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rearch orang asli

rearch orang asli

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COAC Collection 1967-2005 OA-6

ors Desk Desk

erves Loan tem

Organizational Biography: The Center for Orang Asli Concerns (COAC) was established in 1989 as a resource and documentation center on concerning Orang Asli. The COAC is a non-governmental organization that is also involved in Orang Asli advoc training and publication.


rary ments

Scope and Content Note: The COAC has a sharing relationship with the Orang Asli Archive in which materials are exchanged between rep The digital photographs in this collection (Series 2) were taken by Colin Nicholas of the COAC. The documents i Series 3 through Series 7 are either authored by Colin Nicholas or concern the work and activities of the COAC. M documents are available in both print and digital versions. Check the Container List for the COAC collection to se document is also available in a digital version.

ts dded Titles or

Copyright: Copyright for the theses, dissertations and student reports remain with the authors. Colin Nicholas holds the copy the photographs and other papers and reports where he is listed as the author. Series 1: Theses/Dissertations/Student Reports (English) Subseries A: Works in English Item 6. Description Ahmad Ezanee bin Mansor (1972), Kampong Lubok Legong: A Negrito Resettlement Community in Kedah. Pusat Pengajian Ilmu Kemasyarakatan, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. Ali M.A. Rachman (1980), Energy Utilization and Social Structure: An Analysis of the Temuan Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia. M.A. Thesis. Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. Ariffin bin Nopiah (1979), A Brief Introduction to the Orang Seletar of the Johor Coast with Special Reference to Kampung Simpang Arang. Provisional Research Report No. 8. Social Anthropology Section, School of Comparative Social Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia,


ons Mat.

Studies Archive llections



Negeri Sembilan. Rual. Geoffrey (1967). Gomes. Kim Wah Michael (1991). Graduation Exercise. Malaysia. London University.) Botany Unit. Faculty of the Jesuit School of Theology. Ave. Health Status of Orang Asli (Semelai) Women in Kampung Sungei Lui. The Ethnobotany of the Orang Asli. Foo Eng Lee (1972). Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. School of Oriental and African Studies. Bachelor in Medical Sciences. A Social Demographic Study of the Jahai Negritos at Sg. Temiar Religion. Cambridge. School of Biological Sciences. 25. School of Comparative Social Science. Jempol. Ph. Thesis. Bachelor in Medical Sciences. 37. Penang. (1976). Methods. University Putra Malaysia. Fung Jee Vui. 36. Serdang. . University of Leiden. Benjamin. University Putra Malaysia. Provisional Research Report No. Kelantan. Wanda (1985).A. University of Malaya. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.17. Small-Scale Utilization of Rotan by the Semai in West Malaysia. Australia and New Zealand. Alberto G. with special reference to their foodcrops. Leiden. B. Kuala Lumpur. 32. Universiti Sains Malaysia. 31. Social Anthropology. Califronia. The Orang Asli Problem: A Comparative Analysis of Aboriginal Land Rights in Malaysia. LLB Hons. Ethnic Assertion of 'Original People': Comparative Ethnographies of Indigenous Peoples Movements in Southeast Asia. An Indigenous-Serving Missiology . Jojo (1994). Drs. Social Anthropology Section. Faculty of Law. Kuala Lumpur. Dhari (1998). Licentiate thesis in Sacred Theology. 6. M. Fung Jee Vui (1995). King's College. Berkeley. 20. Darlina binti Mohd. Cheah Phee Kheng (1999). Health Status of Semelai Women in Kampung Sungei Sampo. Chua. Penang. Satkuna Devi (1976). Mission Strategies: Orang Asli Mission in the International Decade of Indigenous Peoples. 40. University of Malaya. Kampung Tanjung Sepat: A Besese (Mah Meri) Community of Coastal Selangor. Serdang. Project Paper. Universiti Malaya. Negeri Sembilan. Ayampillay. 38.Models.D Thesis.A. Jabatan Antropologi dan Sosiologi. (Edited by Tan Koonlin. Kuala Lumpur. 18.

D. University of Malaya. 58. Loh Kee Wey. Thesis. Australian National University. School of Comparative Social Sciences. Lee Kok Joo (1976). Ulu Langat. Universiti Malaya. Selangor. Faculty of Human Ecology. M. Looking For Money: Simple Commodity Production in the Economy of the Tapah Semai of Malaysia. Gomes.A. LLB Hons. Ph. A Study of the Nutritional Status of the Semai. Kampung Lubok Bandung: A Temuan Community of Malacca State. Henry (1993). A Preliminary Study of the Economic Adaptation of the Temiar Settlement near Post Poi. Nutritional Status and Reproductive Health of Orang Asli Women. University of Malaya. 5. M. Universiti Sain Malaysia. Ph. 55. Albert Gerard (1979). 42. Khor Geok Lin (1985). Penang. Social Anthropology Section. Alberto G.D. Kuala Lumpur. Thesis. Kuala Lumpur. Koh Bee Hong (1978). Liow Sook Ching (1980). Faculty of Arts. Department of Anthropology and Socioliogy. Provisional Research Report No. Gomes. University of Malaya. Department of Anthropology and Sociology. Ecological Adaptation and Population Change: A Comparative Study of Semang Foragers and Temuan Horticulturists. 67. Sci. The Flow of Energy in an Orang Asli Community: A case study of a Temuan community at Sungei Lui. Evolving Semai Identities: Religious Conversion and Social Relations in a Semai Community. School of Comparative Social Science. Canberra. Penang. Kuala Lumpur. B. The Constitutional And Legal Position of the Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia. 3. 57. Report No. Universiti Sains Malaysia. (Human Development) Project. Universiti Putra Malaysia. Graduation Exercise. Item 52.41. Lim Hwei Mian (1997). 70. B. Social Anthropology Section. Thesis. 63. Mimeo. Kuala Lumpur. . Perak. Serdang. Pasir Lenggi: A Bateq Negrito Resettlement Area in Ulu Kelantan.A. 69. Thesis. Description Khadizan bin Abdullah and Abdul Razak Yaacob (1974). (1986).A. Project Paper. Koh Bee Hong (1976). Department of Anthropology.

Economic Valuation of Wetland Plant. Bachelor in Medical Sciences. Three Studies on the Orang Asli of Ulu Perak.D. Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. Rashid et al. Serdang. . Negeri Sembilan. Thesis. Thesis. Alberta. 86. Serdang. Muhammad Taufik Abdullah (1974).A. Bachelor in Medical Sciences. 89. Ph. 83.A. The Orang Kuala of Benut: General Introduction to A West Malaysian Aboriginal Ethnic Group. University Putra Malaysia. Mohd. Faculty of Economics and Management. Serdang. Colin G. Assessment of the Nutritional Status of Semelai Children in Kampung Sungei Sampo. Faculty of Resource Economics and Agribusiness. 81. Anwar (1999). Socio-Economic Impact of Merchant Capital on the Mode of Production of the Semaq Beri in Peninsular Malaysia. Jempol. Thesis. (1973). 82.77. Kuala Lumpur. Monash University. Hj. Morris. Negeri Sembilan. An Integrated Development Planning for the Development of Orang Asli in West Malaysia. Faizal bin Mohd. Serdang. M. Mohd. Penang. Nicholas. M. B. Kimball John (1985). 78. Description Mona Zaria binti Nasaruddin (1998). Edmonton. Shahwahid Haji Othman dan Nik Mustapha Raja Abdullah (1991). An Examination of Development Planning among the Rural Orang Asli of West Malaysia. Assessment of the Nutritional Status of Semelai Children in Kampung Sungei Lui.S. Melbourne. With Special Emphasis on Their Problems in the Educational Process. Abd. From Subsistence to Simple Commodity Production: Economic Relations in Two Semai Settlements. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Razha b. A subproject of AWB/WWF project 327 (Phase II). 79. Mohd Tap bin Salleh (1977). University of Alberta. M.Sc. Universiti Sains Malaysia. Graduation Exercise. Mohd Tap bin Salleh (1990). University of Bath. University of Wales at Swansea. Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. University of Malaya. University Putra Malaysia. Thesis. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. (1985). Mohd. Animal and Fish Species of Tasek Bera and Residents' Perception on Development and Conservation. Item 85.

Royal College of Nursing. 114. 4. traders cum small-scale swidden cultivators in the tropical rainforest of Northern Perak. Universiti Malaya. Universiti Sains Malaysia. B. Bryan P. (1976). Provisional Research Report No. Hermen P. B. Diploma in Advanced Nursing Administration/Health Service Management. Universiti Malaya. Graduation Exercise. Zainuddin A. Subseries B: Works in Malay Item Description . London. 108. 121. The Orang Kanaq of Southeastern Johor: A Preliminary Ethnography. 7. Penang. The Semai aborigines of Chenderiang: A study in technological and structural changes. Safian bin Mohd.A. 109. Sharpe. Provisional Research Report No. 104. Ruprecht-Karis-Universitat. Jabatan Antropologi dan Sosiologi. Van der Sluys. Shastri. Corry (1992). Christ in Tribal Culture: A Study of the Interaction between Christianity and Semai Society of Peninsular Malaysia in the Context of the History of the Methodist Mission (1930-1983). Kuala Lumpur.94. Interim Report on the Economic Conditions And Prospects of the Orang Asli of Southeast Pahang. School of Comparative Social Science. (1966).A. The Temuan Ecosystem. Social Anthropology Section. Project Paper. 127. Social Anthropology Section. School of Comparative Social Science. Heidelberg. Preliminary research report. Nasir (1976). Kampung Temakah: A Temiar Community in Perak. University of Western Australia.D Thesis. Penang. Malaysia. Faculty of Theology.J. Lembaga Kemajuan Pahang Tenggara. Tajuddin. Information Flow in A Temuan Community: A Case Study at Kampong Paya Lebar. Omar bin Abdul (1978). Ph. (1989). The worldview of the Jahai. Viji (1987). Selangor. Australia. Sungai Lui Ulu Langat. Veeman. hunter-gatherers. Universiti Sains Malaysia. The Delivery of Primary Health Care: A Case Study of the Aborigines of Peninsular Malaysia. 122. Rahman (1977). 111. Kuala Lumpur. Jabatan Antropologi dan Sosiologi. Graduation Exercise. M. Soh Mui-Foong (1980).

Pahang. Alias Mohd. A. Pahang. Abd. 3. Graduation Exercise. Sistem Kekeluargaan Orang Batek Sungai Cheka. Jabatan Pendidikan Pengembangan dan Pertanian. Serdang. Kuala Langat. Ahmad Nasir b. Banting. Bangi. Project Paper. Fakulti Ekonomi dan Pentadbiran. Rahman (1988).A. 8. Kuala Lumpur. University of Malaya. Graduation Exercise. Kuala Lumpur. Semetong.1. Komuniti Orang Asli di Kampung Bukit Tampoi. Sistem Kekeluargaan Orang Batek Sungai Cheka. Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. Lapuran Amali Pengembangan Pertanian Universiti Pertanian Malaysia Di Kawasan Orang Asli Kampong Kuala Pangsoon. Graduation Exercise. 12. B. 9. Diploma in Public Administration. Abd. Aizan Mohd Yusof (1973). B. Pentadbiran Rakyat Minoriti Dan Masalah-masalah: Satu Kajian Terhadap Masyarakat Orang Asli Di Semenanjung Malaysia. 5. Sepang. 7. Satu Kajian Kes. Graduation Exercise. Ahmad Salludin bin Yeop Mat Dali (1974). Kuala Lipis. Universiti Malaya. Ulu Langat. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. B. Komuniti Temuan dan Rancangan Penempatan Semula di Bukit Cheeding. Abdul Halim bin Haji Jawi (1981). Bangii. Aktiviti 'Memburu-menghimpun' (Hunting-Gathering) Di Kalangan Orang Jahai Negrito Di Kawasan Penempatan Semula Orang-orang Asli Di Pos . Universiti Malaya. Ali (1976). Pahang. Latihan Ilmiah Ijazah Sarjanamuda Sastera Dengan Kepujian.A.A. Sistem Kekeluargaan dan Perkahwinan di Kalangan Komuniti Temuan Kg. Kuala Lumpur.A. 2. Satu Kajian Etnografi: Agama dan Ekonomi Orang Semai Pembangunan Ekonomi. Graduation Exercise. Rasid bin Parlan (1995). Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman et al. (Kumpulan A2) (1975). Selangor: Tinjauan Perbandingan Sosiobudaya Menurut Islam.A. B. Universiti Malaya. Ahmad Salludin bin Yeop Mat Dali (1974). Bukit Tadom. Universiti Malaya. Perubahan Sosial di Kalangan Kelompok Bateq-Ndong. Graduation Exercise. Selangor. Islamic Studies. Selangor. Kuala Langat. 4. B. 10. Kuala Lipis. Ahmad bin Ismail (1984). Bustami Yahaya (1980). Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur. Universiti Malaya. B.

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Khairuddin bin Janin (1993?). Azfar bin Mohd.50. Kwa Kian Peng. Law Kok Hooi. Kelantan.Phil. Kuala Lumpur. Universiti Malaya. Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur. Graduation Exercise. B. Lim Sai Ho. 51. 61. Universiti Malaya. Department of Anthropology and Sociology. Graduation Exercise. Jaharah bte. B. 60. Tee Siok Hoon and Tiew Hock Chuan (1993). Musa (1974). Koh Siew Eng (1989). Johor. Kamil bin Mahmud and Yeak Shaw Chuey (1992). 59. Universiti Malaya. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Faculty of Arts. Bangi. Kajian mengenai masyarakat Temuan di Broga. Kesedaran dan kepekaan Politik Masyarakat Temuan: Satu Kajian Kes di Parit Gong Negeri Sembilan. Graduation Exercise. Research proposal. Faculty of Social Science and Humanities. 62. Jabatan Antropologi dan Sosiologi. . Kiew Yeng Meng (2000). Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik. Bangi. Universitas Sumatera Utara. Kuala Lipis.A. Jabatan Antropologi dan Sosiologi. Kekeluargaan dan Perkahwinan di Kalangan Masyarakat Temuan di Kampung Guntur. Siah Huey Peng. Tan Wei Chin. Lau Hoi Keong. Juli Edo (1988). Orang Asli Dan Masyarakat Umum: Satu Kajian Etnografi Terhadap Komuniti Temiar di Kampung Merlung. Pahang. Universiti Malaya. Mustafar. Persepsi Masyarakat Orang Asli Terhadap Pembangunan Sosio Ekonomi: Satu Tinjauan Anthropologi pada Masyarakat Orang Ulu di Desa Sentosa Lenga. Negeri Sembilan. Pembangunan Masyarakat Orang Asli: Kajian Kes di Kalangan Orang Semai di RPS Betau. Muar. 56. Latihan Ilmiah Sarjanamuda Dengan Kepujian. Kuala Lumpur. Kajian lapangan di Perkampungan Orang Asli Telok Tongkah. Kuala Pilah. Agama dan Perubatan Masyarakat Semai. Kuala Lumpur. Mohd. Kuala Lumpur. and Socioliogy. Medan. Jabatan Antropologi dan Sosiologi.A. Samasuddin bin Lawe. 53. Kuala Lumpur. Khoo Ah Choo (1991). Semenyih Selangor. Graduation Exercise. University of Malaya.A Graduation Exercise. University of Malaya. B. Low Hock Chuan. Komuniti Temuan di Kampung Sungai Mering Bangkong Cunom. 54. B.A. Rancangan Pengumpulan Semula (RPS) Kuala Betis. Siew Lean Bao and Lim Shaw Song (1993). M. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.A. B.

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Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. Peranan Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli (JHEOA) Negeri Terengganu Dalam Membangunkan Masyarakat Orang Asli. Universiti Sains Malaysia. Kajian masyarakat Semai di daerah Batang Padang (Batu 6. Fakulti Sains Kemasyaratan dan Kemanusiaan. Khairol Anuar Ismail. 90. Hong Ching Loong. Orang Asli dalam sistem perundangan Malaysia: Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga. 84. Ariff Mhd. Betau. Fauklti Pengajian Islam. Rossnita Sardi and H. Hulu Perak. B.A. Jalaluddin (1993). Universiti Malaya. Mohd. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Universiti . Graduation Exercise. Universiti Malaya. Mohamaad Radzi Ismail (1994). Graduation Exercise. Semula (RPS). Perhubungan Polis dengan Orang Asli dan Sumbangannya dalam Keselematan dan Pembangunan: Satu Kajian Kes di Rancangan Pengumpulan Semula Dala. Pg. Kelantan. Paul (1995). Rimba dan Manusia: Satu Kajian Terhadap Masyarakat Jah Het. Kuala Lumpur. B. Jabatan Pengajian Dakwah dan Kepimpinan. Aspek-aspek Perubatan Tradisional Bomoh Melayu yang difokaskan pada Ilmu Perbomohan Orang Asli di Melaka. thesis. Pahang. Ahmad Izamuddin Sulaiman @ Mat Ali. Ijazah Sarjanamuda. Graduation Exercise.A. Ijazah Sarjanamuda Sastera. Kuala Lumpur. Perak. B. Najmi bin Mustaffa (1993).A. Jabatan Antropologi dan Sosiologi. Noraini bt. Daerah Gerik. 91. Universiti Malaya. Graduation Exercise. Awang Mat (1992). Kuala Lumpur.Dk. Graduation Exercise. 88. Graduation Exercise. Sharil Bakri. Noraliza Musa and Ayu Haswida Abu Bakar (1993).A. Mustafa bin Bahari (1993). Fatimah H. Mohd.75. Faculty of Human Ecology. Serdang. Latihan Ilmiah. Khadijah Baharuddin. Kuala Lumpur. 76.A. Grik. Jabatan Antropologi dan Sosiologi. Batu 7 dan Batu 8) tumpuan kepada aspek sosioekonomi. B. School of Social Sciences. Jabatan Antropologi dan Sosiologi. Penglibatan dan Kesedaran Orang Asli dalam Politik: Fokus Pilihanraya 1990 Kawasan Gua Musang. Penang. Jabatan Antropologi dan Sosiologi.S. Md. Zamri bin Samat @ Limat (1990). Shariff. Universiti Malaya. Universiti Malaya. 80. B. B. Universiti Malaya. Bangi. 87. Orang Asli di Malaysia: Satu kajian kes ke atas suku kaum Temiar di Rancangan Pengumpulan Semula (RPS) Kemar.

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A. Jabatan Antropologi dan Sosiologi. B. Kubang Badak dan Air Dusun di Pekan Tebong. Honours Thesis. Kuala Lumpur. Fakulti Sains Kemasyaratan dan Kemanusiaan.anak Orang Asli: Satu Kajian Kes di Perkampungan Orang Asli Tebong Station. Kelantan. Latihan Ilmiah B. Kuala Lumpur. Perak. Santha Kumar a/l Payani Yanai (2001). Fakulti Sains. Latihan Ilmiah Ijazah Sarjanamuda Sastera Dengan Kepujian. Masalah Keciciran Pendidikan di Kalangan Anak. Jeli. Emila Sofiah binti Ismail (2001).Satu Kajian Kes di Kampung Pontian Besar. Sc. Usaha-usaha JHEOA Dalam Pelaksanaan Pendidikan Agama Islam di Kalangan Masyarakat Orang Asli: Satu Kajian di Jeli. Universiti Malaya. Pembangunan dan Perubahan Sosio-ekonomi Masyarakat Orang Asli Jahai: Kajian Kes di RPS Sungai Rual.. B. Identiti dan Integrasi Masyarakat Orang Kuala Ke Dalam Masyarakat Aliran Perdana. Johor. Banting. Zainuddin (1980).A. Zainal Ahmad Hj. Kelantan. 130. Desmond (1995). Kuala Lumpur. Shaharom (1974). Selangor. Kajian Etnobotani Masyarakat Orang Asli Jah Hut Di Kampung Pos Penderas. Jabatan Antropologi dan Sosiologi. Pahang Darul Makmur. Zainuddin bin Musa (1995). 134. Zaitun bt. 128. B. 133. Fakulti Ekologi Manusia. University of Malaya. Mukim Tapah. Kuala Lumpur.. Hong. Faculty of Arts. Sistem Kepercayaan Orang-Orang Temuan di Kampung Bukit Tadom. Kuala Lumpur. Penilaian Taraf Pemakanan KanakKanak Pra-Sekolah Masyarakat Orang Asli (Suku Kaum Temuan). Laporan kerja lapangan Bukit Serok. Department of Anthropology and Socioliogy. Latihan Ilmiah. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. 132. B. Universiti Malaya. Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. Latihan Ilmiah. Zamani Ismail dan Abdullah Hassan (1987). Pahang. Zaiton Surut (1996). B. Graduation Exercise. Jabatan Antropologi dan Sosiologi.A.. Bangi. Universiti Malaya. Sistem Kekeluargaan dan Perkahwinan Orang-orang Semai di Kawasan Bandar Runding. (1993). Universiti Malaya. Kuala Lumpur. 129. Jabatan Antropologi dan Sosiologi.A. Graduation Exercise. Mohd. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.A. Melaka. Universiti Malaya. Bangi. 131. Alor Gajah. 135. . Institiut Sains Biologi.A. Serdang. Graduation Exercise.126. 130. B. Faezah binti Abdul Wahab (1999). Lapuran Etnografi Malaysia I: Jah Hut.

Fakulti Pengajian Islam. various subjects with captions. 2000 Sagong Tasi Judgement. Bangi. Jabatan Pengajian al-quran dan al-sunnah. 2004 Series 4: Reports Box 1 Folder 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 1 5 Comments and Objections Regarding the Orang Asli of Kampong Sungei Temir. 2002 Comments and Objections Regarding the Resettlement of the Orang Asli of Kampong Sungei Temir. 2004 Series 6: Conference Papers Box 1 Folder 1 Resettlement and Repatriations of Dam Affected Peoples: A Review of the Report of the World Commision of Dams with Special Reference to .Bacelor Pangajian Islam. 2001 For the Good of All. 2004 Sagong Tasi ± Court of Appeal Decision. 2001 Series 3: Manuscripts Box 1 Folder 1 Mahatir's Invisible Minority: the Orang Asli. Colin Nicholas. Colin Nicholas. Colin Nicholas. Colin Nicholas. 2002 The Orang Asli Position in the Proposed New Dam Project. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Series 2: Photographs Box CD Box 1 Description 29 digital photographs. Colin Nicholas. 2005 Series 5: News Media Box 1 1 Folder 1 2 News Reports on Orang Asli.

NH 03435-3201 . 2007 Feedback | Printer-frien . Malaysia.. 2005 229 Main St. 2002 Series 8: Brochures Box Digital file Folder n/a Brochure prepared by COAC on behalf of JOANGOHutan.Reference: 603-358-2710 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 2710 end_of_the_skype_highlighting Library Home | About the Library | Find a Book | Find an eSource | Hours Curriculum Materials Library | Cohen Center for Holocaust Studies | Orang Asli Archive Special Collections | Comments/Questions | Keene Public Library 6 Updated: April 9.Circulation: 603-358-2711 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 2711 end_of_the_skype_highlighting . Colin Nicholas. 2004 Certifying the Oil Palm Plantation Business and Protecting Indigenous Peoples¶ Rights.1 2 1 3 Malaysia. 2001 Stories of a People : Asserting Place and Presence Via Orang Asli Oral Tradition. 2005 Series 9: Correspondence Box 1 Folder 1 Outgoing correspondence concerning resettlement of the indigenous Orang Asli in the JBICsupported Inter-state Raw Water Transfer Project in Kelau. 2001 World Indigenous Peoples' Day Celebrations. Colin Nicholas. 2005 Series 7: Events Box 1 1 Folder 1 2 Biodiversity Dan Pengetahuan Orang Asal. Keene. Colin Nicholas.

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