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We would like to express our sincere thanks and heartfelt

gratitude towards all the teachers who have inspired us for the
project work namely

“E-Briefcase System”.
While completing this project, many a time we had come
across difficulties in code development and completion. Respected
professors have guided, helped and encouraged us right from
program idea was conceived.

We are very much thankful to our project in charge Prof.

Mrs.Jawale, for her encouragement and technical guidance to us.

We are also very thankful to Mrs.Swati Joshi and Mrs. Aarti

Sathe madam who helped us in solving our difficulties during
documentation of the project.

We are also thankful to all the professors for providing

valuable assistance, time to time.

We also express sincere thanks to the Principal Mrs. Geeta

Joshi and faculty members of our college.