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 : Mr Abdul Razak bin Mohamed

Manager of Acedemic and Skills Training

: Mrs Nurfadillah bt Zakariah

Coordinator, English Day 2011

  : Mr Zuraimy bin Seman

Head of Department

 : 20th January 2011


With references to the above, I, as Technical & Communication English Lecturer, would like
to propose for an English Day to be held in this semester. The event is to be held on  
c   and will be consist of various competitions and activities.
All the events will be organized by Semester 4 Diploma students, under the supervision of the
Technical & Communication English Lecturer, as one as their assignment for this module.
This assignment is to give students the practical exposure in organizing and carrying out an
event. The details of the event are in the proposal attached.

Thank you for your kind consideration. Your support regarding this matter is very much


(Mrs Nurfadillah bt Zakariah)

Coordinator, English Day 2011

Enc : Proposal for English Day 2011

Estimated Budget for English Day 2011 (Appendix 1)


In line with the method of student-centred learning and in response to the needs of providing
more educational activities for the students in the campus, the Technical & Communication
English lecturer is taking the initiative to propose µEnglish Day 2011¶ which comprises of
various competitons and activities, as listed in Table 1:

" % $" &"'""
    "(    %'  &)
* Zulkfli muhamad Karaoke Indoor
* Syed Muhamad Crossword Puzzle Indoor
+* Syed Ali Asyraf Picture Finder Indoor
* Muhammad Hazwan Acting Crazy Outdoor
,* All DET students and Creative Performance Indoor
science certificate

- %"
These competitions will not only help in enchancing students¶ creativity, but most importantly
they will help to improve students¶ language prficiency and self-confidence.

."  !/ 

The Technical & Communication English team plans to hold the µ $" &0 on  
c  1  !&2.% 3*4** *   !%$  %$5
6 )$7*
The general aim of the µEnglish Day¶ is to improve students¶ English proficiency.
Specifically, it is to achieve the following objectives:

°? To improve students¶ communication skills with good voice projection, eye-contact

and non-verbal gestures in interacting with peers and staff.
°? To provide opportunities for students to develop their organizational skill and event
management skills
°? To enchance students¶ creativity
°? To improve students¶ proficiency through various competitions held.
°? To create awareness that language can be acquired through non-formal classroom
°? To faster closer relationship between students and staff.

  "(" 6 "

The committee for English Day will be all the Technical & Communication English 3 student
DET AMT. The English lecturer will be involved in supervising, assisting and providing
guidance to the students.


The list of budget is as attached in Appendix 1.

6 $" 

The English Day that is to be held will be the first µEnglish Day¶ event to be organized by the
English lecturer and Uni. DET AMT students based on the demand to have more activities for
the students and promote the use of English in the Collegue. The event will also contribute
towards improving English proficiency among the students. Thus your approval is important
with the hope that this event will be carried out continuously every semester by the students.
c - 
* 96 

   ")"  " !  " ! 

1st place Hamper RM80 RM80
2nd place Hamper RM50 RM50
-5 RM130 RM130


   ")"  " !  " ! 

1st place Hamper RM80 RM80
2nd place Hamper RM50 RM50
-5 RM130 RM130


   ")"  " !  " ! 

1st place Hamper RM80 RM80
2nd place Hamper RM50 RM50
-5 RM130 RM130


   ")"  " !  " ! 

1st place Hamper RM80 RM80
2nd place Hamper RM50 RM50
-5 RM130 RM130


   ")"  " !  " ! 

1st place Hamper RM80 RM80
2nd place Hamper RM50 RM80
-5 RM130 RM130

,* 6 

   ")"  " !  " ! 

1st place hamper RM150 RM150
2nd place hamper RM100 RM100
-5 RM250 RM250

c"$$   %  $" &

   ")"  " ! " !

( $)
Stationary A4 papers RM50
Colour paper RM30
Manila card (1 bundle) RM20
Envelope RM10
Pen RM20 RM180
Marker pen RM20
Glue RM10
Double tape RM20

Photography Video recording

Camera (picture) - -

Certificate of Certificate for 16 committee members

Appreciation RM270 RM270

Foods and Drinks Honorary guest (Fried noodle, Tea¶0) RM200

Participant (Bihun goreng, sirap) RM400 RM630
Mineral water RM30
Others Banner RM100
Poster RM50
Button RM300
Baloon RM40
Ribbon RM30
Name tag RM300 RM860
Eggs RM10
Sound system
4 microphones
Tv/lcd projecter
Beans RM10
Large containers RM20
White board
Sub-total RM1940 RM1940