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The ITV Digital monkey toy has been specially created for The Look readers by Sirdar.
To knit this irresistible character, you will need the following yarns which are available
through Sirdar stockists nation-wide. Expect to pay around £190 per ball for the
Country Style and £2.05 for the Calypso cost to knit around £7.75. The acrylic

sulfing used tofill the toy is widely available from high sireel haherdashe~y stores or
markets a small 250g bag will be more ihan adequate.

Sirdar Country Style DK

Shade 432 Khaki x 2, 50g balls
Shade 408 (ire ysIonL? x 1, 50g ball
Sirdar Calypso lure cotton 4-ply (for the T-shirt)
Shade 670 W7ii(e xl, 50g hail

A mail order service for the above yarns has been specially arranged through Best
Wools for the sum of £8.99 including postage and packing. Ifyou would like to take
advantage ofthis service, please complete the form below and post to:
Best Wools
26/28 Frenchgate, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN 11 QQ


Post code
Telephone No.
Payment by cheque Please enclose a cheque for the
sum of~8.99, payable to:
Best Wools
Payment by credit card Name
Expiry date
Name on card

Please allow 28 days for delivery

Flanshaw Lane. Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF2 9ND
Your FREE pattern

Matcrials 2 x 50gm balls Sirdar Country Style DK in Khaki (432) and I in Greystone (408).

1 x 50gm ball Calypso 4 Ply in White (670). 1 pair 3mm (UK11 USA2 ) needles. 2 x safety eyes.

Washable toy stuffing.

Tension 28sts and 36 rows to 10cm (4in) over rev st-st on 3mm needles or the size required to achieve
this tension. Monkey is worked in rev st-st and his T-Shirt is worked in st-st.
The finished height will be approximately 41cm (161n), but please note that Monkeys legs are floppy
and he will not stand up. This toy is not intended for children under 3 years old.

Abbreviations K knit; p purl; st(s) stitch(es); st-st stocking stitch (I row knit, 1 row purl); rev
- - - -

st-st -reversed stocking stitch (1 row purl, 1 row knit); inc increase; dec decrease; rem remaining;
- - -

foil following; alt -alternatc; beg beginning; tog together; ml make 1 stitch by picking up loop
- - - -

between last and next stitch and knitting into back of it; mip make one puriways by picking up loop

bctween last and next stitch and purling into back of it; RS right side; WS wrong side; cm
- - -

centimetres, mm millimetres, in inch(es).

- -


Using khaki cast on I Ssts. Work 4 rows straight. Cast 2nd row ljPl, mlp, p2, inipj
1st row (RS) Purl off. ** twice, p1. (lIsts)
2nd row Ki, ml, k3, ml, k7, 3rd row [Ki, ml, k4, nih
Rejoin yarn to rein 2 lsts and twice, kl.(l5sts)
3rd row Purl, inc 1 st at each proceed as follows:- cast off 4th row [P1, mip, p6, mlpJ
end of row. (21sts) centre 1 lsts, knit to end.
4th row Kl, ml, k5, ml, k9, (lOsts). Place marker threads 5th row [Ki, ml, k8, ml]
ml, k5, ml, ki. (25sts) at each end of cast off section. twice, ki. (23sts)
5th row As 3rd row. (27sts) Complete as given from * * to Work 15 rows straight.
6th row ki, ml, k6, ml, k13, ** on first side. Break off Greystone, join in
ml, k6, ml, ki. (3lsts) Khaki.
7th row As 3rd row. (33sts) BODY BACK
- Purl 1 row
8th row Ki, nil, k8, ml, k15, Work as given for Front to Beg with a p row work 15cm
ml, k8, ml, kl. (37sts) Shape Neck. (6in) straight. Cast off.
9th row As 3rd row. (39sts) Work 16 rows straight.
10th row KI, ml, k10, ml, Shape Shoulders LEGS (make 2)

k17, ml, k10, ml, kI. (43sts) Cast off 4sts, k6, ml, k9, ml, Using Greystone cast on Ssts.
11th row As 3rd ro~v. (45sts) k7, cast off 4sts. (25sts) 1st row (RS) Inc purlways in
12th row Knit, inc I st at each Rejoin yarn to iem 25sts and each of first 4sts, p1. (9sts)
end ofrow. (47sts) purl 1 row. 2nd row Knit.
13th row As 3rd row. (49sts) Next row K8, ml, k9, ml, k8. 3rd row Inc purlways in first
Work 3 rows straight (27sts) st, * p1, inc puriways in next
17th row As 3rd row (Sists) Work 3 rows straight. st, rep from * to last 2 sts, p2.
Work 15 rows straight Next row K2tog, k7, ml, k9, (13sts)
Work 19 rows dcc 1 St at each ml, k7, k2tog. (27sts) Repeat 2nd and 3rd rows once.
end of next and every foil alt Work 9 rows, dec 1 st at each (l9sts)
row. (3lsts) end of 6th row. (25sts) 6th row Knit.
Work 10 rows straight. Work 8 rows dec 1 st at each 7th row Inc purlways in first
Shape Neck end of next and every foil alt st, * p1, inc purlways in next
Next row Kb, turn and row. (l7sts) st, rep from * to end. (29sts)
working on these lOsts only Work 6 rows dec 1 St at each Work 8 rows straight, beg with
proceed as follows:- end of every row. (Ssrs) k row.
**Work 3 rows dec 1 st at Work 3 rows straight Cast off. Break off Greystone, join in
neck edge in every row. (7sts) Khaki. Purl ~ row.
Work 4 rows dcc I St at neck ARMS (make 2)
- Beg with a purl row, work 15
edge en each alt row. (Ssts) Using Greystone cast on 7sts. rows straight.
Work 4 rows dec 1 St at neck 1st row (WS) Knit. Next row Knit, dec 1 st at
edge on 4th row only. (4sts) each cnd of row. (27sts)

\Vork 5 rows straight. 14th row Purl, dec 1 st at beg Work 5 rows dec 1 st at each
Repeat last 6 rows once more. and inc I st at end of row. end of 1st and 5th rows.
(25sts) 15th row Knit. inc I st at beg (lIsts)
Work 8 rows straight. Cast off. and dec 1 st at end of row. XVork 4 rows dec 1 St at each
To join First and Sceond end of every alt row. (7sts)
EARS (make 4) Sides:- P2tog, p13 across sts Cast off.**
Using Khaki cast on 1 lsts. from Second Side, cast omi 7sts, Placc marker threads at each
Beg with a purl row work 8 p13, p2tog across sts from end of last row.
rows inc 1 st at each end of First Sidc. (J5sts)
3rd and every foIl alt row. XVork 4 rows dec 1 st at each UPPER JAW
(l7sts) end of every row. (27sts) Using Grevstone and with RS
Work 7 rows straight. Work 14 rows dec 1 st at each (le purl side) facing, working
Work 4 rows dec 1 st at each end ofevery alt row. (l3sts) betweemi mnarkcr threads left at
end of every row. (9sts) Next row Cast off 3sts, k to top of 6th rows, pick up and
Cast off. last 2sts, k2tog.(9sts) knit l3sts evenly along inner
Next row Cast off 3sts, p to edge of Gusset, 7sts fromn sts
HEAD GUSSET last 2sts, p2tog. (Ssts) cast on between the two gusset
First Side Knit 1 row. Cast off. pieces and l3sts evenly along
Using Khaki cast on I sL other side of Gusset. (33sts)
1st row (XX’S) Knit imito front, LOWER JAW 1st row (WS) Knit.
back and froiit again of this st. Using Greystone amid with RS 2nd row P1, mulp, purl to last
(3sts) (ie purl side) facing, pick up st, mlp, p1. (35sts)
2nd row Purl. and kmiit l3sts evenly down left Rep 1st and 2nd rows once.
Work 4 rows inc 1 st at each sidc of front neck, 11 sts from (37sts)
end of next and foIl alt row. centre of neck and I 3sts evenly Work 4 rows straiglmt.
(7sts). Placc marker threads at up right side of ncck. (37sts) 9th row Kb. k2tog, k13,
each end of last row. 1st row Kl. k2tog. k to last k2tog, kIt). (35sts)
7th row Knit, inc 1 st at end 3sts, k2tog, ki. (35sts) Work 5 rows straight.
of row. (8sts) 2nd row Purl. 15th row Kb, k2tog, kll,
8th row Inc in 1st st purlways. Rep 1st and 2nd rows once. k2tog, klO. (33sts)
p to end. (9sts) (33sts) Shape Nose
9th row Kmiit, inc 1 st at each 5th row KI, k2tog, k8, ml, P27, turn; k21, turn; p19, turn;
end of row (11sts) kll, ml, k8, k2tog, kl. k17, turn; p15, turn; k13, turn;
10th row As 8th row. (l2sts) 6th row P1, p2tog, p to last [p12, p2tog, turn; k12, k2tog,
11th row As 7th row. (l3sts) 3sts, p2tog. p1. (3lsts) turn] twice, [p5, p2tog] twice,
12th row As 8th row (l4sts) 7th row KI, k2tog, k7, ml, turn; kll, k2tog, turn; p11,
13th row As 7th row. (l5sts) kl 1, ml, k7, k2tog, kI. p2tog, turmi; kI 1, k2tog, turn
14th row Purl, inc I st at beg 8th row As 6th row. (29sts) p5, p2tog, p4, p2tog, turn;
and dec 1 st at cnd of row. 9th row Kl, k2tog, k6, ml, klO, k2tog, turn; plO, p2tog,
15th row Knit, dec 1 st at beg kll, mul, k6, k2tog, kl. p4 to end. (20sts).
and inc I st at end of ro~v. 10th row As 6th row. (27sts) Next row K14, k2tog, k4.
Break offyarn and leave sts on 11th row Kl, k2tog, k to last (l9sts)
a thread. 3sts, k2tog, kl. (25sts) Work 3 rows dec 1 st at each
12th row As 6th row. (23sts) end of ncxt and foIl alt row.
Second Side 13th row K3, k2tog, kl, (l5sts)
Cast on and work first 6 rows k2tog, k7. k2tog, ki, k2tog, Complete as givemi fromii ** to
as givcn for First Side. k3. (l9sts) ** on Lower Jaw.

7th row Knit, inc 1 st at beg of 14th row As 6th row. (l7sts)
row. (Xsts) 15th row As 11th row. (l5sts) EYE PATCH
8th row P to last 2sts, inc in Beg with a purl row, work 5 Usimig Grevstone cast on l5sts.
ncxt st purlways, p1. (9sts) rows straight. 1st row (RS) Purl.
9th row Knit, inc 1 st at each ** Beg with another purl row XVork 2 rows inc 1 st at each
end of row. (11 sts) to change froni rcv st-st to st- end of both rows. (1 9sts)
10th row As 8th row. (l2sts) st, work 3 rows straight. The Work 4 rows dec 1 st at each
11th row As 7th row. (l3sts) st-st will bc the inside of end of 4th row. (l7sts)
12th row As 8th row. (l4sts) Monkcys miiormth. Next row K2tog, k4, k2tog,
13th row As 7th row. (l5sts) turn; p2tog, p2, p2tog.
Cast off reni 4sts.
Working in st-st. work 24 rows Cast off rem l7sts.
Rcjoin yarn to rein 9sts and
proceed as follows:- cast off 2 dec 1 st at each end of 7th and
sts, k4, k2tog, turn; p2tog, p2. every foll 4th row. (SOsts) To make up
p2tog. Cast off rein 4 sts. Shape Raglans Join raglan seams, leaving left
Cast off 3 sts at beg of next 2 back raglan seam open. Make
TO MAKE UP rows. (44sts) a neck edging by picking up
Sew first 6 rows of Gusset to Work 6 rows dec 1 st at each 83sts evenly around neck edge
shoulderseams of Back and end of every row. (32sts) and casting off. Join left bac.k
Front. Join Upper and Lower Cast off reni 32sts. raglan and edging seanis. Join
Jaw along shaped edges and side and sleeve seanis.
cast off stitches. Attach inside Front
of mouth to picked up edge of Using White 4-ply cast on
Lower Jaw on XX’S by running 60sts.
threads approxiniately 5cm Working in st-st, work 22 rows
(2in) long bet~veen the marker dec 1 st at each end of 7th and
threads at the cast off edge of every foIl 4th row. (S2sts)
the Lower Jaw and the picked Shape Neck
up edge of the Lower Jaw and Next rowK2tog, k19, turn.
securing. These will stop the Working on these 20sts only
inside of the mouth from proceed as follows:-
turning out and help hold the Next row Cast off Ssts, purl to
jaw in place. (You will have to end. (l5sts)
work around these threads Shape Raglan
carefully when stuffing.) Sew Next row Cast off 3sts, knit to
Eyepatch in place and attach end. (l2sts)
safety eyes in place as Next row P2tog, p to end.
illustrated. Join Back of Body (11 sts)
to Front of Body and Head Work 4 rows dec 1 st at each
Gusset, leaving cast on edge end of every row. (3sts)
open for stuffing. (You may Next row K2tog, kl. (2sts)
find it easier to sew the head P2tog and fasten off.
first and stuff this, before
sewing the side seams.) When With RS facing rejoin yarn to
body is stuffed, join cast on rem 3lsts and procced as
edges. Join leg seams and follows:- cast off lOsts, k to
stuff. We would suggest that last 2sts, k2tog. (20sts)
you stuff less firmly at the top Next row Purl.
of the leg so that it will ‘flop’. Next row Cast off Ssts, k to
Sew legs in position. Using end. (l5sts) QUERIES. Please
mattress stitchjoin arm seams, Shape Raglan
pulling seam tightly to give a contact Knitting Helpline
Next row Cast off 3sts, p to
curve. Stuff arms and attach to last 2sts, p2tog. (1 ists)
body approximately 2cm (3Ain) Work 4 rows dec 1 st at each
below shoulder seams.
Join 2 pieces together for each
end of every row. (3sts) SIRDAR
Next row Kl, k2tog. (2sts) Sirdar Spinning Ltd.,
ear and attach to head with a P2tog and fasten off.
tuck in the middle of each ear. Flanshaw Lane, Wakefield,
The left ear should be attached Sleeves (make 2) West Yorkshire WF2 9ND
with the seam running Using White 4-ply cast on
vertically, the right ear should 35sts. Tel: 01924 371501
be attached with the seam Working in st-st, work 8 rows
running horizontally.
E-mail: Knitting-
straight. helpline@sirdar. co uk .
Shape Raglans
T SHIRT Cast off 3sts at beg of next 2
Back rows. (29sts) Sirdar cannot accept
Using White 4-ply cast on Work 6 rows dec 1 st at each responsi hilityfor the result
60sts. end of every row. (l7sts) of using any other yarn


{ror~L piece ~

- One StitclI
Using hand needle pick
Djficr~Red-Yi SHo\AjI~~G POSITICKI CF Th~Af~S up horizontal strand between
V’J+ltQ-i 4-iom.I~ U~4Stb~ CF r(~OUTh IN PL~E the stitch just workcd and next
stitch. Place this loop on left
hand needlc arid knit (or purl)
jnto the back of this loop.

Mattress Stitch Invisible


Sea min g
Work tinder one row or bar’
at a timiie.