crs. However, some units, which fall beyond the threshold limit of Rs 10 Crs, have also been equally affected by the downturn
facing liquidity crunch. Specials relief and concessions may be offered to those units as –
1. Short Term adhoc limits for purchase of bulk raw materials not exceeding 180 days. 2. Rephase TL on case-to-case basis within overall loan policy of the bank. 3. Fresh TL under Short Corporate Loan to meet any
contingent liability. 4. Reduction in margin of receivables and extended credit on receivables upto 6 months. 5. Funding of Cash losses and/ or interest, working capital irregularity by way of STL with waiver of penal interest.
Besides the above, units needing long term loan may be covered by bank’s sch for rehabilitation or CDR Mechanism. (e-Cir 777 dated 30.03.2009)
36 Financing JCB Purpose: Term loan for purchase of construction equipments viz. loaders, excavators, cranes etc manufactured by JCB India. Eligibility:
Machines – For Individual/ Firms/ Companies engaged in construction works. Loan Amount: Min Rs 15 lacs, Max Rs 100 lacs. Tenure: Upto 4 years, incl 3 months
moratorium. Margin: 25% for borrower new in this line buying first machine, 15% in case of buyers have upto 9 machines, 5% for buyers having
SME Units.
more than 9 machines. Interest: SB 1 to SB 5 (New): SBAR, SB 6 to SB 9 (New): 50 bps above SBAR. Security: Primary – Hypo of tools financed by
Product Name:

8 Deposit & Advances Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life – Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM,SBI, SPB Branch,
Construction Equipment bank, Registration with ROC if vehicle; Installment by SI/ PDC (3 PDC must in case of SI). Collateral – Hypo of other tools, mortgage of property
Loan (CEL) – JCB India
atleast 25% of loan. Assessment: As in TL. Disbursement: Direct to Suppliers. Repayment: In EMIs. Penal Interest: 2% of amount and for the
Period of Scheme: Upto period in default. Inspection: HY. Insurance: Comprehensive fav SBI, policy as ‘loss payee’. Processing, prepayment, inspection and all other
31.03.2010. charges – at Card rates. All other terms & conditions as applicable like in SME Advances.
(Refer e- Cir 627/ 16.01.2009)
37 Prime Minister’s Introduction: GOI has approved a new credit linked subsidy programme called PMEGP by merging 2 schemes in operation till 31.03.08 namely PMRY (Prime
Employment Minister’s Rojgar Yojna) and REGP (Rural Employment Generation Programme) for generating employment through micro-enterprises in rural as well as urban areas.
Generation Programme This is a Central Sector scheme, administered by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and implemented by KVIC (Khadi Village Industries Commission).
(PMEGP) Rationales/ Objectives: 1. To generate employment in rural & urban areas by setting self-employment ventures. 2. To bring together widely dispersed traditional
artisans/ rural & urban un-employed youths and give them self-employment opportunities. 3. To give continuous and sustainable employment to arrest migration of
rural youth to urban areas. 4. To increase wage-earning capacity of artisans to increase growth rate in rural & urban areas. Eligibility: 1. Any individual above 18
yrs. 2. No income ceiling. 3. Educational Qualification for project above Rs 10 lacs in mfg / Rs 5 lacs in business/ service sector – atleast VIII pass. 4. New Project
sanctioned under PMEGP only. 5. SHGs incl belonging to BPL & not availing benefits under any other scheme. 6. Institution regd under Societies Registration Act
1860. 7. Production of Co-operative Societies. 8. Charitable Trusts. 9. Existing units under PMRY/ REGP or any GSS availing subsidy are not eligible. 10. One person
from one family. Family includes self and spouse. Other Elgibility Criteria: 1. Relevant Caste certificate. 2. Certified copy of bye-laws of the institution for Margin
Money (Subsidy) claim. 3. Project without capital expenditure is not eligible. Project above Rs 5 lacs not requiring Working capital, needs clearance from Controller.
4. Cost of land should not be included in Project. 5. All new viable micro-enterprises incl village industries. Quantum of Loan: Max cost of Project under mfg sector
Rs 25 lacs, under business/ service sector is Rs 10 lacs. Margin: 10% (General), 5% (SC, ST, OBC, Minorty, Women, Ex-serviceman, Phycally handicapped, NER, Hill
and Border Areas. Subsidy: General – 15% (Urban), 25% (Rural), Others as above: 25% (Urban), 35% (Rural). Implementing Agencies: Nodal Agency at national
and state level – KVIC. & DIC in rural areas, Banks & Financial Institutions etc. Identification of beneficiaries: done at district level by a Task Force consisting
representatives of KVIC, DIC and Banks headed by DC. After conduct of Entrepreneur Development Programme training, the beneficiary will deposit owner’s
contribution with bank. Margin Money (Subsidy) claim will be submitted the Bank after partial/ full finance. Released Subsidy will be kept in TD for 3 yrs fav the
beneficiary. No interest on TD and corresponding amount of loan. Subsidy kept in TD will be transferred to loan a/c after 3 yrs.
(For further details see ‘Guidelines on PMEGP’ on RBI website)
38 SBI KRISHAK UTHAN Rationale: To provide easy access to short term production and consumption credit to meet genuine requirements of tenant farmers, share croppers and oral
YOJNA – Sch for lessee having no recorded land records or written document and increase their income from agl activities. Eligibility: Tenant Farmers, sharecroppers with recorded
financing Tenant tenancy rights and Oral lessee. Permanent resident proof of atleast 2 yrs. Migratory tillers not allowed. Purpose: Purchase of improved seeds, fertilizers, pesticides,
Farmers, Share hire of tractors, electric & irrigation cost, part of consumption. Facility: Revolving CC – Annual Review and renewal once in 3 yrs. Limit: Max Rs 50000/- on the
Croppers & Oral basis of – an affadavit as proof for cultivation of crop, cultivated land area incl consumption need (20% of production limit) + 20% of production limit as immediate
Lessee: New Product need after harvest for next sowing or for self-consumption. Margin: Nil. Disbursement: 20% on sanction rest in phases as per need. Documents: DP Note (COS
for FINANCIAL 229), DPN take delivery letter, Arrangement Letter. Security: Clean Loan. Repayment: Sale proceeds through CC A/c. Interest: As ACC. Sanctioning Authority:
INCLUSION As per Crop loans. Accident Insurance & other features: As per KCC. (For details refer e-Cir 431 dt 15.10.07)
39 Scheme for financing Eligibility: NGOs/ MFIs should any one – Regd Society/ Regd Trust/ Regd Company/ Non Banking F Is or any Institution engaged in micro-finance. Track Record of
Micro Finance NGO/ MFI: a. NGO/ MFI having minimum partnership of SHG/JLG –50 and individuals - 500, b. In cluster financing min membership of Federation should be 30 SHGs,
Institution (MFI)/ Non c. secular in nature, d. maintains a satisfactory & transparent accounting, MIS and Internal Audit System, e. Continuous profit in last 2 years, f. not be defaulter, g.
Govt Organisation having risk portfolio less than 5% etc. Rating of NGO/ MFI: i. Loan below Rs 200 lacs – Specific Scoring model – min 60 marks, ii. Loans above Rs. 200 lacs – Valid
(NGO) Credit Ratings (Top Four) from any Micro Credit Rating Agencies iii. Having existence of more than 2 yrs & Projected profit sufficient to meet the repayment
Rationales: To enable obligations of the Bank (Refer e-Cir 213/ 07.07.09). Nature of Facility: MTL or CC. Margin: Nil. Frequency & Quantum of Loan: Need based repeat finance
the Bank to lend to MFIs/ worked on health and business plan. Calculation of TOL/TNW: a. The loan loss provisions kept by the NGOs/ MFIs may be treated as part of TNW. B. Unsecured
NGOs for lending to SHGs loans from members of Govt Body treated as part of TNW. (Refer e-Cir 213/ 07.07.09). Rate of Interest: a. Charged by Bank – linked with SBAR. See Page – Latest
and to increase the Interest. b. To be charged by NGO/ MFI – freedom to decide reasonable rate, which is also a part of document. c. Any charge to be quoted by MFI/ NGO will also be
outreach by financing part of agreement. Repayment: TL – Monthly/ Quarterly/ HY installments on the basis of project/ purpose, max 3 yrs. CC – renewal annually. Security: Primary –
large number of SHGs in Hypo of Book debts, Collateral: Nil, however, Gurantee of Promoters and charge over available assets to be explored. Documents: Specfied Application,
cost effective manner, Arrangement letter, Articles of Agreement and Deed of Gurantee. Sanctioning Authority: Not below AGM. (For Further details See e-Cir 476 dt. 05.11.07 &
supplementing the efforts 593 dt 02.01.2009)
of in financing SHGs.

9 Deposit & Advances Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life – Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM,SBI, SPB Branch,
40 CONSTRUCTION Eligibility: Firms/ Cos engaged in Construction with min SB-3 rating or equivalent in new model. Quantum of Loan: Min – Rs 25 lacs (e-Cir 83 dated 10.05.2008),
EQUIPMENT LOAN – For Max – Rs. 25 Crs (Metroes – Rs 50 Crs). Tenure: 2 to 3 years from first disbursement, can be extended to 4 yrs on merit. Margin: 15 – 20% in case of SB 1 and SB 2
financing New Machinery/ borrowers, 20-25% for others. Interest: For SB 1 & SB 2 borrowers – 1.5% below SBAR, Others – 1.25% below SBAR. No further concessions allowed. Security:
Equipments/ Vehicles for Primary – Hypo of Equipment/ Vehicle, Pre-payment cheques for Principal amount. Collateral: Hypo of other unencumbered Equipment or Mortgage of atleast 25% of
construction activities. the loan. Assessment: As per TL. Documents: Revised SME documents. Disbursement: Payment direct to Suppliers in several tranches (one tranch not below
10%) within a year. Repayment: In EMI, variable repayment on cash flow if so desires. Processing charges: For SB 1 & SB 2 borrowers: Rs. 200 per lac. For
others – Rs 300 per lac. Max Rs 10 lacs. SA may reduce upto 50% on business considerations. Documentation charges: SB 1 & 2 Borrowers – Rs 5000, Others – Rs
10000. Pre-payment charges: 1% of amount pre-paid. Penal Interest: 1% (SB1 & 2), 2% (Others) per month for amount in default. Insurance: Comprehensive
with endorsement in fav of SBI on the policy as “loss payee”. Inspection: Half Yearly, may be waived by SA. Review: Annually. Branches: All. (Ref e-Cir 705
dt 04.03.08, 83 dt 10.05.2008).

41 CARBON CREDIT PLUS – Eligibility: Existing Corporate or non-corporate customers with ratings of SB3/ SBTL3 and above (SB1 – SB7 in new CRA Model). Consider Non-customers on
Loan against CER selective basis. Purpose: For any genuine commercial purpose in line with regular business activity. CERs - are tradeable instruments, which are purchased by the
(Certified Emission developed countries to meet their emission reduction target under the protocol. One unit of CER is one tonne equivalent of Carbon dioxide emission reduction.
Reduction) Quantum of loan, Appraisal & Assessment: Minimum –Rs 1 Crore. Loan not exceed 60% of total selling price for anticipated Carbon Emissions Reductions
Receivables. (CERs) upto 2012 and as mentioned in the ERPA (Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement) and terms sheet signed between the buyer and the seller. Pricing: As
per CRA, Competitive pricing on usual terms. Margin: 40%. Repayment: Max 5 years or residual period of ERPA whichever is earlier. Security: Primary – Hypo of
future CER Receivables. Collaterals – First (Preferably) or Second on fixed assets on pari passu basis. Personal Gurantee of Promoters/ Partners. Processing/ Other
charges: 1% of loan. Deviations: Any deviations will need prior approval of Carbon Finance Committee at Corporate Centre. Documents: Usual C&I/ SME
documents. Inspection: Quarterly or As approved. Sanctioning Authority: As in Term Loan. Factors to be examined for loan requests: Capability to
generate CERs, Buyers standing, Vetting of ERPA etc. (For further details See e-Cir 752
dated 28.03.08)

10 Deposit & Advances Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life – Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM,SBI, SPB Branch,