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2010 Samsung TV

F/W Upgrade Guide

Samsung Electronics
Model List
4 series :
LN26C450E1D, LN32C450E1D, LN32C450E1V

5 series :
LN32C530F1F, LN32C540F2D, LN32C540F2F, LN32C550J1F,
LN37C530F1F, LN37C550J1F, LN40C530F1F, LN40C540F2F,
LN40C550J1F, LN46C530F1F, LN46C540F2F, LN46C550J1F,

4000 series :
UN19C4000PD, UN22C4000PD, UN22C4010PD, UN26C4000PD,
5000 series :
UN32C5000QF, UN32C5100QF, UN37C5000QF,UN37C5100QF,
UN40C5000QF, UN40C5100QF, UN46C5000QF
Step1. How to prepare the USB Memory Drive

1. Save the firmware file onto your computer.

File Name : T-TDT5AUSC and T-MSX5AUSC.exe

2. Connect the USB Memory Drive

to the USB port of your PC.
Copy the file onto the USB Memory Drive.

3. Go to the USB Memory Drive and then double click the file.

4. Click on the “Unzip” button. 5. Unzipping is in progress.

6. After completing, click on the 7. A folder containing the firmware files

“OK” and “Close” buttons. has been added to the USB memory drive.
Folder name : T-TDT5AUSC and

8. Safely disconnect the USB memory drive

OK by right clicking the green check mark
on the taskbar and then left click
“Safely Remove”.
Step2. How to upgrade the firmware

[Step 1] Turn the TV on [Step 6] Then, the message “Upgrade

Version XXXX to version XXXX?

[Step 2] Insert the USB Memory Drive The system will be reset after

containing the Software into the USB port upgrade.” is displayed.

on the side (or rear) of the TV Select “Yes”, then press the ENTER

And then software is upgraded


[Step 3] Press the MENU button to display

the menu. Press the ▲ or ▼ button
to select “Support”, then press the [Step 7] When the Software upgrade

ENTER button is complete; the TV will turn off and

then back on by itself.
[Step 4] Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select
“Software Upgrade”, then press the
ENTER button

[Step 5] The message “Scanning for USB.

It may take up to 30 seconds”
is displayed.