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A knitting machine is a device used to create knitted fabrics in a semi- or fully
automated fashion.

There are numerous types of knitting machines, ranging from the simple, non-
mechanical, to the highly complex and electronic. All, however, produce various types of
knitted fabrics, usually either flat or tubular, and of varying degrees of complexity.
Pattern stitches can be selected by hand manipulation of the needles, or with push-buttons
and dials, mechanical punch cards, or electronic pattern reading devices and computers.


Advertisement for a late 19th century hosiery firm that depicts its factory floor
with workers using knitting machines. Published 1886.

A few simple devices permit knitting without needles for toy or hobby purposes.
The simplest of these is spool knitting, followed by knitting boards or knitting looms,
which consist of two rows of pins mounted in two parallel rows approximately 0.5 inches
(1.3 cm) apart. Yarn is wound around the pins; various patterns of winding produce
different textured knitting. A needle or special tool is then used to transfer the loops of
yarn from around the pins, either off the pins or to other pins, to produce the knitting.
Knitting boards can produce complex designs. Other semi-mechanical knitting devices
are available.

To produce larger and more complex knitted items such as garments, domestic
and industrial machines, with either flat or circular beds that produce rectangular or
tubular fabrics are needed. Double bed machines have two flat beds facing each other, in
order to produce purl and plain rib fabrics plus a variety of multi patterns. Ribbing
attachments can be added to single bed machines to achieve a similar result.

Late 20th century domestic/studio models typically use up to 200 latch-hook

needles to hold the stitches in fine (the rarest and most expensive), standard or bulky
gauge needle. A carriage or cam box is passed across the bed of needles causing the
needle movements required to produce each next stitch. By means of various selection
methods, e.g. punch cards, particular needles can be caused to travel by alternate
pathways through the cam box. Thus needles will knit or not, and the non-knitted yarn
portions will lie under (slip stitch) or over the needle or be held in the needle hook (tuck
stitch). Needles can be placed in holding position to allow short row shaping. In the most
modern machines, punch cards have been replaced by computer control.

Most of these machines can knit two-colour Fair Isle patterns automatically, and
have machine stitch patterning features such as plating and knit weaving. Plating refers to
knitting with two strands of yarn that are held in such a way that one is in front of the

other. Plated effects can be particularly striking in a ribbed fabric. Knit weaving refers to
a technique in which a separate piece of yarn, often heavier than the knitted fabric, is
carried along and caught between stitches to produce an effect like weaving. With knit,
woven fabric, the purl side (usually the wrong side) is the right side of the fabric. With
the addition of a lace carriage, stitches can be transferred from one needle to the next.
The yarn passes through a tensioning mechanism and down through the knit carriage,
which feeds the yarn to the needles as they knit.

Domestic knitting machines use the weft knitting method which produces a fabric
similar to hand knitting. Knitting proceeds more quickly than in hand knitting, where
(usually two) straight needles are held in the hand and each stitch is manipulated
individually across the row. Knitting machines work an entire row of loops in a single

A hobbyist spool knitting machine operates on a crank.

A flatbed home knitting machine.

Comparison to hand knitting

The fabric produced using a knitting machine is of a more even texture than hand-
knitted fabric, which is particularly noticeable on large areas of plain stockinette stitch,
and can be an advantage. Some stitch patterns (e.g., tuck stitches) are much easier to
produce with a knitting machine. Others (e.g. garter stitch) can also be produced with
machine knitting but can take a little longer but still much faster than hand knitting. The
standard gauge 200-needle machine can knit the finest yarns up to a good sport-weight,
while the heavier yarns knit better on a mid-gauge or bulky knitting machine. Machine
knitting saves a considerable amount of time but does require learning to operate the
machines correctly. Most if not all hand knitting patterns can be worked up on a machine,
either identically or in a similar design.


1. Knitting Machine

\Radiator hose knitting machine for band hose

1. Circular Knitting Machine

We are making available circular knitting machines that are suitable for knitting
of yarns into finer quality fabrics. The range is adjustable for textile knitting width
without any location limited. Further, it has outstanding degree of automation and
optimum coordination of functional sequences that cuts down the necessity of manual
settings to the minimum.

2. Pilotelli Machines

Italian based Pilotelli produces presently a wide range of single knit machines
suitable for the production of different kind of fabric and different models of double knit

3. Automatic Jigger

We manufactre jigger machines which are best suited for the application with
woven, knitted and other types of fabrics.

4.Circular Knitting Machines

Leveraging on years of experience, we are offering circular knitting machines

which are extensively used in the textile and garment industries all across the globe. Also,
these machines are stringently tested at several parameters to assure their quality
standards. Apart from this, these machines are incorporated with more than 2 knitting
tools to make the fabric.

6. Knitting Machines

We offer qualitative knitting machines to clients .These knitting machines are

widely used to produce different types of knitted fabrics, normally tubular or flat and of
varying degrees of complexity. Our knitting machines are available with hand
attachment. We can provide customized solution to our knitting machine.

7. Semi Computerized Flat Knitting Machines

We offer semi computerized flat knitting machine that are durable and easy to
operate. It has great precision capability and offer higher production. It different
parameters setting make knitting more accurate and its three step design make knitting
more creative. This machine is easy to handle and operate. It is capable of creating
combination of patterns.

8. Warp Knitting Machine

We are providing warp knitting machines with parallel weft insertion, that is ideal
for the production of high-strength textile structures and grids. These knitting machines
are extensively used in sports articles, lingerie, home textiles, automotive textiles and
semi technical textiles. We are also offering multi axial and biaxial machines for
fiberglass and carbon composites

9. Glove Knitting Machine

We offer wide range of Glove Knitting Machine

10. Fast Knit Braiding Machine

We offer a wide range of fast knit braiding machine that is fabricated as per the
client’s requirements. Our range is available in varied models such as SMB 6 and is
widely used in different industries such as readymade garments, shoe lace cord, zipper
cord, drawing strings, fiber class rope, Venetians blind rope and jumbo bags. Our range is
available at the market leading prices and has the following specifications: more...
Hitech Engineering

11. Single Jersey Knitting Machine

This model has been developed and designed to knit high quality single three-end
fleece fabric at higher production rate having three feeders per diametrical inch.
Additional cams enable this machine to knit tuck fleece fabric in addition to three-end
fleece fabric.

12. Cap & Scarf Knitting

Diameter of Cylinder 8 or 9 Needles 192 ~ 360 RPM 40 ~ 70 Supply Voltage

380V , 50Hz Power 1.5 KW

13. Circular Knitting Machine

The machine is counter part of weaving looms as it is used in manufacture of

fabrics by intermeshing the yarns. The circular machine has yarn creel where yarn
packages are mounted. The yarn the passes through series of moving needles which are
governed & cylinder &cam.

14. Scanner Control System

15. Hose Knitting Machine

Available with us is a range of Hose Knitting Machine that finds application in

different textile industries for knitting various types of yarns. The hose knitting machine
has electronic top tensions, that makes it easier to thread the yarn through. Our range of
hose knitting machines is available at industry leading machine.

16. Knitting Machines (K-Series Ultra High Speed)

17. Yuvraj Merch X


18. Hand Knitting Machines

19. Hose Knitting Machine

Hose Knitting is a recent concept in automobile radiator hose technology. Penguin

Hose Knitting Machines are indigenously designed and Penguin are the only indigenous
manufacturers of these machines in India and one among the very few manufacturers in
the world. • This machine is characterised by high productivity, simplicity and excellent
performance. • The hoses manufactured by this machine are far superior to
conventionally wrapped hoses in strength, appearance and durability. • This machine is
used for the manufacture of all types of bent hoses, curved hoses and hoses of various
diameters used in automobiles.

20. Handle Knitting Machine Semi Automatic or Non Automatic Stainless

Steel Bed Sewing Machine

This model is having many extra accessories. stainless steel bed with different
type of manufacturing. 200 needles bed with 4.5mm pitch. different patterns with knitting
dial. plating yarn feeder and carriage release mechanism provided. Can knit patterns for
intarsia in two or more colours by knitting dial & side liver. capable of knitting plain,
holding fairsle, zig-zag, slip and plating designs. can knit 2-6 cotton, wool or acrylic
yarns. lace patterns can be knitted manual

21. Fast Knit Braiding Machine

Fast knit braiders are used for making cords which looks like braiding but it is
knit braid i.e. knitting cum braiding. We have designed this range to produce cord upto
200 meters per hour depends upon picks of solid or multi color cord with or without
filler. You can make laces for shoes, sneakers and boots. Drawstring for sports wear,
tubular and flat fashion trimmings for ready made garments, Decorative cords etc. These
machines are available in 4, 6 and 8 needles in 12 gauge needles. The machines are
noiseless and fed directly from cones so it does not requires any bobbin filling. Stop
motion fitted for yarn breakage

22. High Performance Full Gear Driven Four Track Rib Knitting Machine

our company in order to meet the demand of the market, we have successfully
introduced, after continuous development and design, the high-speed rib knitting machine
the rt-rib expecting to set a new trend in the knitting industry with it.

23. High Speed Inter Lock Circular Knitting Machine


Eight Lock Knitting Machine Plain Interlock Machine Rib Interlock Knitting
Machine Basic 2 Track/4 Track Cylinder ( Taiwan Made ) Positive Storage Yarn Feeder
Automatic Lubricator A.C. Motor Side Creel Tool.

24. Rotary Wire Knitting Machine

This model is a versatile high speed core knitting machine. It has been designed to
knit fine wires around a core which can be of solid mesh, neoprene, tubular rubber hose,
ceramic rope and others. It will also knit a flattened finished mesh without a core.

Products include high temperature seals, RFI/ EMI screening seals and screened
coaxial cables.

The machine can be supplied with interchangeable heads up to 3" (75mm)

diameter upto 20".

The machine will accommodate wire from 0.05mm diameter to 0.11mm diameter
from bobbins upto DIN 125.

Core diameter from 3mm to 32mm can be accommodated.

The machine has a revolving cam box with two (2) feeds. Over 40mm diameter
extra feeds are available.

25. BTZ 8/6 High Speed Cord Knitting Machine

We bring for our clients a range of BTZ 8/6 high speed cord knitting machines
that are designed and manufactured using sophisticated technology. These machines are
used to produce costume tape and mobile hook tape, etc.

26. Laces & Band Knitting Machine

27. High Speed Double Knitting Machine

28. Automatic Socks Knitting Machine

29. Knitting & Sewing Machines

It is non-staining.
It is completely washable.
Fast acting and safe.
Removes all carbon and gummy deposits.
Eco-friendly cleaner. more...

30. New Fancy Yarn/crochet Knitting Machines


We offer high quality new fancy yarn/crochet knitting machin

Fabric Unit

"sweety fabrics" has a number of circular knitting machines of different

worldwide brands.

31. Circular Cord Knitting Machine


* Nos. Of head : 8
* Cylinder inside Diameter ( Cord Dia.) 4 to 20mm
* Quality of needle : 4 to 30 (Related with cord Dia.)
* Picks / cm : 5 to 10 ( By change Gears )
* Electric Motor : 0.5 H.P. ,3 Phase

Main Feature

*High production crochet type circular knitting for single cord per head
*No creel required and cones can be mounted directly on the machine
*Study, robust design and of comfortable height.

Sewing & Knitting Machinery

We design and manufactured different types of the sewing and knitting

machinery that are widely used in the various textile industry. These series chain stitch
machines are specially designed for knitted garment factories basic functions is ideal
formation basic functions is ideal formation of a loop, top cover mechanism features
smoother looper motion stitch length regulator push button type. These are offered in the
leading industrial prices.

32. Zigzag Sewing Machines

Our zigzag sewing machines are ideally used for attaching or counter stitching of
elastic tape. Even while operating at high speed, the machine can accomplish accurate
sewing with multi-functional operation panel. These zigzag sewing machines are tested
on various parameters before being supplied to the clients.