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1. A patient with renal calculi is at risk for what?

Hyponephrosis, hydro ureter and

urine reflux and infection. These are all what renal calculi can cause

2. Causes acute glorumerolus nephritis: recent strep, recent infection, sore throat,
skin. You find the cause and treat it

3. As a nurse, what does decrease GFR mean to you: risk for kidney disease, kidney
function, protenuria, edema, increase creatinene

4. What are the pathological process that leads to GFR: Immunological diseases that
happens when antibodies and antigens clot together

5. What are the pathological process that can cause acute renal failure ischemia,

6. What is early renal tubular damage decrease in urine specific gravity? This
happens when kidney cannot concentrate urine

7. What is the best assessment for…..Daily Weight

8. Drugs: ACE inhibitors

9. No BP on the hand that has a shunt

10. Peritoneal dialysis. Obstruction can be caused by constipation. Constipation can

obstruct the outflow. Hernia can also obstruct it

11. What is the clinical manifestation of Nephrotic syndrome? Hypoalbunimia,

proetnunia and edema

12. What does high potassium does to ECG Tall T wave, wide QRS and depressed
ST wave

13. What are oral phosphate binders

14. When do you administer phosphate binders and what do they do

15. What are the advantages and disadvantages of grafts over AV fistulas

16. Signs and symptoms and treatment of Disequilibrium Syndrome associated with

17. What is the formula for fluid replacement + 600

18. Review Renin aldostreoene angiotension cycle

19. What does Erythropeotien do

20. What is ADH

21. What is the difference btw ADH and rennin adlostereone angiontension

22. Effects of 21

23. Oliguria

24. Anuria

25. Intrarenal, prerenal and post renal

26. Benefits between hemodialysi and pecutenous dialysis

27. How does if affect electrolytes

28. Patient education about Kidney transplant