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The Four Phases of Initiating Turnaround

Use and present data People: Focus on the four Take action based
to create a sense of Authority to appoint, primary turnaround on data analysis
scale and urgency allocate, and workstreams
compensate teachers Drive for results:
Create a vision of the and building-level #1 Build a professional • Concentrate on
end goal: high administrators free turnaround leadership fast payoffs
performing schools from restrictive and teaching team • Target a few
• Readiness to collective-bargaining essential
Teach rules #2 Develop a system
deviations to
to deliver engaging and
• Readiness to teach the
Money: personalized
Learn organization that
Authority to control instruction
• Readiness to Act new practices
the budget in support #3 Develop a system lead to success
See it live: visits to of the turnaround to mitigate the impact • Require all staff
high-performing plan, and to seek and of adversity to change
challenged schools incorporate additional (mandatory, not
funding and resources #4 Shape schedules & optional)
Enlist key into the work school structure to • Make necessary
stakeholders support streams 1-3 staff
Time: replacements
Set measurable goals Authority to extend Identify the main • Discard tactics
the school day and tasks associated with that don’t work
year and control each workstream
scheduling for Influence inside and
students as well as Deal with sequencing outside the
teachers issues organization
Program: Plan for iterative Measure, report and
Authority over evaluation and improve
curriculum, revision of the
instruction, and the workplan
overall school model

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