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As a part of our Advertisement Management study, we

are doing a research on the Brand Parachute Coconut
hair oil. Kindly provide valuable information which can
help us in our study.
1. When looking at parachute advertisement, which
types of advertising messages do you prefer for this
product category?
Please click the chosen circle which represents your
degree of agreement with each of the items in the
tables below

Very suitable Somewhat Not quite Not suitable

suitable suitable at all

a. Using Indian
celebrity *

b. Using foreign
celebrity *

c. Using Indian ordinary

people *

d. Using foreign ordinary

people *

e. Present product
features and functions
clearly *

f. Present professional
test *

g. Showing social life

and relationship *

h. Showing creative
design *

i. More suitable for

localized advertising
style *

j. More suitable to
remain foreign style *

2. What are the top 4 brands of Hair Oil you are

aware of?

3.Which of the following Brand of Hair Oil do you use

a. Parachute
b. b. VVD
c. c. Vatika
d. d. Dabur Amla
e. Others

4.What is your Preference among the brands you are

aware of, and why
# Brand Reasons

5. Kindly rate Parachute on the following

+3 +3
+2 +2
+1 +1
Quality Fragrance
-1 -1
-2 -2
-3 -3

6.Have you ever used the other brand earlier?

a. Yes b. No
7. If yes, what is the reason for brand switching?
a.Price b. Quality c. Fragrance
d. Others, specify ____________
8. Is there any particular advertisement of parachute
you don’t like? Why?
Thank you