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Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

1. Introduction

• Background of the Study:

The research report titled as “Holcim cement Bangladesh Ltd.” is originated from the
partial requirement of the course Consumer Behavior, MkT-410. It is actually a student–
practical-learning experience. Where the students learn the application of quantitative,
qualitative evaluation, facts and observation and report writing in Consumer Behavior point
of view as well. It took nearly one week to gather relevant information and prepare
the report and has been submitted on 28 t h November 2007.

• Objective of the Study:

This report seeks overall information on the questionnaire survey, which was carried in
several retail shops, outlets. It is an attempt to draw the true picture of the Holcim cement
in Bangladesh and also to know the Consumer Behavior towards Holcim cement.
Basically there are two objectives behind doing this report and they are as follows:

The first and the foremost objective are to fulfill the partial requirement of the course
Consumer Behavior (MKT 410).
The second objective is to measure consumer behavior towards Holcim cement.

• Scope:
In our survey we like to focus on consumer perception and Holcim’s performance that are
up to the mark or not. We have to go several outlets, retail shops to find out consumer
belief about Holcim cement. The report focuses on the consumer’s belief, perception,
lifestyle etc. and currently what consumers are thinking about the Holcim Cement I also
look for the benefit that we are getting from it is proportionate in terms of our money.

• Methodology:

• Primary Data sources: We will collect the primary data sources from the several outlets,
retail shops. That is why we have contacted with the dealers, shopkeepers, who have given
me data.

• Secondary Data sources: I would also talk to the people who engaged with construction,
engineer, workers and other types of people who would help me in this regard.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

• Limitation:
Although survey is one of the best methods to find out problems and ways to solve them,
some problems may be posed during the process. Due to some limitations, there can be
some erroneous results. Although we tried our level best to eliminate error, our research did
have some limitations. These are:

• Data: Primary and secondary data obtained from sources could have been inaccurate.
Important information has been concealed.

• Improper communication: Sometimes respondents are not capable of answering question

because they cannot recollect or have never given attention to what they do and why.
Respondents may have answered the question without knowing correct answer in order to
appear smart, or they may have try to help me by giving pleasing answer.

• Time: Time is an important issue in report writing. As we have been given a specific
deadline for submission we have to work hard to perform all the research.

• Lack of educates information: There as lack of sufficient primary and secondary data.

2. History of Holcim Cement

The history of Holcim is too big to be told. So, we are describing it as much as possible.
We divided the whole lifetime of the company into two parts. One is INTRODUCTION
PERIOD and the other is EXPANTION PERIOD. Within ninety years Holcim has grown
from humble beginnings in a Swiss village to become one of the world’s leading cement
companies. The development through the years of 1912-2001 is briefly stated below.


• 1912
Holcim was founded in 1912 in the village of Holderbank, Canton Aargau. From an early
stage it became clear that the domestic market could offer only limited opportunities for

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

• 1920
By the early 1920’s the company began investing in cement businesses in other European
countries. This trend was quickly followed by investments in Egypt, Lebanon and South

• 1945
In the years following 1945, and particularly in the Fifties and Sixties, a network of
holdings began to develop in North and Latin America.

• 1970
In the 1970’s, ventures in the emerging markets of the Asia-Pacific began.

• EXPANSION PERIOD (1980-2001)

• 1980
In the 1980’s, Holcim continued to expand into new markets, including Eastern Europe. A
greater focus on aggregates and ready-mixed concrete production strengthened the
company’s position as a vertically integrated market leader.

• 1990
A strong focus on core business activities in cement, concrete and aggregates characterized
Holcim activities during the 1990’s. Continuing professional development programs for
employees, coupled with a best practices policy, ensured challenges were met with creative
solutions and company performance was enhanced. Entry into new markets, particularly
within Asia, expanded opportunities for the Group.

• 2000
The name of the Group was changed from “Holderbank Financier Glaris Ltd” to “Holcim
Ltd.” in May 2001. Today, the international presence of Holcim consists of a balanced mix
of companies in industrialized and emerging markets.

• 2001
The company began its operations in Bangladesh in 2001 by acquiring the Hyundai cement
factory in Meghnaghat in Dhaka.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

Launched in
the village of
In Europe,
. Egypt, 1945
Lebanon and Developed
in North and
Ventures in
The emerging
Markets of the

Continued to
Expand into
1990 New markets
Strong focus on 1980
Core business

Began operation
In Bangladesh

Name changed
From Holderbank
To Holcim

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

Development through Years

1912 - 2001
Mission Statement of the company

The Holcim Group is one of the largest cement companies in the world. Their vision is to provide
foundations for society's future. Their mission is to be the world's most respected and attractive
company in the industry -creating value for all their stakeholders.

• Their goals are to:

Continually set the highest standards of customer satisfaction in the industry.

Secure the strongest competitive position in the markets.
Partner with suppliers to deliver value-for-cost procurement for the Group and their customers.

Be recognized as an employer of first choice.

Empower the employees and integrate them fully into the global network.
Selectively grow their worldwide presence of companies.
Demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development.
Be acknowledged as a valued and trusted partner in their community.
Be the most recommended stock in the industry.

3. Product Profile

Holcim group makes cement and cement related products. In Bangladesh the company
focuses on the cement business. The product that I focused on is cement. Before discussing
anything else, first of all we must know what cement is.
Cement is a building material made by grinding calcined limestone and clay to a fine
powder. It acts as the binding agent when mixed with sand, gravel or crushed stone and water to
make concrete.

The main raw materials of cement are Clinker and Gypsum. Clinker is gathered by burning
limestone. Both of them create Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). To get other types of cement
various types of materials have to be added to it and their concentration varies according to cement
type. There are standards for the concentration of various materials in cement. One is EUROPEAN

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.
STANDARD and the other is AMERICAN STANDARD (ASTM). The standards are given below

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

Figure: International Standard Of Cement Document.

Holcim Bangladesh Ltd. mainly concentrates on the Portland Cement (C-150 in ASTM) and
Portland Fly Ash Cement (C-595 IP ev. MS, A, MH).
• Portland Cement (C-150 in ASTM) includes only clinkers and gypsum and may be some
minor additional materials.
• Portland Fly Ash Cement (C-595 IP ev. MS, A, MH) includes clinkers, gypsum, fly ash
and may be some minor additional materials.

• Packaging strategy:

They will try to an increased product depth. They should try delivering different quantities,
something that has never been tried before. We are proposing that Holcim starts producing
75Kg bag along with the present 50Kg bag. There are customers with a high demand. For a
buyer buying 100 bags of Holcim, it is more convenient and reasonable to buy 75Kg bags
instead of 50Kg bags. It will reduce the consumer’s cost along with Holcim’s too. Holcim
will have to deal with less wastage of bag materials while packaging. It is also beneficial
for the corporate organizations as their need and demand for cements is very high.

• Marketing Strategy:

At present the company is in a growth stage in the product life cycle as the sales of
company in the past years suggest. After its introduction in Bangladesh in 2001 the
company is still experiencing high fluctuating market. Holcim is now in a “question mark”
stage in the BCG Growth-Share Matrix. At this point the company must give attention to
its market strategy as the strategy it use will determine its future in the cement industry of
Bangladesh. For its new marketing plan that we are proposing the company should use the
Market Penetration Strategy as it will be dealing with its existing products and existing
market. Here the price will be high, but closer to the competitor’s price. This will have a
psychological effect on the consumers as they tend to think that more the price, better the
product. The company will be highly benefited from it with increasing market share.

After a while when the company has a very huge market share, may be the company can
afford to reduce the price by even a bigger amount and be the market leader. But the price
should be still high from others.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

Present Product Life Expected Product life

cycle cycle

Sales in units

Sales in units
Time Time

As the expected product life cycle suggests, Holcim is looking for high growth rate in
cement market. With better efforts and increasing sales in result, Holcim will be hopefully
the market leader.

Marketing Tactics

Uncontrollable Factors:

Product strategy
The company must assure quality in all the levels of production and distribution. The
company has to concentrate on the Total Quality Management (TQM) all the way from
production to the distribution in the hands of the consumers. But the company must not
overlook the fact of cost regarding TQM. The company will have to meet the best quality
possible at all levels that is covered by the present cost with skilled employees. As skilled
employers are hard to find in our country, Holcim can train the employees so that production
capacity of each worker may increase. Company must also keep an eye on its profit scale
while doing all these things. In the short run profit may seem to decline, but in the long run
this training may prove to be fruitful.

They will try to increase the product depth and offer variety of products to the customers of
the company. It will attract more and more new customers towards the company.

Pricing Strategy:

Most customers are highly sensitive about price of the product they use. They tend to think that
if the price is more the product will be better. But if the price is too high then the customers
cannot afford it. So, the price has to be high but it has to be closer to the competitors. If this
high price can gain the trust of the consumer the company can afford to lower the price with
increase in sales volume. The company should have a long-term plan to reduce cost and then

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.
reduce price later. So, they have to use a psychological pricing approach for every product with
a little bit reduction.

Promotion Strategy:

We, by our observation and information, found out that Holcim’s Public Relation activities are
none. So, a lot of potential buyers are not even familiar with Holcim’s name. So, it can increase
Public Relation Activities through sponsoring various events, issuing massages for public

Holcim can send its representatives in different corporate organization’s office to let them
know about the quality of Holcim and benefits of buying Holcim. They will inform the
corporate organizations that the new packaging is mainly for them.

To persuade the consumers Holcim can appoint different people from construction related
businesses (like brick, sand, rod etc) as Premium Dealer. This will help Holcim and also the
people getting appointed. Those people can pass on information about the quality of Holcim
while they are selling their usual products. Holcim will have new premium dealers and those
dealers will also act as a media to the consumers

Holcim’s advertising methods are not sufficient enough for the market. The reach of its
advertising is very low. Holcim should publicize adds more often in the news paper.
Advertising positioning should such that waste is minimum and the circulation is higher. The
frequency of advertising should also be higher.

• Distribution strategy:

I observed that Holcim’s management is relatively weaker. Its main strength is its Premium
Dealers. So, we are proposing to increase its Premium Dealer in different areas; especially in
Rajshahi and Khulna. Number of Premium Dealers in that region is 3 and 1 respectively, but
the market demand is too big for these 4 premium dealers to control. So, increase in premium
dealer in these two areas is a must for the company.

Holcim can initiate a contractual agreement with retailers. They should proposing an
association of retailers, which will do the work of District Dealers (can be useful in certain
places like Rajshahi). This will reduce the retail price, which will be beneficial for the
consumers as well as to Holcim.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

Opportunities for Holcim to have more sales

Rajhshahi, Biggest Target Potential Market

Khulna, second largest potential market
Dhaka, potential profit increase

• Push and Pull Strategy:

Premium Dealer Premium Dealer

District Dealer Retailer’s Association

Retailer Retailer Retailer


Existing Market
Channel for personal Proposed Market
house builders Channel for personal
house builders

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.
Uncontrollable Factors:
The uncontrollable factors of Holcim refer to the competitors, raw material price, transportation
cost, political situation of the country and economic decisions taken by government.

The main competitors of Holcim are Shah Cement and Scan Cement. The prices of Holcim’s
competitors are much lower than Holcim.

Raw materials price:

Holcim imports its raw materials from abroad. So, a change in the exchange rate can affect
Holcim very much.

Transportation cost:
Holcim uses different transportation companies for the delivery of its goods. So, Holcim has to
cope up with the transportation charge it faces in the market.

Political situation of the country:

In Bangladesh the political situation is very unstable. Strikes hamper production and result
sometimes even in a loss for the company.

Economic decisions taken by government:

Government may take different steps like tax rate change etc. for betterment of the country.
This will affect Holcim like all others.

4. Profile of the Target Market

Holcim Bangladesh Ltd. Mainly targets the customers who are very much brand loyal.
Holcim prefers to work with them because they believe in the company and they will always
support the company. Holcim also prefers those customers who pay their dues on time. Most of the
buyers of our country are not that much regular when it comes to paying bills. So, the company
prefers to deal with this sentient customer.
For the cement business in Bangladesh Holcim customers are two types. The first is
corporate organizations like real estate companies, big construction firms, government
construction departments etc. And the second is personal house builders. Majority of Holcim’s
customer is in the personal house builder market.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

Personal House

7% 93%

All the reasons for choosing the personal house builders are given below –

Cash payment
Brand loyalty
Respond to marketing mix quicker than corporate organizations
More in number compare to the corporate organizations

Sales in defferent re gions

1% 2% Barisal
13% Chittagong
12% Rajshahi

Figure: percentage of sale of all Division

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.
• Demographic Factor:
• Age:
Age is a big factor in the sense of cement consumption because cement is the concern of
adult people to some extend. Holcim is not so popular in Bangladesh and they have mainly
targeted Personal House Builders and Corporate level customer. From our findings
cement consumption rate is high in the age level of 20 years to 35, lowest in the range is
less than 20 years. But if we consider as a whole we find that 40% consumer age with in
the range between 20 year to 35 year.


21% 19%

less then 20y


20% More then 50y


Figure: percentage of Age of the Sample.

• Gender:

In Bangladesh cement is mostly used by male but we have satisfactory female consumed as
well. As Bangladesh is a male dominated country. So this kind of decisions has taken by
the male usually. The respondents we surveyed were most of them are male which 86%.
Only 14% respondent are women.








Male Female
Question: 2 13
Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

• Social Factor:

• Average Monthly Income and Occupation:

Monthly income is one of the important matters to understand consumer behavior. Form our
findings 45% is the highest who has 20000-30000 and 16% who has less than 10000 – 20000
incomes per month. There are19 % people who have 30000-40000 income per month which is
satisfactory result. In case future occupation 36 of the people wants to be Business, still they are
engage in this area. 35% are being private job holder.

In co me

100% 10
8 11% 9%
80% Other
70% 33
No o f 60% Teac her 16% le s s th e n 1 0 0 0 0
Par ticip an ts 40% 35 Priv ate Serv 19% 1 0 0 0 0 -2 0 0 0 0
30% Bus ines s
20% 2 0 0 0 0 -3 0 0 0 0
10% Gov t.s erv ic e
3 0 0 0 0 -4 0 0 0 0
1 Mo re th e n 4 0 0 0 0
P r e fe r ab le Jo b

Figure: Percentage of Income and Future plan of the sample people.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

5. External Influences on the Purchase of Holcim

Culture is perhaps the most pervasive influence on the consumer behavior. Culture is the
distinctive way of life of a people, their complete design for living, thinking. Cultural factors
play a very important role for purchasing any kind of product. With out mix and match with
the culture a product will not be abed to survive in the market.

• Relevant cultural values

The important values that affect the purchase of Holcim cement are:

• Status: Status is one of the cultural values that effect the purchasing of Holcim. As its price
is very high and the quality is high so we can understand that Holcim cement user where
belonging to.

• Brand awareness: As cement is not use frequently for the general people. So it is must
that give the Holcim name in a way that when ever consumer thinking about buying cement
first name has to be in mind is Holcim cement.

• Nonverbal Communication:
The Holcim does not follow proper strategy in our country. The company has a little
communication activities through there distribution. The company usually uses two colors.
Red and black. Red is a symbol of chemical factor and black reflect the strong. So, after
comical mixing its make a strong construction.

• Purchase of Holcim:

Affection is import for cement purchase. It is the knowledge about a particular product.
53% people buy Holcim cement for its brand image which is the highest and 8% people
buy Holcim cement for its status which is the lowest.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.
Favorites TV program






10.0% 19.0%

10.0% 10.0%

Easy Low price Brand image Available Status

People Purchase Holcim For

• Advice when buy cement:

For the high involvement product advice is often taken. Advice is usually taken from the
expert, engineer, salesman and any known person who have the knowledge about cement.
Form our survey 63% respondent take advice from the engineer which is the highest and
8% respondent take advice from the sales man which is the lowest.







% 1

nds E
eer O
ion S

Figure: people chose advice from difference way.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

6. Implication for Consumer Behavior

• 6.1 perception consists of three stages:

• Exposure
• Attention
• Interpretation

• 1. Exposure:

Occurs when a stimulus, such as a TV advertisement of HOLCIM, comes within the range
of an individual’s sensory receptor nerves.

• Billboard: Some billboard is shown in few areas of Dhaka city, Rajshahi city, Chittagong
city and rural places just to give a reminder about the Holcim cement.
Street cabinet: through the street cabinet Holcim is giving exposure to the people.
Colorful flyer or poster: In the cement shop, over the road Holcim cement flyer and poster
is used for exposure.

• 2. Attention:
Occurs when the stimulus activates one or more sensory receptor nerves, and the resulting
sensations go to the brain for processing.
Is extremely selective.
Ads should be designed in such a way so as to capture attention effectively.
Always occurs in the context of the situation. The same individual may devote different
levels of attention to the same stimulus in different situations.
Therefore, attention is determined by three factors- the stimulus, the individual, and the

• Stimulus factors:
Are physical characteristics of the stimulus itself.The stimulus factors that influence
capturing the consumer’s attention to Holcim cement and billboard are-

• Size and intensity:

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.
Billboard is the best example of this stimulus factor. Holcim’s billboards are usually 12*15
feet ads. This large stimuli help in gaining and holding the viewer’s attention.

• Color and movement:

Holcim logo is an eye-catching color. The colors primary used in the logo are:
Red over Black –
• Position: Billboard is usually placed in the road side where the natural beauty is getting a
great attention.
• Format: Holcim messages are presented so as to make people aware that this cement is
good for longer construction.

• Individual factors:
The exposure is such that they arouse an interest or need on the part of the consumer to try
out the product. Needs and interest are the primary individual characteristics that influence
attention. Individuals seek out and examine information relevant to their current needs and
interest. Thus, when a person tends to buy a cement, he needs to get attracted by the cement
properly positioned in the street cabinet and which cement quality are good and high

• Situational factors:
When consumer go to cement shop which cement are available in the shop. Those cements
are available then feel more attention those type of cement. And they buy it. Without
cement shop cements are not available any where.

• 3. Interpretation:

• Interpretation is the assignment of meaning to sensations.

• The entire message, including the context in which it occurs, influences interpretation, as
does the situation in which the individual finds himself.

• Cognitive Interpretation:
When Holcim cement was first introduced to consumers, most probably they focused this
cement quality is high. With further experience and information, many consumers have
gained detailed knowledge about this cement.

• Affective Interpretation:
Emotional or feeling response triggered by a stimulus, such as the Holcim billboard.
When consumers see the billboard then they feel this cement is good from other cements.

• Individual characteristics
Holcim charge comparatively high price than other brand. Company say for this price, their
product quality is very good, solidification is high and durability is also high than other

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.
companies cements. Consumer believe that holcim cement is good than other cement,
that’s why he charge high price.

• Situational Characteristics:
A variety of situational characteristics influence interpretation. Temporary characteristics
of the individual

• Stimulus Characteristics:

• 6.2 Learning:
Learning is the term used to describe the processes by which memory and behavior are
changed as a result of conscious and unconscious information processing.
Consumer behavior is largely learned behavior.
Learning about Holcim cements is basically a low involvement Learning situation.

• Conditioning

• Classical conditioning:
Seeing Holcim billboard where a construction engineer [conditional stimulus-CS] elicits a
positive emotion [conditioned response- CR]

After seeing a billboard what is learned is generally not information but emotion or an affective
response. If and when this affective response leads to learning about the product or leads to a
product trail, we have this situation:


Billboard Liking


Figure: Affective response leads to learning about the product.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.
• Operant Conditioning:
Reinforcement plays a much larger role in operant conditioning than it does in classical
conditioning. Since no automatic stimulus-response relationship is involved, the subject
must first be induced to engage in the desired behavior. Then, this behavior must be

In order to influence consumer to consume Holcim cement, the company a discount for
bulk purchase, like for 20 packs cement consumer get 200tk off and for 50 packs they can
get transportation cost free and extra 1 pack cement. Mainly Holcim Company influences
to corporate level consumers.Those need large volume cement. And they provide
transportation cost, discount, etc.

• Cognitive Learning:
Cognitive Learning encompasses all the mental activities of humans as they work to solve
problems or cope with situations. Consumers have not more knowledge about cement, they
have few knowledge. For purchasing cement company use Iconic Rote type of learning.

• The strength of learning:

The strength of learning is heavily influienced by the following factors:
• Importance
• Reinforcement
• Repetation

Generally learning comes about more rapidly and lasts longer

The more important the material to be learned (caffeine content of Holcim and repurchasing
the more reinforcement (comfort) received during the consumption/ learning process and,
the greater the number of stimulus repetition that occurs.

• 6.3 Memory

There are two type of memory

• Short term memory

• Long term memory

• Short term memory:

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

• Maintenance rehearsal:
Repetation of watching billboards, ads, postering of Holcim from time to time help ensure
that Holcim stays in the forefront of an individuals memory.

• Long term Memory

• Semantic memory:
Holcim is categorized as a traditional, impulsive cement

• Episodic Memeory:
Consumer are able to ready to themselves the first time they chose Holcim, whether it was
long distance or unfavourable situation.

• Schematic Memeory:
Consumer is able to recall a web of various associations with the name Holcim.


Refreshing Mature Traditional

Success Friends

Figure: A Partical Schematic Memory of Holcim

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

7. Brand Image and Product Positioning

•Brand Image:
Brand image is a very important factor in market. If image is good then sales will must
increase, but if it is negative then it will be opposite.

• Product Positioning
Positioning is the act of designing of the company’s offering and image to occupy a
distinctive in the mind of the target market.
When some one thinks about Holcim, They know that it possesses a high quality and high
price. And always serves the world class Pizza. Anywhere in the world customer can get
the same quality and same taste. Holcim target consumer is upper class people. They are
always looking high quality product and high quality service. And Holcim always provides
it. Consumer believes it, because Holcim creates their position in consumers mind.

• Perceptual Map:

High Quality


High Price
Low Price

Low Quality

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.
• Brand Equity:
• Brand Equity is the value consumers assign to a brand above and beyond the
functional characteristic of the product
• Brand Equity is nearly synonymous with the reputation on Holcim

• 7.4 Brand Personality

This is characteristic that Holcim imbibes in it and which helps the consumers identify
them with the following characteristic of Holcim
• Traditional
• Status
• High Performance.

8. Attitude of the people show Toward


There are some people who strongly prefer the Holcim Cement. They think Holcim Cement Means
high status, quick solidification, and durable construction. They believe Holcim is better for them.
We know Holcim Cement usually targate for Personal House Builders and Corporate

• Measuring of the Cognitive Component:

The cognative component consists of the belief that the people have towards difference categories
of brand. To measure the cognative component towards Holcim we asked consumer about four
brand cement and thare ideal cement in a semantic scale. To fully evaluate it we also asked to
place there beliefs about products of Holcim . we thus compared Holcim with Shah cement . the
position of this average on the scale , the weighted of each factor and final results are given

Holcim Shah
Price Status Solidification Solidi Durable Price Status Solidification Q Solidi Durable
SUM 366 505 509 496 511 398 418 437 446 440
Average 3.66 5.05 5.09 4.96 5.11 3.98 4.18 4.37 4.46 4.4

A-I -0.63 0.24 -0.28 -0.4 -0.64 -0.31 -0.63 -1 -0.9 -1.35
I A-I I 0.63 0.24 0.28 0.4 0.64 0.31 0.63 1 0.9 1.35
w 0.2 0.1 0.2 0.2 0.3 0.2 0.1 0.2 0.2 0.3
Wt Diff 0.126 0.024 0.056 0.08 0.192 0.062 0.063 0.2 0.18 0.405
0.478 0.91

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.
Price Status Solidification Q Solidi Durable
Sum 429 481 537 536 575
Average 4.29 4.81 5.37 5.36 5.75

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
• Low Price ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ High price.
• High Status ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Low status
• High solidification ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Low solidification
• Quick solidification ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Late solidification
• Durable Construction ___ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Not Durable Construction

Given a weight of 20% is Price, Status 10%, Solidification 20%, Quick Solidification and 30%
Attitude towards Holcim: 0.478

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
• Low Price ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ High price.
• High Status ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Low status
• High solidification ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Low solidification
• Quick solidification ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Late solidification
• Durable Construction ___ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Not Durable

Given a weight of 20% is Price, Status 10%, Solidification 20%, Quick Solidification and
30% Durable. Attitude towards Shah Cement: 0.91

As we know that the closer an attitudes index calculated in this manner is to zero, the better
result. In our result we find an attitude towards Holcim is 0.478 and Shah Cement is 0.91. So we
can say people has more favourable attitude towards Holcim then Shah Cement.

• Measurement of affective component:

The affective component reflects the consumer’s perception or the emotional reaction
towards Holcim. To measure the affective component a Likert scale was use. The scale along with
total result is shown below.

Strong Agree Never Agree Disagree Strong

Agree Nor Disagree Disagree
(5) (4) (3) (2) (1)
Holcim is available 13 26 38 17 6
Solidification of 48 23 19 6 4
Cement is important

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.
Holcim is over 36 11 30 14 9
I like Holcim 21 39 26 8 6

Agrement with the statement

Holcim is available
Solidification of cement
total value

300 is important

200 Holcim is over price

100 I like Holcim


Figure: People perception about Holcim.

As we randomly make our survey so we get different category people, category in terms of
income level, occupation and age. As a result of there feeling towards Holcim is pretty much
difference that’s why our table shows that different results. Like 38 percent people never agree nor
disagree that Holcim is available ,and 48 percent people strong agree that Solidification of Cement is

• Measurement of Behavioral component:

The behavioural component tries to predict the actual behaviour of consumer that is in this case
whether they are buying Holcim, and if not, what they are buying. This was measured by asking
two questions

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.
• I will buy _________________ Cement in future.
• the last time I was purchase or use Cement _________________
• in future I will buy Holcim Cement _______________________

I w ill b u y H o lc im
L as t T im e U s e/ P u rch as e

30 27 50
26 43
25 40
20 Definitely
20 17 Rec ently No o f 30 28
No o f 6 th M onth
22 P robably
15 P a rticip a ts
P a rticip a te 10 M ight by
10 1 Y ago 10 7
5 M or than 1 Y 0 P robably W ill not buy
0 O ther 1 Definitely not
Be h a vio u r
Na m e o f th e C om pa ny

I will buy Holcim

No of 30 28
22 Probably
Participats 20
Might by
10 7
0 Probably Will not buy
1 Definitely not


Figure: People attitude about Holcim Cement.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

From the chart we can see that most of the respondents have a good image about the
Holcim Brand. So in this data reflect about the satisfaction of the people. Most of them in future
they will buy Holcim Cement .

9. How can Holcim change their attitudes____?

Holcim can change their target markets affective, cognitive and behavioral component.

• changing the cognitive

Holcim can change the consumers belief towards their products by changing beliefs sift
importance and add beliefs.

• Change beliefs

This strategy involves shifting beliefs about the brand. People have a belief that Holcim is
good quality ahd high price. As a result they sometimes purchase products from other
brands. So they can show people that why they are less in style or they can shift the belief
that Holcim is very much committed value.

• Add beliefs

Another approach to changing the component of an attitude is to add new beliefs to the
consumer’s belief structure. Holcim is made for active people not for passive.

• shifting importance

Most consumers consider some product attributes to be more important than others. Most of the
people consider status and price is the main indicators to purchase of cigarette. The sometime did
not consider cement quality and Zipsam by it. As a result, Holcim may try to shift their beliefs
from price and status to good quality and they contain 64% zipsam which is more preferable.

• Mere exposure

Holcim is a High involvement product and price is very much affordable to their target
consumer. They can use mere exposure for positive feeling in the consumers mind. As we
know that above the line promotion is not possible now so, Holcim has to go for over the
line promotion for mere exposure like posters, flyers, street caninet, cash box inner cult
which make appositive emotion toward HOLCIM.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

• Changing the behavioral component

Behavior, specifically purchase or use behavior may precede the development of cognition
and effect. Changing behavior prior to changing affect or cognition is based primarily on operant
conditioning. Holcim did it though given discount for bulk purchase.

10. Holcim s congruence with the emotion, lifestyle and self-

concept o the consumers

• Eliciting positive emotions: we previously stated that, our survey showed that the target
markets see themselves as very discipline, very traditional, thrifty and rational. They are
also delicate, mature and colorless.

• Matching self –concept: As we know that Holcim did some TV ad or newspaper ad

they should go for other promotional activity to build up positive emotions in the consumer
mind. From our survey we find that the recall rate is good for Holcim, people did not forget
the Holcim. So Holcim should go for personal promotion, trade promotion and social
welfare to build a positive emotion.

• Is Holcim projecting their self-concept?

. Holcim is more or less projecting the self-concept of the target market. The image of
Holcim is matched with the target markets self concept. Holcim always try to promotion
itself as good and traditional product. And that is going with the self-concept of the people.
Holcims target group is the middle income group and corporate level group. This group of
people is very much rational and thrifty. That is why Holcim more or less projecting the
self-concept of target market.

• Fitting into lifestyle

Lifestyle need to match with Holcim . In our country the people who are the major target of
Holcim according to the vels system can be classified as “fulfill & believer and maker”
who are the practical people. If go deeper than that, we can find that these group of people
follow the established routine, hard worker and enjoy their life after completing their job.

• Dose Holcim fit into their lifestyle:

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

Holcim mainly targeted the middle to upper middle income people. The target markets
lifestyle is more rational, traditional and thrifty. As result Holcim fits into their lifestyle.
From our survey we find this result.

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
• Organized _____ _____ _____ ____ _____ _____ _____ Unorganized
• Rational _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Emotional
• Youthful _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Mature
• Formal _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Informal
• Traditional _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Changing
• Colorfully _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Colorless
• Economical _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Expensive
• Reliable _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Unreliable
• Social _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Unsocial
• Friendly _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Congregative

Chart of Lifestyle
5 50 56 3

539 499



42 1

Organized-Unorganized Rational -Emotional

Youthful - Mature Formal - Informal
Traditional-Changing Colourful-Colourless
Ecomomical-Expensive Reliable-Unreliable
Sosal-Unsosl Friendly-Congregative

Incase of life style we evaluate the peoples about their own perception. In hare we use 7 scale
for measurements about there own Jazzmen and the result is found in 100 sample
• 5.63 is average for Organized-Unorganize. Its means they are quite Organize.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.
• 4.99 is average for Rational-Emotional. Its means they are Neutral in nature
• 4.75 is average for Youthful-Mature. Its means they are Neutral in nature
• 4.99 is average for Formal-Informal. Its means they are Neutral in nature
• 5.5 is average for Friendly-Congregative. Its means they are quite friendly.

11. Motivating customer-Holcim vs competitors

• The scenario of the market:

Holcim started its journey in the year 1912 and in Bangladesh 2001. That time it was only
the cigarette company in the market. After that so many new brands come into the market.
And as a result, competitor in the cement industry is increasing day by day. There are so
many low status brands exist in the market but he leader are the Holcim and star. From our
survey we find thay Holcim is one more step ahead than star. Holcim produce more
solidification product, and long durable construction but other may take it as opportunity.

• motives in the case of buying

The basic motive to buy cement varies man to man. Some people buy for its brand loyalty,
some for price, some for availability and some for style and quality. When we ask question
to the people that, the most of the cement are giving the same products but why people
purchase Holcim , answer is they prefer the quality, some prefer the brand loyalty, some
prefer the availability, some prefer the price and some prefer the enhance personality.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.



The main drawback of HOLCIM is the distribution and price. From our survey it is clearly found
that people are not really comfortable with the distribution and price.

• Drawback in Promotion

• Street cabinet
Holcim has very few number of street cabinets, as a proper exposure did not happened.

• Trade promotion
If the company followed the push strategy they must have conducting some trade
promotion to enhance the sales but in reality holcim did not do such kind of thing. Like
give timing to their distributor or make a trip with their distributor.

• Suggested Promotional Activity

• Sponsor
Sponsorship makes a positive image toward the company. Holcim can take it as
opportunity of making sponsorship of different events like in the time of cricket, football
etc tournament they can give a sponsor.

• Positioning
Through the marketing strategy Holcim can position their product in the consumer mind.
Holcim’s target group is the middle income group and corporate group, but people consider
Holcim as a upper class cement and high income group people. Because people think
Holcim is not available every where.

• Trade allowance

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.
Holcim have to give some trade allowance to their distributor, retailer in order that
distributor, retailer will become generous toward Holcim.

• POS Displays
Holcim should try to increase their POS Displays. They should also try to obtain the shelf
space of their retail outlets.

• Gift Hamper
Holcim can provide gift hamper to their loyal customer, distributor, and retailer so that
liking will automatically generated toward Holcim.

• Social welfare activities

Another effective strategy for any company that is social welfare, through the social
wellbeing company can easily developed their image which may enhance the liking of the
consumers. So Holcim can take participate different social welfare activities. Then their
position will be growing in consumers mind. Then their sales will be high and expand their
market share.

• Painting the Cement-Shop

Though the company can’t give advertisement in electronic media or print media so they
can go for printing the Cement-shop.

• Trade promotion
Giving extra benefit to the retailer and whole seller and whole seller so that distribution
channel of the company becomes strong.

• Scratch card
Giving scratch card inside the pack where consumer will get something by scratching the
card may enhance the liking and loyalty of the consumers.

• Direct distribution/ sales to consumers

The holcim company can take direct distribution process. It means company directly
reaches their cement to the targets consumers. They do not use any retailer, whole seller,
distributor to sales cement. As a result, consumer can purchase cement directly to the main
company. Then consumers have no bother about the quality of the cement and consumer
feel more secure to use the product.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

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